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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-10-27
E.g., 2016-10-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SNA 27th October 2016 Vincent Poor Some Network Analysis Problems Motivated by the Smart Grid
DLA 20th October 2016 Tom Dalton Evaluating Data Linkage: Creating longitudinal synthetic data to provide a gold-standard linked dataset
SNA 20th October 2016 Peter Orbanz The role of invariance in learning from random graphs and structured data
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Wrap up and Questions
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Mauricio Barahona EPSRC Centre overview
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Mark Tarplee Strategy and Vision for the new EPSRC Centres
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Questions
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Juan González InsightMedi and its Quest to Analyse the Largest Database of Medical Images: Challenges, Benefits and Collaborations
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Harnessing the Potential of High-throughput Confocal Microscopy - Multi-dimensional and Multi-modal Analysis
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Vilen Jumutcs, Robert Sugar Delivering on the Promise of Deep Learning
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Josh Kaggie The Role of Medical Imaging Biomarkers in Drug Development
TGMW37 19th October 2016 Questions
TGMW37 19th October 2016 George Gordon, Milana Gataric Image Reconstruction - Non-Uniform Generalised Sampling and Endoscopy Imaging
TGMW37 19th October 2016 John Aston, Yu Wang Semanic Segmentation with Deep Neural Network - Contextual Information Retrieval
TGMW37 19th October 2016 James Rudd, Yuan Huang Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Development and Patient-Specific Modelling based on In Vivo Imaging and Atherosclerosis Imaging & Risk Prediction and Drug Testing - Examples from Cardiovascular Medicine
TGMW37 19th October 2016 John Aston, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction
SNA 13th October 2016 Svante Janson Component sizes in random graphs with given vertex degrees (the configuration model)
FOS 13th October 2016 Therese Graversen Statistical interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures
FOS 6th October 2016 Frans Alkemade Bayes and the Blame Game: What I learned from presenting Bayesian reasoning in criminal cases
SNA 6th October 2016 Carey Priebe Limit theorems for eigenvectors of the normalized Laplacian for random graphs
FOSW02 29th September 2016 William Thompson Using Bayesian Networks to Analyze What Experts Need to Know (and When they Know Too Much)
FOSW02 29th September 2016 Simon De Smet tba
DLA 29th September 2016 Grigorios Loukides Sanitization for sequential data
FOSW02 29th September 2016 Mehera San Roque Admissibility and evaluation of identification evidence: 'experts', bystanders and shapeshifters
FOSW02 29th September 2016 Christian Dahlman Prior Probability and the Presumption of Innocence
FOSW02 29th September 2016 David Lagnado Causal networks in evidential reasoning
SNA 29th September 2016 Lutz Warnke The phase transition in the random d-process
FOSW02 29th September 2016 Ulrike Hahn Bayesian Argumentation in the Real World
FOSW02 29th September 2016 Amanda Luby A Graphical Model Approach to Eyewitness Identification Data
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Bart Verheij, Henry Prakken Report on a pre-workshop on analysing a murder case
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Maria Cuellar Shaken Baby Syndrome on Trial: Causal Problems and Sources of Bias
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Marjan Sjerps DNA myth busting with Bayesian networks
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Jacob de Zoete Generating Bayesian networks in Forensic Science An example from crime linkage
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Martin Neil Modelling competing Legal Arguments using Bayesian Model Comparison and Averaging
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Floris Bex From Natural Language to Bayesian Networks (and back again)
FOSW02 28th September 2016 Bart Verheij Three Normative Frameworks for Evidential Reasoning and their Connections: Arguments, Scenarios and Probabilities
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Eyal Zamir The Anti-Inference Bias and Circumstantial Evidence
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Richard Overill Using Bayesian Networks to Quantify Digital Forensic Evidence and Hypotheses
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Hana Chockler Causality and Responsibility in Formal Verification and Beyond
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Barbaros Yet A Framework to Present Bayesian Networks to Domain Experts and Potential Users
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Anjali Mazumder Using Chain Event Graphs to Address Asymmetric Evidence in Legal Reasoning
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Norman Fenton Bayesian networks: challenges and opportunities in the law
FOSW02 27th September 2016 Charles Berger On activity level propositions addressing the actor or activity
FOSW02 26th September 2016 Peter Vergeer A Bayesian network for glass evidence evaluation at activity level: a novel approach to model the background distribution
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