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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-06-24
E.g., 2017-06-24
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
NPCW05 23rd June 2017 Karen Vogtmann The borders of Outer space
NPCW05 23rd June 2017 Grigori Avramidi Topology of ends of nonpositively curved manifolds
NPCW05 23rd June 2017 Christopher Leininger Free-by-cyclic groups and trees
NPCW05 23rd June 2017 Kevin Schreve Action dimension and L^2 Cohomology
NPCW05 23rd June 2017 Bill Goldman The dynamics of classifying geometric structures
NPCW05 22nd June 2017 Denis Osin Extending group actions on metric spaces
NPCW05 22nd June 2017 Jean-Francois Lafont Hyperbolic groups with boundary an n-dimensional Sierpinski space
NPCW05 22nd June 2017 Michelle Bucher Vanishing simplicial volume for certain affine manifolds
NPCW05 22nd June 2017 Matt Clay L2-torsion of free-by-cyclic groups
NPCW05 22nd June 2017 Vladimir Markovic tba
NPCW05 21st June 2017 Henry Wilton Surface subgroups of graphs of free groups
NPCW05 21st June 2017 Yael Algom Kfir The boundary of hyperbolic free-by-cyclic groups
NPCW05 21st June 2017 Ian Leary Generalized Bestvina-Brady groups and their applications
NPCW05 20th June 2017 Roman Sauer The evolution of L2-Betti numbers
OAS 20th June 2017 Masaki Izumi Group actions on C*-algebras and obstruction theory
NPCW05 20th June 2017 Jing Tao Effective quasimorphisms on right-angled Artin groups
OAS 20th June 2017 Sven Raum Groups acting on trees: representation theory and operator algebras
NPCW05 20th June 2017 Eriko Hironaka Polynomial invariants of graph maps and applications to Out(Fn) and Mod(Sgn)
NPCW05 20th June 2017 Dawid Kielak Universal L2-torsion for free-by-cyclic groups
NPCW05 20th June 2017 Thomas Delzant Kaehler groups and CAT(0) cubic complexes
NPCW05 19th June 2017 Kasra Rafi Geodesic currents and counting problems
NPCW05 19th June 2017 Juliette Bavard Around a big mapping class group
NPCW05 19th June 2017 Clara Löh The uniform boundary condition and simplicial volumes
NPCW05 19th June 2017 Roberto Frigerio Bounded cohomology and combinatorial volume forms
NPCW05 19th June 2017 Marc Burger Compactifications of spaces of maximal representations and non archimedean geometry
OASW03 16th June 2017 Terry Gannon The truth about finite group orbifolds
OASW03 16th June 2017 Sebastiano Carpi Conformal nets, VOAs and their representations
OASW03 16th June 2017 Simon Wood What to expect from logarithmic conformal field theory
OASW03 16th June 2017 Ching Hung Lam On the Classification of holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24
OASW03 16th June 2017 Feng Xu On questions around reconstruction program
OASW03 15th June 2017 Lilit Martirosyan Affine centralizer algebras
OASW03 15th June 2017 Andre Henriques Bicommutant categories
OASW03 15th June 2017 Christian Voigt The string group and vertex algebras
OASW03 15th June 2017 Ralf Meyer Induced C*-hulls for *-algebras
OASW03 15th June 2017 Robin Hillier Loop groups and noncommutative geometry
OASW03 15th June 2017 Antony Wassermann Conformal Field Theory, Operator algebras and symmetric Fuchsian equations
NPC 14th June 2017 Vaughan Jones Knots and links from the Thompson groups
OASW03 14th June 2017 Giovanni Landi Line bundles over noncommutative spaces
OASW03 14th June 2017 Pedram Hekmati An application of T-duality to K-theory
OASW03 14th June 2017 Constantin Teleman Kramer-Wannier and electro-magnetic duality in field theory
OASW03 13th June 2017 Kasia Rejner The Quantum Sine-Gordon model in perturbative AQFT
OASW03 13th June 2017 Gandalf Lechner Yang-Baxter representations of the infinite symmetric group
OASW03 13th June 2017 Paul Fendley Baxterising using conserved currents
OASW03 13th June 2017 Hubert Saleur Associative algebras and conformal field theories
NPC 13th June 2017 David Fisher Strong property (T), subexponential growth of derivatives and invariant metrics
OASW03 13th June 2017 Zhengwei Liu Synergy on quon language
OASW03 13th June 2017 Dietmar Bisch Subfactors with infinite representation theory
OASW03 12th June 2017 Stefaan Vaes Rothschild Lecture: Classification of von Neumann algebras
OASW03 12th June 2017 Roberto Longo Discussion about the Landauer principle (and bound)
OASW03 12th June 2017 Yasu Kawahigashi The relative Drinfeld commutant and alpha-induction
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