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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-11-17
E.g., 2017-11-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SIPW03 7th November 2017 Alexander Korobkin Hydroelastic waves and their interaction with structures
SIPW03 7th November 2017 Robert Bridges Influence of broken ice on marine operations – identification of important processes
GFS 7th November 2017 Martins Bruveris Shape Analysis — An Introduction to Its Ideas, Methods and Questions
SIPW03 7th November 2017 Claude Daley Design and Assessment Methods for Ships in Ice
SIPW03 7th November 2017 Kaj Riska Theoretical modelling of ship-ice interaction
SIPW03 6th November 2017 Aleksey Marchenko Thermo-mechanical loads of sea ice on structures
SIPW03 6th November 2017 Andrei Metrikine, Hayo Hendrikse Ice-induced vibrations of offshore structures: physics of the process, modelling and remaining challenges
SIPW03 6th November 2017 David Cole Structure-property relationships for sea ice: Modeling and experimental validation
SIPW03 6th November 2017 Paul Verlaan Ice-structure interaction in the Sakhalin-II (Sea of Okhotsk) and Kashagan (NE Caspian) project
SIPW03 6th November 2017 Erland Schulson Friction of Sea Ice
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Jeff Calder The weighted p-Laplacian and semi-supervised learning
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Robert Plemmons Sparse Recovery Algorithms for 3D Imaging using Point Spread Function Engineering
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Mihaela Pricop-jeckstadt From spatial learning to machine learning: an unsupervised approach with applications to behavioral science
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Raymond Chan A Nuclear-norm Model for Multi-Frame Super-resolution Reconstruction
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Martin Holler Analysis and applications of structural-prior-based total variation regularization for inverse problems
VMVW02 3rd November 2017 Irene Waldspurger Alternating projections for phase retrieval with random sensing vectors
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Tuomo Valkonen What do regularisers do?
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Claire Boyer Structured compressed sensing and recent theoretical advances on optimal sampling
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Pol del Aguila Pla Cell detection by functional inverse diffusion and group sparsity
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Marcelo Pereyra Bayesian analysis and computation for convex inverse problems: theory, methods, and algorithms
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Mario Figueiredo Divide and Conquer: Patch-based Image Denoising, Restoration, and Beyond
SIP 2nd November 2017 Beniamin Bogosel Parametric representation in shape optimization
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Josiane Zerubia Stochastic geometry for automatic object detection and tracking
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Anders Hansen On computational barriers in data science and the paradoxes of deep learning
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Pierre Weiss Generating sampling patterns in MRI
VMVW02 2nd November 2017 Silvia Gazzola Krylov Subspace Methods for Sparse Reconstruction
VMVW02 1st November 2017 Bangti Jin Sparse Recovery by l0 Penalty
VMVW02 1st November 2017 Julie Delon High-Dimensional Mixture Models For Unsupervised Image Denoising (HDMI)
VMVW02 1st November 2017 Xavier Bresson Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs
VMVW02 1st November 2017 Mila Nikolova Below the Surface of the Non-Local Bayesian Image Denoising Method
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Andreas Hauptmann Learning iterative reconstruction for high resolution photoacoustic tomography
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Julianne Chung Advancements in Hybrid Iterative Methods for Inverse Problems
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Jonas Adler Learned forward operators: Variational regularization for black-box models
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Francis Bach Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality with Convex Neural Networks
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Alfred Hero The tensor graphical lasso (Teralasso)
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Martin Benning Nonlinear Eigenanalysis of sparsity-promoting regularisation operators
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Lior Horesh Accelerated Free-Form Model Discovery of Interpretable Models using Small Data
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Ozan Öktem Task Oriented Reconstruction using Deep Learning
VMVW02 31st October 2017 Stacey Levine Denoising Geometric Image Features
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Justin Romberg Structured solutions to nonlinear systems of equations
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Joan Bruna Geometry and Topology of Neural Network Optimization
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Eva-Maria Brinkmann Enhancing fMRI Reconstruction by Means of the ICBTV-Regularisation Combined with Suitable Subsampling Strategies and Temporal Smoothing
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Gitta Kutyniok Optimal Approximation with Sparsely Connected Deep Neural Networks
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Lars Ruthotto PDE-based Algorithms for Convolution Neural Network
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Christoph Brune Cancer ID - From Spectral Segmentation to Deep Learning
VMVW02 30th October 2017 Eldad Haber tba
VMVW02 30th October 2017 James Nagy Spectral Computed Tomography
VMV 26th October 2017 Stacey Levine Denoising geometric image features
VMV 20th October 2017 Daniel Tenbrinck Graph Methods for Manifold-valued Data
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