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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-06-30
E.g., 2017-06-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
QISW03 10th September 2004 M Horodecki Locking of entanglement
MSIW01 10th September 2004 LW Hartmann Young stars II
MSIW01 10th September 2004 A Nordlund Current status of facular region and sunspot models
MSIW01 10th September 2004 PJ Bushby Modelling photospheric magnetoconvection in the weak field regime
MSIW01 10th September 2004 MRE Proctor Magnetoconvection II
MSIW01 9th September 2004 F Rincon Large scale simulations of compressible convection
MSIW01 9th September 2004 PC Matthews Localised states in magnetoconvection
QISW03 9th September 2004 PROSECCO meeting (joint with RESQ)
MSIW01 9th September 2004 LW Hartmann Young stars I
QISW03 9th September 2004 D Leung Applications of quantum universal composability theorem
QISW03 9th September 2004 S Massar Experimental quantum bit string generation
QISW03 9th September 2004 L Hardy Cheat sensitive bit commitment
MSIW01 9th September 2004 MRE Proctor Magnetoconvection I
MSIW01 9th September 2004 DJ Galloway Different limiting mechanisms for nonlinear dynamos
MSIW01 9th September 2004 R Tavakol Dynamo models and differential rotation in sun and stars
MSIW01 9th September 2004 AC Cameron Magnetic activity in rapidly rotating stars II
QISW03 8th September 2004 T Pederson On the key-uncertainty of quantum ciphers and the computational security of one-way quantum transmission
QISW03 8th September 2004 W Duer Graph states - stability under decoherence, entanglement purification and possible applications
QISW03 8th September 2004 J Barrett Non-local correlations and key distribution
MSIW01 8th September 2004 AM Title Observations of magnetic fields on the Sun II
MSIW01 8th September 2004 O Steiner Connecting solar irradiance variability to the solar dynamo using the virial theorem
MSIW01 8th September 2004 A Ferriz-Mas Influence of external flows on the stability of magnetic flux tubes in a stellar convection zone
MSIW01 8th September 2004 AC Cameron Magnetic activity in rapidly rotating stars I
MSIW01 7th September 2004 YV Dumin Heating the stellar plasma in the transitional region from the inductive to drift freezing of magnetic field
MSIW01 7th September 2004 A Voegler Decay of a simulated bipolar magnetic field in the solar surface layers
MSIW01 7th September 2004 AM Title Observations of magnetic fields on the Sun I
QISW03 7th September 2004 APA Kent A simple no-go lemma
QISW03 7th September 2004 R Colbeck Variable bias coin tossing
QISW03 7th September 2004 S Wehner Quantum anoymous transmissions
QISW03 7th September 2004 D Unruh & J Mueller-Quade Relating formal security for classical and quantum protocols
QISW03 7th September 2004 N Gisin 1. A new protocol for high bit rates 2. A new type of security proofs
MSIW01 7th September 2004 DO Gough What we know about stellar interiors (overview)
MSIW01 7th September 2004 R Arlt Magneto-rotational instability in the solar core and Ap star envelopes
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