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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-04-23
E.g., 2018-04-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PFDW04 28th September 2005 FM Antoneli Patterns of synchrony in lattice dynamical systems
PFDW04 28th September 2005 K Mischaikow Computational homology in nonlinear dymanics
PFDW04 28th September 2005 K Kaneko Magic number 7+-2 in dynamical systems and milnor attractors; relevance to cell differentiation and development?
PFDW04 28th September 2005 J Tyson Network dynamics and cell physiology
PFDW04 28th September 2005 P Glendinning Minimal dynamics and one way coupling
PFDW04 27th September 2005 A Dias Linear and ODE-equivalence for coupled cell networks
PFDW04 27th September 2005 S Castro Interaction of economic agents and coupled cell systems
PFDW04 27th September 2005 D Hansel Rate models with delays and the dynamics of large networks of spiking neurons
GMR 27th September 2005 J-P Bourguignon Killing spinors, from general relativity to supergravity
PFDW04 27th September 2005 R Huerta Dynamical gain control for odor recognition in insect olfaction
PFDW04 27th September 2005 A Longtin How spatiotemporal correlations of stimuli drive network dynamics and information transfer
PFDW04 27th September 2005 M Cross Models of coupled nanomechanical oscillators
PFDW04 27th September 2005 P Ashwin Oscillator dynamics and discrete computation
PFDW04 27th September 2005 J Hofbauer On the repressilator
PFDW04 26th September 2005 S Coombes Bumps, breathers and waves in a neural network with threshold accommodation
PFDW04 26th September 2005 T Chawanya Long time correlation due to high-dimensional chaos in globally coupled tent map system
PFDW04 26th September 2005 O Popovych Development of novel deep brain stimulation technique: coordinated reset and nonlinear delay feedback
PFDW04 26th September 2005 MR Rabinovich Winnerless competition (WLC) principle in neuroscience
PFDW04 26th September 2005 M Golubitsky Dynamics in coupled identical cell systems
PFDW03 23rd September 2005 H Riecke Complex patterns in non-Boussinesq convection
PFDW03 23rd September 2005 J Lega Dynamics and growth of bacterial colonies
PFDW03 23rd September 2005 D Blomker Stochastic modulation equations
GMR 22nd September 2005 S Calogero Global classical solutions to the 3D Nordstrom-Vlasov system
PFDW03 22nd September 2005 S Zelik Multipulse structures and Sinai-Bunimovich space-time chaos in dissipative PDEs
PFDW03 22nd September 2005 H Uecker Stability, instability and transient dynamics in inclined film problems
PFDW03 22nd September 2005 M Silber Controlling Faraday waves with multi-frequency forcing
PFDW03 22nd September 2005 J Lamb On low speed travelling waves of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
PFDW03 22nd September 2005 N Ercolani Defect formation in convective patterns as seen from variational models with twist
PFDW03 21st September 2005 C Wulff A Hamiltonian analogue of the meandering transition
PFDW03 21st September 2005 R Kapral Spiral waves in chaotic systems
GMR 20th September 2005 B Tchapnda The surface-symmetric Einstein-Vlasov system with positive cosmological constant
PFDW03 20th September 2005 CE Wayne Long-time asymptotics and coherent structures in Navier-Stokes flow in R+2 and R+3
PFDW03 20th September 2005 A Newell Patterns on plants
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