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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-02-21
E.g., 2018-02-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GMRW02 23rd August 2005 L Lehner Numerical black hole simulations
PFD 23rd August 2005 I Stewart Phase relations and symmetry in periodic dynamics of networks
GMRW02 23rd August 2005 S Klainerman Radius of injectivity and curvature estimates
GMRW02 23rd August 2005 P Bizon Singularity formation in non-linear wave equations
PFD 23rd August 2005 R Wittenberg One-dimensional spatiotemporal chaos
GMRW02 22nd August 2005 M Dafermos Cosmic censorship in spherical symmetry
GMRW02 22nd August 2005 Y Choquet-Bruhat Global properties of space-times with one Killing vector
GMRW02 22nd August 2005 I Rodnianski Harmonic coordinates and the stability of Minkowski space-time
GMRW02 22nd August 2005 M Rees Current status of black hole observations
PFD 18th August 2005 K Daniels Localized bursts in inclined layer convection
GMR 17th August 2005 C Gundlach Hyperbolicity of second order in space systems of evolution equations
GMR 16th August 2005 L Andersson On the interaction of mathematical and numerical general relativity
PFD 16th August 2005 M Tribelsky Degenerate dissipative systems and a new scenario for transition to turbulence
GMR 15th August 2005 M Choptuik Numerical analysis and numerical relativity
PFDW02 12th August 2005 P Hohenberg Summary and discussion session
PFDW02 12th August 2005 H Swinney Fractal growth of viscous fingers
PFDW02 12th August 2005 S Fauve Effect of multiplicative noise on instabilities
PFDW02 12th August 2005 T Mullin Patterned segregation
PFDW02 12th August 2005 J Vinals Grain boundary motion and orientation selection in lamellar phases
PFDW02 11th August 2005 Y Couder An association of particules and waves on a fluid interface
PFDW02 11th August 2005 J Fineberg Grid states and nonlinear selection in parametrically excited surface waves
PFDW02 11th August 2005 S Hilgenfeldt Foam failure
GMR 11th August 2005 O Reula & O Sarbach The Bianchi system
PFDW02 11th August 2005 S Morris Order and disorder in columnar joints
PFDW02 11th August 2005 H Levine Dictysotelium aggregation: A meeting point of cell biology and pattern-formation physics
PFDW02 10th August 2005 J Gollub Measuring fluid stretching to understand chemical reaction patterns and polymer mixing
PFDW02 10th August 2005 S Residori Patterns and optical structures in liquid-crystal light-valve experiments
PFDW02 10th August 2005 W Firth Spontaneous patterns in nonlinear optics
PFDW02 9th August 2005 E Bodenschatz Solitary states in forced Rayleigh-Benard convection
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