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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2014-09-18
E.g., 2014-09-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SYRW01 29th August 2014 C-P Georg A Network View on Interbank Liquidity
SYRW01 29th August 2014 H Amini Default Cascades in Financial Networks
SYRW01 29th August 2014 M Elliott Financial Networks and Contagion
SYRW01 28th August 2014 S Weber Measures of Systemic Risk
SYRW01 28th August 2014 RM Bookstaber An Agent-Based Model for Financial Vulnerability
SYRW01 28th August 2014 M Gofman Efficiency and Stability of a Financial Architecture with Too-Interconnected-to-Fail Institutions
UMC 28th August 2014 B Waclaw Life on the edge - microbial evolution in the presence of drug gradients
SYRW01 28th August 2014 N Chen Modeling Financial Systemic Risk- the Network Effect and the Market Liquidity Effect
SYRW01 28th August 2014 TM Eisenbach Fire-Sale Spillovers and Systemic Risk
SYRW01 28th August 2014 P Gottardi Risk-Sharing and Contagion in Networks
SYRW01 28th August 2014 D Filipovic Systemic Risk and Central Counterparty Clearing
SYRW01 27th August 2014 D Murphy & G Handjinicolaou & D McLaughlin & A (TBC) Lipton Central Clearing of OTC derivatives
SYRW01 27th August 2014 A Tahbaz-Salehi Intermediation and Systemic Risk in the Repo Market
SYRW01 27th August 2014 S Battiston Market Procyclicality and Systemic Risk
SYRW01 27th August 2014 I van Lelyveld Motifs in International Banking Networks
SYRW01 27th August 2014 TR Hurd Random Financial Networks and Locally Treelike Independence
SYRW01 27th August 2014 M Farboodi Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk
SYRW01 26th August 2014 E Carletti Government Guarantees and Financial Stability
SYRW01 26th August 2014 SR Kapadia Financial Networks, Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Policy
SYRW01 26th August 2014 N Boyarchenko Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability
UMC 26th August 2014 V de Lorenzo Catalytic origami: Genetic tools and strategies for assembling 3D bacterial consortia
SYRW01 26th August 2014 JD Farmer Dynamics of the Leverage Cycle
SYRW01 26th August 2014 G Halaj Emergence of the EU Corporate Lending Network
SYRW01 26th August 2014 M van der Leij Liquidity hoarding in the interbank market: Evidence from Mexican interbank overnight loan and repo transactions
SYRW01 26th August 2014 A Lehar Why are Banks Highly Interconnected?
SYR 22nd August 2014 C Kluppelberg Discussion
SYR 22nd August 2014 C Kluppelberg Systemic risk through contagion in a core-periphery structured banking network
SYR 22nd August 2014 M van der Leij Discussion
SYR 22nd August 2014 M van der Leij The formation of a core periphery structure in heterogeneous financial networks
SYR 22nd August 2014 G Vuillemey Discussion
SYR 22nd August 2014 G Vuillemey Network structure and central clearing in the CDS market
UMC 21st August 2014 A Ruiz-Herrera Chaos in biology: Experiments, implications and mathematical tools
UMC 21st August 2014 J Gore Cooperation, cheating and collapse in microbial populations
UMC 19th August 2014 C Wiuf Modelling Biochemical Pathways
UMC 19th August 2014 J Chong Methanogenic Communities
UMC 14th August 2014 V de Lorenzo Superbugs vs communities in environmental bioremediation
UMC 14th August 2014 O Croze Bacterial migration in porous media: new statistical physics with implications for soil bioremediation and microbial ecology
QCE 14th August 2014 J Taylor Connecting quantum channels to measurement and feedback
QCE 14th August 2014 H Wiseman Quantum-enhanced quantum phase tracking and the Stochastic Heisenberg Limit
UMC 12th August 2014 T Parsons A Non-exchangeable Coalescent Process Arising In Phylogenetics
QCE 12th August 2014 S Bose Quench based approaches to entanglement & gate engineering for QIP
UMC 12th August 2014 W Sloan Modelling interactions between hydrodynamics and dispersal that help shape biofilm community composition across a range of scales.
QCE 12th August 2014 K Maruyama System identification under limited access with minimal pre-knowledge
QCE 11th August 2014 JP Garrahan Thermodynamics of trajectories in open quantum systems
QCE 11th August 2014 T Georgiou Schrödinger bridges: classical and quantum evolution
TWWW04 8th August 2014 T Bridges Modulation of Water Waves
TWWW04 8th August 2014 T Bridges Modulation of Water Waves
QCEW01 8th August 2014 A Furusawa Squeezing and cubic phase gates and the related technologies
QCEW01 8th August 2014 B Huard Dynamics of an oscillator bounded in energy by a Zeno-like effect
TWWW04 8th August 2014 O Bokhove Variational Water Waves: on Continuum and Discrete Modelling, and Experimental Validation
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