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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-02-08
E.g., 2016-02-08
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
HDGW02 28th June 2002 M Popa Regularity on abelian varieties
HDGW02 28th June 2002 G Farkas Stable bundles, difference varieties and divisors on moduli spaces of curves
HDGW02 28th June 2002 F Schreyer Real forms of $V_{22}$ Fano 3-folds
HDGW02 27th June 2002 NI Shepherd-Barron Smoothness of slightly ramified deformations via tangent lifting
HDGW02 27th June 2002 Z Ran Generic projections
MTH 27th June 2002 A Sen Tachyon dynamics
HDGW02 27th June 2002 M Reid Unprojections
HDGW02 27th June 2002 F Ambro On Shokurov's pl-flips
HDGW02 27th June 2002 J Kollár Rationally connected varieties
HDGW02 27th June 2002 M Mella The importance of being Q-factorial
HDGW02 26th June 2002 C Maclean The Noether-Lefschetz locus -- a second order invariant
HDGW02 26th June 2002 B van Geemen Quaternionic Prym varieties and Hodge classes
HDGW02 26th June 2002 F Loeser Birational geometry of degenerations and Serre's invariant
HDGW02 26th June 2002 B Fantechi Orbifold cohomology and orbifold Chow ring
HDGW02 25th June 2002 F Campana Special varieties and classification theory
MTH 25th June 2002 H Ooguri Worldsheet derivation of a large $N$ duality
HDGW02 25th June 2002 B Siebert Affine manifolds and mirror symmetry
HDGW02 25th June 2002 M Brion Stable reductive varieties (joint with Valery Alexeev)
HDGW02 25th June 2002 P Hacking Compact moduli of plane curves
HDGW02 25th June 2002 R Lazarsfeld Some local applications of multiplier ideals
HDGW02 24th June 2002 K Wendland Aspects of mirror symmetry on K3 surfaces
HDGW02 24th June 2002 C Voisin The generic Green conjecture for curves of even genus on a K3 surface
HDGW02 24th June 2002 A Caldararu On an example of Vafa and Witten, or how to get rid of discrete torsion
HDGW02 24th June 2002 T Bridgeland $\pi$-stability and t-structures on K3 surfaces
HDGW02 24th June 2002 Y Kawamata Minimal models and derived categories
HDGW02 24th June 2002 Welcome by Director
HDG 21st June 2002 A Libgober Elliptic genera of orbifolds
HDG 21st June 2002 B Feix Hyperk\"ahler metrics on cotangent bundles of K\"ahler manifolds
HDG 20th June 2002 V Flynn Covering collections of curves and visibility of Sha
HDG 20th June 2002 R Lazarsfeld Asymptotic invariants of base-loci and in vitro linear series
MTH 20th June 2002 T Banks de Sitter space and supersymmetry breaking
HDG 19th June 2002 K O'Grady Degenerations of holomorphic symplectic varieties
HDG 19th June 2002 G Farkas The Mori cones of moduli spaces of pointed curves
HDG 18th June 2002 A Mavlyutov Deformations of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
HDG 18th June 2002 S Keel Oort's conjecture for the moduli space of abelian varieties
MTH 18th June 2002 N Warner N=1 holographic R.G fixed points and their Penrose limits
HDG 14th June 2002 V Nikulin On a classical correspondence between K3 surfaces
HDG 14th June 2002 F Zucconi Adjunction techniques and the regulator after Collino
HDG 13th June 2002 T Luo Differential forms on varieties of general type
HDG 13th June 2002 G Sankaran Divisors on moduli of abelian fourfolds: the scenic route
MTH 13th June 2002 B Julia Borcherds dualities in supergravities
HDG 12th June 2002 N Tziolas Threefold divisorial contractions that contract a divisor onto a curve
MTH 11th June 2002 C Bachas Anti de Sitter branes and holography
10th June 2002 K Wendland A hiker's view of K3: geometric aspects of conformal field theory
HDG 7th June 2002 M Andreatta Lifting extremal rays from ample sections
MTH 7th June 2002 P Di Vecchia W=1 and N=2 refer Yang-Mills theories from wrapped branes
HDG 7th June 2002 E Gasparim Two applications of instanton numbers
HDG 6th June 2002 S Popescu Exterior algebra methods for syzygies
MTH 6th June 2002 A Hanany Toric duality, Seiberg duality and Picard-Lefshetz transformations
MTH 5th June 2002 K Skenderis Brane in AdS and pp-wave spacetimes
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