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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-09-29
E.g., 2016-09-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
IGSW04 11th December 2003 M Deaconu Stochastic approach for the Smoluchowski coagulation equation via nonlinear processes
GPF 11th December 2003 P Graham Powder flow during detergent powder manufacture
IGSW04 11th December 2003 P Chassaing Union-Find algorithms \& the additive coalescent
IGSW04 10th December 2003 P Mort Industrial granulation processes: scale-up \& control
GPFW06 10th December 2003 Discussion led by Dr Rafi Blumenfeld
IGSW04 10th December 2003 C von Toerne Population dynamics in applications: products - quality - simulation
GPFW06 10th December 2003 C Koenders Mechanics of an assembly of nearly rigid material elements
IGSW04 10th December 2003 A Bayly Agglomeration of spray drying
IGSW04 10th December 2003 Introduction
GPFW06 10th December 2003 RC Ball From plasticity to a renormalisation group
IGSW04 10th December 2003 F Leyvraz Scaling theory for the rate equations of gelling \& non-gelling systems
GPFW06 10th December 2003 C Kuttler Models for the deposition of granular matter
IGSW04 10th December 2003 A Lushnikov Kinetics of sol-gel transition
GPFW06 10th December 2003 F Radjai A panorama of the plastic properties of granular materials \& their microscopic origins
GPFW06 10th December 2003 Opening
IGSW04 10th December 2003 W Wagner Gelation in stochastic models
IGSW04 9th December 2003 V Kolokoltsov Non-binary interacting particle systems \& limiting kinetic equations; analytic \& probabilistic study
IGSW04 9th December 2003 B Niethammer Large-time scaling limits of the Becker-Doering equations
IGSW04 9th December 2003 M Escobedo Gelation in coagulation \& fragmentation models
GPF 9th December 2003 PR Nott Segregation instability of sheared suspension films
GPF 9th December 2003 R Ocone Hydrodynamics of fluidised beds
IGSW04 9th December 2003 P Laurencot The Oort-Hulst-Safronov coagulation equation \& its connections to the Smoluchowski coagulation equation
GPFW05 8th December 2003 R Wildman Moving beyond the idealised rapid granular flow: experimental investigations of binary vibro-fluidised granular beds
IGSW04 8th December 2003 D Aldous Random graphs, the multiplicative coalescent \& percolation of tree-averages
GPFW05 8th December 2003 DK Yoon Granular inclined flows: kinetic theory approach
GPFW05 8th December 2003 MD Seaton Dust re-suspension by liquid droplets
IGSW04 8th December 2003 G Miermont Two self-similar fragmentations derived from the stable tree
GPFW05 8th December 2003 N Gaspar Modelling the micromechanics of Auxetics
GPFW05 8th December 2003 S Haigh Liquefaction and flow; a geotechnical perspective
GPFW05 8th December 2003 B Lam Flow of granular materials in rotating cylinders: segregation start-up and shutdown
IGSW04 8th December 2003 J Schweinsberg Approximating the effect of beneficial mutations by coalescents with multiple collisions
GPFW05 8th December 2003 J Ashmore Rolling stones
IGSW04 8th December 2003 J Bertoin Random covering of an interval \& a variation of Kingman's coalescent
IGS 4th December 2003 O Hryniv Critical prewetting: some rigorous results
IGS 2nd December 2003 A Veretennikov Large deviations and mixing for stochastic differential equations and their approximation schemes
IGS 2nd December 2003 G Grimmett Positive/negative correlation and random-cluster
GPF 2nd December 2003 A Hogg The effects of drag on dam-break flows
GPF 2nd December 2003 PR Nott The rheology of slow, dense granular flows
GPF 28th November 2003 J-N Roux Geometry and mechanics of frictionless or frictional disk and sphere packings
IGS 27th November 2003 E Pechersky Uniqueness criterion for Gibbs fields with non-compact spin-space
GPF 27th November 2003 DV Khakhar Granular flows in rotating cylinders
GPF 26th November 2003 H Shen Accounting of two-phase flow conservation laws
IGS 25th November 2003 M Penrose Random sequential deposition onto graphs
GPF 24th November 2003 V Chugunov Exact solutions of the Hutter-Savage model for the motion of granular materials
IGS 20th November 2003 L Bogachev Limit laws for sums of random exponentials
GPF 19th November 2003 I Chubarenko Seasonal salinity increase in the vistula lagoon; impact of ice formation
GPF 19th November 2003 S Noelle TVD schemes applied to geophysical flows
GPF 19th November 2003 J Hinch The viscosity of a fluidised bed
IGS 18th November 2003 G Molchan Unilateral small deviations for some selfsimilar Gaussian processes
GPFW03 17th November 2003 Discussion
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