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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2014-09-17
E.g., 2014-09-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MTGW03 17th September 2014 MTGW03 workshop
UMCW01 12th September 2014 O Cordero Plenary Lecture 17: Micro-scale biological interactions shape microbial community dynamics on marine particles
UMCW01 12th September 2014 M Ackermann Plenary Lecture 16: Collective Functionality Through Microbial Individuality
UMCW01 12th September 2014 F Peaudecerf Contributed Talk 5: Uptake levelling in chemotactic bacteria measured by the Gini index
UMCW01 12th September 2014 Q Jin Plenary Lecture 15: Geomicrobial kinetics: bridging the gap between laboratory and nature
UMCW01 12th September 2014 K Drescher Plenary Lecture 14: Development and Evolution in Environmental Biofilms
UMCW01 11th September 2014 J Pandhal Contributed Talk 6: Metaproteomics of algal blooms
UMCW01 11th September 2014 T Grosskopf Contributed Talk 4: Metabolic Modelling in an Evolutionary Framework Predicts Phenotypic Diversification of E.coli growing on Glucose as the Single Carbon Source
UMCW01 11th September 2014 D Stahl Plenary Lecture 13 (teleconference): tba
UMCW01 11th September 2014 J Chong Plenary Lecture 12: Determining the microbial population dynamics of anaerobic digestion using metagenomics
UMCW01 11th September 2014 BA Laroche Contributed Talk 3: A functional population model of fiber degradation by the human intestinal microbiota
UMCW01 11th September 2014 H Kettle Plenary Lecture 11: Modelling the emergent dynamics of human colonic microbiota
UMCW01 11th September 2014 H Flint Plenary Lecture 10: Phylogeny and functionality in anaerobic microbial communities: making sense of metabolite outputs and population dynamics
UMCW01 11th September 2014 J Vorholt Plenary Lecture 9: Structure and functions of the bacterial phyllosphere microbiota
UMCW01 11th September 2014 AG Smith Plenary Lecture 8: Algal-bacterial consortia and evolution of mutualism
UMCW01 11th September 2014 AC McHardy Contributed Talk 2: The Initiative for the Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation (CAMI)
UMCW01 11th September 2014 C Picioreanu Plenary Lecture 7: Numerical modelling, an interdisciplinary bridge in studying microbial biofilms
UMCW01 11th September 2014 T Hwa Plenary Lecture 6: Mixed and Hierarchical Utilization of Carbon Substrates by Bacteria
UMCW01 10th September 2014 S Kalvala Contributed Talk 1: Computational models of spatial behaviour of microbial communities
UMCW01 10th September 2014 T Rogers Plenary Lecture 5: Survival of the unfit - how demographic noise can create suboptimal species
UMCW01 10th September 2014 F Rohwer Plenary Lecture 4: Phage and Origins of the Immune System
UMCW01 10th September 2014 T Curtis Plenary Lecture 3: Simple Theory and the Microbial World
UMCW01 10th September 2014 S Frank Plenary Lecture 2: Cancer-like overgrowths and genomic regulatory design in microbes
UMCW01 10th September 2014 S Leibler Plenary Lecture 1: Contingency and convergence in microbial population dynamics
SYR 10th September 2014 O Kley Systemic risk in large claims insurance markets with bipartite graph structure
SYR 9th September 2014 D Duffie Over the Counter Markets (2)
UMC 8th September 2014 S Leibler On the (un)reasonable (in)effectiveness of mathematics in biology: Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture
UMC 4th September 2014 P Joyce Theory of adaptive evolution informed by microbial experiments
UMC 4th September 2014 S Allison Representing microbial communities in Earth system models
SYR 3rd September 2014 T Kobayashi Asset correlation and network fragility: How should we intervene?
UMC 2nd September 2014 A Zelezniak Metabolic interactions in microbial communities
UMC 2nd September 2014 JR van der Meer Understanding reactions of introduced bacteria in natural and engineered environments
SYRW01 29th August 2014 R Cont & P Glasserman & F Vega-Redondo Systemic Risk: Models and Mechanisms
SYRW01 29th August 2014 P Young How Likely is Contagion in Financial Networks?
SYRW01 29th August 2014 A Minca Control of interbank contagion under partial information
SYRW01 29th August 2014 C-P Georg A Network View on Interbank Liquidity
SYRW01 29th August 2014 H Amini Default Cascades in Financial Networks
SYRW01 29th August 2014 M Elliott Financial Networks and Contagion
SYRW01 28th August 2014 S Weber Measures of Systemic Risk
SYRW01 28th August 2014 RM Bookstaber An Agent-Based Model for Financial Vulnerability
SYRW01 28th August 2014 M Gofman Efficiency and Stability of a Financial Architecture with Too-Interconnected-to-Fail Institutions
UMC 28th August 2014 B Waclaw Life on the edge - microbial evolution in the presence of drug gradients
SYRW01 28th August 2014 N Chen Modeling Financial Systemic Risk- the Network Effect and the Market Liquidity Effect
SYRW01 28th August 2014 TM Eisenbach Fire-Sale Spillovers and Systemic Risk
SYRW01 28th August 2014 P Gottardi Risk-Sharing and Contagion in Networks
SYRW01 28th August 2014 D Filipovic Systemic Risk and Central Counterparty Clearing
SYRW01 27th August 2014 D Murphy & G Handjinicolaou & D McLaughlin & A (TBC) Lipton Central Clearing of OTC derivatives
SYRW01 27th August 2014 A Tahbaz-Salehi Intermediation and Systemic Risk in the Repo Market
SYRW01 27th August 2014 S Battiston Market Procyclicality and Systemic Risk
SYRW01 27th August 2014 I van Lelyveld Motifs in International Banking Networks
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