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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-02-20
E.g., 2018-02-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
STSW01 18th January 2018 Rajen Shah The xyz algorithm for fast interaction search in high-dimensional data
STSW01 18th January 2018 Andreas Elsener Sharp oracle inequalities for stationary points of nonconvex penalised M-estimators
STSW01 18th January 2018 Judith Rousseau Asymptotics for ABC algorithms
STSW01 18th January 2018 Ioannis Kontoyiannis Small Big Data: Temporal structure in discrete time series
STSW01 18th January 2018 Claire Boyer On the gap between local recovery guarantees in structured compressed sensing and oracle estimates
STSW01 18th January 2018 Alexandre Tsybakov Adaptive estimation of functionals under sparsity
STSW01 18th January 2018 Yi Yu Optimal Covariance Change Point Detection in High Dimension
STSW01 17th January 2018 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Learning from mistakes - learning optimally sparse image filters by quotient minimisation
UNQ 17th January 2018 Hermann Matthies Probability paradigms in Uncertainty Quantification
STSW01 17th January 2018 Rebecca Willett Nonlinear Models for Matrix Completion
STSW01 17th January 2018 Lorenzo Rosasco Optimal and efficient learning with random features
STSW01 17th January 2018 Alex d'Aspremont Sharpness, Restart and Compressed Sensing Performance
STSW01 16th January 2018 Rainer von Sachs Selecting Groups of Variables for Prediction Problems in Chemometrics: Recent Regularization Approaches
STSW01 16th January 2018 Quentin Berthet Optimal Link Prediction with Matrix Logistic Regression
STSW01 16th January 2018 Andreas Krause Learning and inference in probabilistic submodular models
STSW01 16th January 2018 Yingying Fan RANK: Large-Scale Inference with Graphical Nonlinear Knockoffs
STSW01 16th January 2018 Pradeep Ravikumar The Expxorcist: Nonparametric Graphical Models Via Conditional Exponential Densities
STSW01 16th January 2018 Andrea Montanari An Instability in Variational Methods for Learning Topic Models
STSW01 15th January 2018 Gareth Roberts The zig-zag and super-efficient sampling for Bayesian analysis of big data
STSW01 15th January 2018 Nicolai Meinshausen Instruments, Images, and Anchors
STSW01 15th January 2018 Jianqing Fan Uniform pertubation analysis of eigenspaces and its applications to Community Detection, Ranking and Beyond
STSW01 15th January 2018 Jonas Peters The Hardness of Conditional Independence Testing
STSW01 15th January 2018 Rina Foygel Barber Robust inference with the knockoff filter
STSW01 15th January 2018 Michael Jordan On Gradient-Based Optimization: Accelerated, Stochastic and Nonconvex
UNQW01 12th January 2018 Richard Wilkinson UQ perspectives on approximate Bayesian computation (ABC)
UNQW01 12th January 2018 Claudia Schillings Analysis of Ensemble Kalman Inversion
UNQW01 12th January 2018 David Ginsbourger Variations on the Expected Improvement
UNQW01 12th January 2018 Robert Scheichl Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods
UNQW01 11th January 2018 Richard Clayton Computational models of the heart: Why they are useful, and how they would benefit from UQ
UNQW01 11th January 2018 Ronni Bowman Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and Communication for Chemical and Biological Hazard Response
UNQW01 11th January 2018 Masoumeh Dashti The Bayesian approach to inverse problems
UNQW01 11th January 2018 Tony O'Hagan Gaussian process emulation
UNQW01 11th January 2018 Markus Bachmayr Low-rank approximations for parametric and random PDEs
UNQW01 10th January 2018 Howard Elman Linear Algebra Methods for Parameter-Dependent Partial Differential Equations
UNQW01 10th January 2018 Chris Oates Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods
UNQW01 10th January 2018 Julia Charrier A few elements of numerical analysis for PDEs with random coefficients of lognormal type
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Jakub Bijak Uncertainty quantification in demography: Challenges and possible solutions
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Peter Jan van Leeuwen Sequential Bayesian Inference in high-dimensional geoscience applications
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Lindsay Lee UQ in earth sciences: applications and challenges
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Henry Wynn Experimental design in computer experiments: review and recent research
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Max Gunzburger Uncertainty quantification for partial differential equations: going beyond Monte Carlo
UNQW01 9th January 2018 Michael Goldstein Uncertainty analysis for complex systems modelled by computer simulators
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Richard Bradley Philosophical Approaches to Uncertainty and its Measurement
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Ahmed ElSheikh Machine learning techniques for uncertainty quantification of subsurface reservoir models
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Bertrand Iooss Uncertainty quantification of numerical experiments: Several issues in industrial applications
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Poster Blitz I
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Ralph Smith Uncertainty Quantification from a Mathematical Perspective
UNQW01 8th January 2018 Jim Berger Statistical perspectives on UQ, past and present
VMVW03 15th December 2017 François-Xavier Vialard An interpolating distance between Wasserstein and Fisher-Rao
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