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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-01-17
E.g., 2017-01-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
RMAW04 29th June 2004 P Kurlberg On the distribution of matrix elements for the quantum cat map
SMC 29th June 2004 A Venkitaraman Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life TBA
RMAW04 29th June 2004 R Schubert Propagation of wavepackets for large times
SMC 29th June 2004 S Bell Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life The nuts and bolts of DNA replication
RMAW04 29th June 2004 M Sieber Semiclassical evidence for universal spectral correlations in quantum chaos
SMC 29th June 2004 R Laskey Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life Cancer and why DNA matters
RMAW04 28th June 2004 N Anantharaman The ``Quantum unique ergodicity" problem for anosov geodesic flows: an approach by entropy
RMAW04 28th June 2004 C Hughes On the number of lattice points in a thin annulus
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S Nonnenmacher Evolution and constrains on scarring for (perturbed) cat maps
RMAW04 28th June 2004 F Mezzadri Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S De Bievre Long time propagation of coherent states under perturbed cat map dynamics
RMAW04 28th June 2004 P Sarnak Quantum vesus classical fluctuations on the modular surface
RMA 24th June 2004 D Hejhal Multi-variate Gaussians for L-functions and applications to zeros
SMC 24th June 2004 P Ten Wolde & JM Paulsson Thinking about gene regulatory networks
SMC 23rd June 2004 K Dunker Intrinsic disorder and protein function
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 L Pearl Achieving specificity in regulated protein-protein interactions
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 PG Vekilov Phase transitions in protein solutions
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 JL Harden Sequence patterning in simple de novo proteins with tailored association behavior
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 TM Truskett Towards a simple coarse-grained strategy for modelling unfolding, phase separation, and aggregation in protein solutions
RMA 22nd June 2004 A Its Painleve transcendents and random matrices
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 J Janin A structural basis for the specificity of protein-protein recognition
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 SA Teichmann Domain interactions in multi-domain proteins
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 MW Deem Random energy models for interactions and dynamics in the immune response to viruses, vaccines, and cancer
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 JM Thornton Protein-protein interactions from a structural perspective
SMCW03 21st June 2004 AP Minton Mesoscopic models for the effect of macromolecular crowding, macromolecular confinement \& surface adsorption upon protein assoc.
SMCW03 21st June 2004 AL Fink Factors affecting the aggregation of the natively unfolded protein alpha-synuclein
SMCW03 21st June 2004 CM Dobson Protein interactions in the context of folding, misfolding \& aggregation
RMA 17th June 2004 M Shahshahani Triangulations of surfaces and distributing points on a sphere
RMA 17th June 2004 A Soshnikov Poisson statistics for the largest eigenvalues in Wigner and sample covariance random matrices with heavy tails
RMA 10th June 2004 L Pastur On the moments of traces of matrices of classical groups
SMC 8th June 2004 M Howard Models for precise protein localisation in bacteria
RMA 3rd June 2004 E Duenez Symmetry flipping in families of L-functions
RMA 3rd June 2004 V Perez-Abreu Type G ensembles of random matrices
SMC 3rd June 2004 R Sear Highly specific protein-protein interactions, evolution and negative design
SMC 2nd June 2004 D Bray & S Conway Morris & S Laughlin Thinking about evolution in physics and biology
RMA 27th May 2004 A Ozluk Low-lying zeroes of quadratic L-functions
RMA 27th May 2004 Y Suhov Anderson localisation for multi-particle lattice systems
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