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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-10-01
E.g., 2016-10-01
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
DLAW02 15th September 2016 Hackathon / Zeeland challenge
DLAW02 14th September 2016 Changyu Dong From Private Set Intersection to Private Record Linkage
DLAW02 14th September 2016 Mauricio Sadinle A Bayesian Partitioning Approach to Duplicate Detection and Record Linkage
DLAW02 14th September 2016 Andy Boyd ‘Data Safe Havens’ as a framework to support record linkage in observational studies: evidence from the Project to Enhance ALSPAC through Record Linkage (PEARL).
DLAW02 14th September 2016 Vassilios Verykios Space Embedding of Records for Privacy Preserving Linkage
DLAW02 14th September 2016 Erhard Rahm Big data integration: challenges and new approaches
DLAW02 13th September 2016 'speed-dating' sessions
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Harvey Goldstein A scaling approach to record linkage
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Dinusha Vatsalan Advanced Techniques for Privacy-Preserving Linking of Multiple Large Databases
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Ruth Gilbert GUILD: GUidance for Information about Linked Datasets
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Katie Harron Handling identifier error rate variation in data linkage of large administrative data sources
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Luiza Antonie Tracking people over time in 19th century Canada: Challenges, Bias and Results
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Bradley Malin A LifeCycle Model for Privacy Preserving Record Linkage
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Evan Roberts Record linkage with complete-count historical census data
DLAW02 13th September 2016 James Boyd Technical Challenges associated with record linkage
DLAW02 13th September 2016 Hye-Chung Kum Privacy Preserving Interactive Record Linkage (PPIRL)
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Intra-disciplinary “speed-dating”
DLAW02 12th September 2016 'speed-dating' sessions
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Amy O'Hara The U.S. Census Bureau’s Linkage Infrastructure: Overview and New Challenges
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Bill Winkler Computational Methods for Linking Sets of National Files
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Patrick Ball Deduplicating databases of deaths in war: advances in adaptive blocking, pairwise classification, and clustering
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Gerrit Bloothooft Historical life cycle reconstruction by indexing
DLAW02 12th September 2016 Rainer Schnell Hardening Bloom Filter PPRL by modifying identifier encodings
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Robin Ball Open Panel Discussion Chair: Robin Ball
TGMW36 9th September 2016 David Andelman Electrified Interfaces: One Hundred Years of the Poisson-Boltzmann Theory and More
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Masao Doi Onsager Principle - A Principle Useful for Solving Industrial Problems
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Simeon Stoyanov Soft Matter Challenges - Consumer Products
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Jasna Brujic Pattern Formation outside of Equilbrium as a Template for Drug Delivery Vehicles
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Jason Crain Predictive Modelling & Cognitive Computing for Soft Materials Discovery
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Hans Hermann The Rotational Degrees of Freedom of a Granular Packing
DLA 8th September 2016 David Hand, Peter Christen A note on the F-measure for evaluating record linkage algorithms (and classification methods and information retrieval systems)
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Isabella Van Damme Soft Matter Challenges - Food Manufacturing
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Matthieu Wyart Elementary Excitations in Amorphous Materials
SNA 8th September 2016 Malwina Luczak Extinction time for the weaker of two competing SIS epidemics
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Geoff Maitland The Intriguing World of Clay-Inorganic Nanoparticle Suspensions: Practical Opportunities and Theoretical Challenges
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Glenn Fredrickson Building on Sir Sam's Formalism: Molecularly-Informed Field-Theoretic Simulations of Soft Matter
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Louise Bailey Soft Matter Challenges - Oil and Gas Sector
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Synchronisation: From Stick-Slip Instabilities in Jammed Fluids to Endogeneous Economic Crises
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Kurt Kremer Topological Constraints Do Matter: Polymer Melts, Elastomers, Collapsed Polymer Globules, Chromosome Territories etc
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Stuart Little Soft Matter Challenges - Chemicals Industry
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Monica Olvera de la Cruz Polymer Electrolytes
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Tom McLeish Sam Edwards - Continuing the Legacy for Industry-Facing Science
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Mike Cates, John Toland, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 David Spiegelhalter Communicating likelihood ratios
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Karen Kafadar Statistical Issues and Reliability of Eyewitness Identification
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Colin Aitken Relevant populations and data
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 David Caruso Capacity and Comprehension of Mathematical Reasoning by Counsel and Courts
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