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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-06-29
E.g., 2016-06-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SDBW04 20th June 2016 Daniel Coombs Interpretation and modelling with super-resolution microscopy
SDB 17th June 2016 David Holcman Polymer model, mean looping time and interpretation of Hi-C data (Enounter frequencies data)
MIM 16th June 2016 Laurent Montesi Melt migration at mid-ocean ridges: A tale in three acts
SDB 16th June 2016 Bence Mélykúti Cross-contamination rate estimation for digital PCR in lab-on-a-chip microfluidic devices
SDB 15th June 2016 Kevin Lin An analysis of implicit samplers in the small-noise limit
SDB 14th June 2016 Markos A. Katsoulakis Path-space information metrics for uncertainty quantification and coarse-graining of molecular systems
SDB 14th June 2016 Ben O'Shaughnessy Mechanics of cell division by the actomyosin contractile ring
SDB 13th June 2016 Justine Dattani Stochastic models of gene transcription with upstream drives: Exact solution and sample path characterisation
MIMW03 10th June 2016 Jerome Neufeld The permeability of deformable and reactive porous media
MIMW03 10th June 2016 Michael Kendall Seismic evidence for melt in the upper mantle
SDB 10th June 2016 Jonathan Mattingly Scaling limits of a model for selection at two scales Joint with Shishi Luo
MIMW03 10th June 2016 Timo Heister, Juliane Dannberg 3D Numerical Modelling of Compressible Coupled Magma/Mantle Dynamics With Adaptive Mesh Refinement
MIMW03 9th June 2016 Ralph Showalter Poro-Inelastic Filtration coupled to Stokes Flow
SDB 9th June 2016 Tuomas Knowles Kinetics of filamentous protein self-assembly
MIMW03 9th June 2016 David Rees Jones Salt fluxes from sea ice: simple models of reactively dissolved channels
MIMW03 9th June 2016 Tim Schulze The rapid advance and slow retreat of a mushy zone
MIMW03 9th June 2016 Samuel Butler Shear Induced Melt Bands: The Mechanics of their Formation and their Possible Role as Melt Conduits Beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges
MIMW03 9th June 2016 Gabriel Wittum An Approach to Large Scale Computing of Problems form Science and Technology
SDB 8th June 2016 David Schnoerr Cox process representation and inference for stochastic reaction-diffusion processes
MIMW03 8th June 2016 Shun-ichiro Karato Melting in the deep mantle
MIMW03 8th June 2016 Son-Young Yi A four-field mixed finite element method for the Biot model and its solution algorithms
MIMW03 8th June 2016 Yasuko Takei Effect of partial melting on seismic velocity and attenuation: Polycrystal anelasticity at near-solidus temperatures
MIMW03 8th June 2016 Todd Arbogast Mixed Methods for Two-Phase Darcy-Stokes Mixtures of Partially Melted Materials with Regions of Zero Porosity
MIMW03 7th June 2016 Jenny Suckale tba
SDB 7th June 2016 André Leier Stochastic membrane processes in biomedicine
MIMW03 7th June 2016 Boris Kaus Modelling magma migration through the continental lithosphere: the importance of multiple pulses and channelized flow.
MIMW03 7th June 2016 Chloe Michaut Variability in melt extrusion at silicic volcanoes
MIMW03 7th June 2016 Tobias Keller Computational models of melt transport from source to surface
MIMW03 7th June 2016 Sander Rhebergen Preconditioners for models of coupled magma/mantle dynamics
MIMW03 6th June 2016 Taras Gerya Melt-induced weakening of the lithosphere: theory, numerical implementation and geodynamic implications
SDB 6th June 2016 Vahid Shahrezaei Multi-scale modelling of stochastic gene expression
MIMW03 6th June 2016 Andrew Turner Grain size and rheology as a control for melt transport beneath mid-ocean ridges
MIMW03 6th June 2016 Garrett Ito Magma generation and extraction beneath mid-ocean ridges and oceanic hotspots
MIMW03 6th June 2016 Douglas Wiens Seismic imaging of mantle melting processes beneath volcanic arcs and backarc spreading centers
MIMW03 6th June 2016 Richard Katz Workshop introduction, context, and review of previous workshops
SDB 1st June 2016 Garegin Papoian Stochastic Mechanochemistry of the Eukaryotic Cytoskeleton
SDB 31st May 2016 Stephen Smith Four arguments against the reaction-diffusion master equation (and one in its favour).
SDB 27th May 2016 David Holcman Stochastic modeling, asymptotics, simulations and data analysis of super-resolution trajectories: application to cellular biology
MIM 26th May 2016 Ryan Grove Discretizations and multigrid solver for problems related to fluid flow
SDB 25th May 2016 John Tyson Getting Things Right in a Noisy Milieu: Stochastic Models of Cell Cycle Dynamics in Budding Yeast and Bacteria
SDB 20th May 2016 David Holcman Stochastic modeling, asymptotics, simulations and data analysis of super-resolution trajectories: application to cellular biology
SDB 19th May 2016 Daniel Coombs Particle tracking to elucidate cell surface receptor motion and signalling
MIM 19th May 2016 Timo Heister An Introduction to the Mantle Convection Community Project ASPECT
SDB 18th May 2016 Kevin Burrage What we have been doing while at INI for the last 5 weeks: a mathematical study on anomalous diffusion
SDB 17th May 2016 Jürgen Reingruber Modeling and stochastic analysis of autoregulation of the Krox20 transcription factor driving cellular diversification and hindbrain patterning
MIM 16th May 2016 Andrew Fowler Two-phase flow in strombolian volcanic conduits
SDB 13th May 2016 David Holcman Lecture 12: (U. of Cambridge): Stochastic chemical reactions: modelling and analysis
SDB 13th May 2016 John Fricks Time Series Analysis of Diffusion with Transient Binding
MTGW04 12th May 2016 Todd Treangen Challenges in pathogen detection with metagenome classification techniques
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