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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-08-29
E.g., 2016-08-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
GPFW02 31st October 2003 W Long Discussion on two-phase boundary layer sediment transport model
GPFW02 31st October 2003 C Campbell Elastic granular flows
GPFW02 31st October 2003 S Dartevelle Multiphase modelling of geophysical granular gravity currents. Pyroclastic flow dynamic and depositional processes
GPFW02 31st October 2003 D McClung The slab avalanche as a self-organised critical phenomenon
GPFW02 31st October 2003 SP Pudasaini & SS Hsiau & K Hutter Free-surface motion of avalanches over natural terrains \& PIV-measurements for flows down curved chutes
GPF 31st October 2003 HJ Herrmann Ratcheting and rotations in shear bands and polydisperse packings
GPFW02 31st October 2003 J Rajchenbach Nucleation \& growth of dry grain avalanches
GPF 31st October 2003 R Blumenfeld Force transmission in marginally rigid granular materials
GPFW02 31st October 2003 C Ancey The rheophysical approach in the study of natural gravity-driven flows
GPFW02 30th October 2003 I Sharma Dynamics of granular asteroids
GPFW02 30th October 2003 F De Blasio Role of water in the mobility of sub aqueous debris flows
GPFW02 30th October 2003 KR Rasmussen Shear stress partitioning in aeolian saltation
GPFW02 30th October 2003 S Dadson Structural stability of gravel beds
IGS 30th October 2003 C Maes Some remarks on quantum entropies etc
GPFW02 30th October 2003 N-S Cheng Bedload transport in laminar flows
GPFW02 30th October 2003 R Hoyle A continuum model for aeolian sand ripples
GPFW02 30th October 2003 R Denlinger The role of internal stresses in the flow of granular avalanches
IGS 30th October 2003 M Zahradnik Contour methods and cluster expansion of Kac Ising models
GPFW02 30th October 2003 D Doppler Vortex ripples on a tilting granular bed in a 2D experiment
GPFW02 30th October 2003 M Bursik Effects of erosion on propagation of granular flows
GPFW02 30th October 2003 J Morgan Particle dynamics simulations of gravitational volcanic deformation
GPFW02 30th October 2003 D Garagash Stability of undrained quasi-static deformation of saturated granular materials
GPFW02 30th October 2003 J Rice Heating, weakening \& melting of wet fault gouge during earthquake slip
GPFW02 29th October 2003 Free afternoon
GPFW02 29th October 2003 M Larcher Rheological stratification of high concentration liquid granular flows
GPFW02 29th October 2003 D Masson Large debris avalanches on volcanic island flanks - what can the deposits tell us about emplacement processes
GPFW02 29th October 2003 A Elverhoi Experimental studies of subaqeous debris flow particle tracking \& measurements of porefluid pressure \& total stress
GPFW02 29th October 2003 K Pickering Role of mass transport complexes in evolution \& growth patterns of confined basin-floor submarine fans, mid-eocene, s.Spanish Pyrenees
GPFW02 29th October 2003 J Best The fluid \& sediment dynamics of sand dunes under unidirectional water flows: insights from laboratory \& field experiments
GPFW02 28th October 2003 J McElwaine The interaction granular avalanches \& the ambient fluid
GPFW02 28th October 2003 P Thomas Granular ripples under rotating flow
GPFW02 28th October 2003 K Hakonardottir The interaction of snow avalanches with dams: "An experimental study"
GPFW02 28th October 2003 A Thornton A simple model for particle size segregation in granular avalanches
IGS 28th October 2003 A van Enter First-order transitions for models with continous symmetries
GPFW02 28th October 2003 G Lube Scaling behaviour of granular flows
GPFW02 28th October 2003 B Pitman Extending models of granular avalanche flows
GPFW02 28th October 2003 K Nishimura Snow in motion - snow avalanche \& blowing snow
IGS 28th October 2003 S Shlosman How flat the flat facets of the crystal are?
GPFW02 28th October 2003 P Gauer Possible mechanisms of snow entrainment in avalanches
GPFW02 28th October 2003 M Eglit Mathematical models of snow avalanches
GPFW02 28th October 2003 X Cui Rapid granular free-surface flow past a cylindrical obstacle
GPFW02 28th October 2003 P Talling Flow transformation between turbidity current \& submarine debris flow constrained by correlating individual beds over 120 x 60 km of outcrop
GPFW02 28th October 2003 D Issler Experiments on snow avalanches \& their implications for modelling
GPFW02 27th October 2003 J Vallance Field \& experimental constraints on modelling geophysical granular flows, with examples from volcanic debris flows \& pyroclastic flows
GPFW02 27th October 2003 E Calder Mobility of pyroclastic flows \& surges at the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat
GPFW02 27th October 2003 R Brown Bypassing \& diachronous deposition from density currents: evidence from a giant regressive bedform in the Poris ignimbrite, Tenerife
GPFW02 27th October 2003 Tea
GPFW02 27th October 2003 J Phillips Enhanced mobility of granular mixtures of fine and coarse particles
GPFW02 27th October 2003 O Roche Experiments on granular flows generated from instantaneous release of initially gas-fluidised material
GPFW02 27th October 2003 H Huppert Axisymmetric granular collapses
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