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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-10-24
E.g., 2016-10-24
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MASW03 22nd March 2004 A-M Hein A fully Bayesian method for estimating gene expression levels from Affymetrix GeneChip arrays
20th March 2004 JFC Kingman Chance and probability
RMA 18th March 2004 Y Motohashi Feasibility of a unified treatment of mean values of automorphic L-functions
RMA 18th March 2004 R Vaughan Mean value theorems for primes in arithmetic progressions
SMCW07 18th March 2004 T Kiefhaber & W Eaton Early events in protein folding
SMCW07 18th March 2004 M Oliveberg & S Radford Dynamics of energy landscapes
SMCW07 17th March 2004 J Fernandez & P Williams Mechanical folding & unfolding
SMCW07 17th March 2004 M Vendruscolo & E Paci Fine-grained simulation of transition state ensembles
SMCW07 16th March 2004 E Shakhnovich & D Thirumalai Course-grained view of transition state ensembles
SMCW07 16th March 2004 T McLeish & D Wales Features of high dimensional searches
SMCW07 15th March 2004 A Fersht Realistic & predictive simulation?
RMA 11th March 2004 I Smolyarenko Parametric random matrix theory
SMC 11th March 2004 R Golestanian Orientational ordering of rod-like polyelectrolytes
SMC 10th March 2004 R Hawkins Entropic allostery in proteins
SMC 10th March 2004 J Trinick Structural studies of the giant protein titin
SMC 9th March 2004 A Travers & W Poon Workshop on histone complexation in chromatin
RMA 4th March 2004 A Gamburd Random matrices, magic squares and the Riemann zeta function
RMA 4th March 2004 J Keating Negative moments
SMC 4th March 2004 D Head The deformations and Green's response of cross-linked biopolymer networks
SMC 2nd March 2004 D Lukatsky Membrane fusion
SMC 2nd March 2004 T Liverpool Dynamics of active filament solutions
RMA 26th February 2004 S Koyama Multiple zeta functions
SMC 26th February 2004 A Vilfan Elastic lever-arm model for myosin V
SMC 25th February 2004 S Tanaka Crystallization and diffusion of globular proteins in lipid cubic phases
SMC 24th February 2004 D Andelman The onset of complexation of polymers and DNA with amphiphiles
RMA 19th February 2004 D Farmer Differentiation evens out zero spacings
RMA 19th February 2004 S Gonek Mean value theorems and the zeros of the zeta function
SMC 19th February 2004 F Mohammad-Rafiee Probing chromatin dynamics with synthetic DNA ligands
SMC 18th February 2004 E Carlon Melting of double-stranded DNA-theory and experiments
SMC 17th February 2004 A Baumgaertner In silico studies of cell motility
RMAW01 13th February 2004 C Hughes Using RMT to predict large values
RMAW01 13th February 2004 M Watkins Numerical evidence
RMAW01 13th February 2004 D Ulmer Heuristics for large rank
SMC 11th February 2004 F Juelicher Active gels and cytoskeletal dynamics
RMAW01 11th February 2004 M Rubinstein Numerical evidence
RMAW01 10th February 2004 K Rubin Constructing rank 2 & rank 3 twists
RMAW01 10th February 2004 N Snaith Ranks of elliptic curves & random matrix theory
RMAW01 9th February 2004 C David Vanishing of L-functions of elliptic curves over number fields
RMAW01 9th February 2004 M Rubinstein Moments, L-values & Ranks
RMAW01 9th February 2004 C Delaunay Heuristics on Class groups and on Tate-Shafarevich groups
RMAW01 9th February 2004 A Silverberg Ranks of elliptic curves
SMC 9th February 2004 S Komura Phase separation in biomembranes
RMAW01 9th February 2004 B Birch & P Swinnerton-Dyer The origins of the Birch/Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture: some personal reminiscences
RMA 5th February 2004 C Hughes Moments of the Riemann Zeta function and random matrix theory "theory"
RMA 5th February 2004 M Watkins Solving systems of polynomial equations via multidimensional p-adic Newton iteration
SMC 5th February 2004 Z-C Ou-Yang Elastic theory of a single DNA molecule
SMC 3rd February 2004 P Martin How the ear listens: spontaneous mechanical oscillations by mechanosensory hair cells
RMA 29th January 2004 A Strombergsson Small solutions to linear congruences and Hecke equidistribution
RMA 29th January 2004 M Stoltz Random matrices and invariant theory
SMC 29th January 2004 DTF Dryden Type I DNA restriction enzymes: smart molecular machines
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