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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-07-02
E.g., 2016-07-02
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
GPF 5th September 2003 D Harris Dilation-rate, rotation-rate, well-posedness, ill-posedness and instability
GPF 5th September 2003 MD Shattuck Granular fluid dynamics
IGS 4th September 2003 B Hambly Diffusion in random and deterministic fractal environments
IGS 4th September 2003 A Bovier Metastability in Kawasaki dynamics
GPF 4th September 2003 HA Makse 'Ice-breaking' talk
GPF 4th September 2003 JM Rotter 'Ice-breaking' talk
GPF 3rd September 2003 P Veerman Motion of a particle on a rough incline
GPF 3rd September 2003 JM Huntley 'Ice-breaking' talk
GPF 3rd September 2003 P Segall 'Ice-breaking' talk
IGS 2nd September 2003 PH Moerters Is Brownian intersection local time multifractal?
IGS 2nd September 2003 T Bodineau Stability of interfaces and stochastic dynamics
GPF 2nd September 2003 M Shearer 'Ice-breaking' talk
GPF 2nd September 2003 AD Rosato 'Ice-breaking' talk
IGS 28th August 2003 F Camia Continuum nonsimple loops and 2D critical percolation
IGS 28th August 2003 B Toth Hydrodynamic limits for systems with two conservation laws
IGS 27th August 2003 B Duplantier Distribution of potential near a random conformally invariant curve
IGS 26th August 2003 R Fernandez Birth-and-death processes in random environment
IGS 26th August 2003 K Burdzy Couplings and reflecting Brownian motions
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 H Kesten Some particle systems with moving catalysts
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 O Zaboronski Survival probability of a test particle in a random vicious environment
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 T Delmotte Estimates for random walks in symmetric random environment applied to stochastic interface
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 N Gantert Spending its life at the bottom: the local time of recurrent RWRE
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 D Ioffe Random walk representation and fluctuation theory of phase separation lines
IGSW02 22nd August 2003 B Hughes Stochastically evolving networks
IGSW02 21st August 2003 JG Conlon Homogenisation of random walk in asymmetric random environment
IGSW02 21st August 2003 P Matthieu Decay of the return probability for symmetric RWRE
IGSW02 21st August 2003 F ~den Hollander Intermittency in a catalytic random medium
IGSW02 21st August 2003 H Matzinger Recovering information from a randomly mixed up message-text
IGSW02 21st August 2003 S Volkov Some proofs for Vertex-reinforced jump processes ("Werner Walks")
IGSW02 21st August 2003 V Sidoravicius Percolation in dependent environment
IGSW02 20th August 2003 F Merkl Random Schroedinger operators with scaled Gibbsian potentials
IGSW02 20th August 2003 I Goldsheid Lingering random walks in dimension one
IGSW02 20th August 2003 O Zeitouni Modified regeneration times for RWRE
IGSW02 20th August 2003 PJD Carmona Fluctuation exponents and large deviations for directed polymers in a random environment
IGSW02 20th August 2003 N Yoshida Localisation transition of friendly walkers
IGSW02 20th August 2003 FM Comets Brownian directed polymers in randmom environment
IGSW02 19th August 2003 S Whittington Polymer adsorption - random copolymers and random surfaces
IGSW02 19th August 2003 M Zerner On excited random walks in random and non-random media
IGSW02 19th August 2003 I Benjamini Few random walks problems
IGSW02 19th August 2003 T Komorovski Invariant measures for passive tracer dynamics
IGSW02 19th August 2003 F Rassoul-Agha Large deviations for random walks in a mixing random environment, and other (non-Markov) random walks
IGSW02 19th August 2003 C Boldrighini Random walks in space-time random environments
18th August 2003 GF Lawler Conformal invariance and the self-avoiding walk
IGSW02 18th August 2003 SA Molchanov Non-stationary Anderson models and their applications
IGSW02 18th August 2003 B Derrida Universal probability distributions of the free energy of directed polymers in a random medium
IGSW02 18th August 2003 N Berger Biased random walk on percolation clusters
IGSW02 18th August 2003 I Sinai Probabilistic aspects of the 3x+1 problem
IGSW02 18th August 2003 M Barlow Random walks on percolation clusters
IGS 14th August 2003 S Molchanov Non-stationary Andersen parabolic model
IGS 14th August 2003 N Makarov Some thoughts on the Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE)
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