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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-08-25
E.g., 2016-08-25
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Katherine McLaughlin Analysis of Networks with Missing Data with Application to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Nynke Niezink Modeling the dynamics of social networks and continuous actor attributes
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Luca De Benedictis Implementing Propensity Score Matching with Network Data: The effect of GATT on bilateral trade
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Daniele Durante Bayesian modeling of networks in complex business intelligence problems
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Matteo Barigozzi Networks, Dynamic Factors, and the Volatility Analysis of High-Dimensional Financial Series
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Mirko Signorelli Modelling community structure in the Italian Parliament: a penalized inference approach
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Ginestra Bianconi Multiplex networks
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Pariya Behrouzi Detecting Epistatic Selection in the Genome of RILs via a latent Gaussian Copula Graphical Model
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Yi Yu Estimating whole brain dynamics using spectral clustering
FOS 24th August 2016 Joseph Gastwirth Some (hopefully) interesting uses of statistical reasoning in legal cases
FOS 24th August 2016 David Lagnado Everyday reasoning about legal cases
FOS 24th August 2016 Norman Fenton Use of Bayesian networks in legal reasoning
FOS 24th August 2016 Patricia Wiltshire Challenges in forensic trace evidence
SNA 24th August 2016 Ernst Wit Network inference in genomics
FOS 24th August 2016 Nadine Smit Vulnerabilities revealed in successful appeal cases in the UK
SNA 24th August 2016 Peter Bickel “Network modeling of topological domains using Hi-C data”
FOS 24th August 2016 Richard Gill The fundamental problem of forensic statistics
FOS 24th August 2016 Jane Hutton Property and competence of witnesses
SNA 23rd August 2016 Yulia Gel The Role of Modern Social Media Data in Surveillance and Prediction of Infectious Diseases: from Time Series to Networks
SNA 23rd August 2016 Elizaveta Levina Interpretable Models for Prediction on Networks with Cohesion
SNA 22nd August 2016 Carey Priebe Semiparametric spectral modeling of the Drosophila connectome
SNA 22nd August 2016 Pieter Trapman Emerging epidemics on networks
SNA 18th August 2016 Frank Granville Ball Epidemics on networks
SNA 17th August 2016 Peter Bickel Rothschild Lecture: From Small Data to Big Data and Back: Statistics and Data Science
DLA 11th August 2016 Peter Christen Talk 2: Evaluation of advanced techniques for multi-party privacy-preserving record linkage on real-world health databases
DLA 11th August 2016 Peter Christen Talk 1: Advanced methods for linking complex historical birth, death, marriage and census data
SNA 11th August 2016 Richard Gibbens Capacity bounds and robustness in multipath networks
SNA 4th August 2016 Patrick Perry Fitting Hierarchical Models in Large-Scale Recommender Systems
SNA 29th July 2016 James Marron Joint and Individual Variation Explained (JIVE)
DLA 28th July 2016 Anne-Sophie Charest Privacy for Bayesian modelling
SNA 28th July 2016 Alberto Caimo Bayesian ERGMs -- computational and modelling challenges
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Sonia Petrone On asymptotic exchangeability and graph evolution
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Mikkel Schmidt Inference in the infinite relational model
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Natalia Bochkina Selection of the Regularization Parameter in Graphical Models using Network Characteristics
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Diana Cai Edge-exchangeable graphs, sparsity, and power laws
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Benjamin Bloem-Reddy Random walk models of networks: modeling and inferring complex dependence
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Mike West Bayesian dynamic modelling of network flows
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Gesine Reinert Estimating the number of communities in a network
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Daniel Roy From Graphon to Graphex: Models and Estimators for Sparse Networks using Exchangeable Random Measures
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Yee Whye Teh Bayesian Hierarchical Community Discovery
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Tyler McCormick Multiresolution network models
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Konstantina Palla A Bayesian nonparametric model for sparse dynamic networks
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Brendan Murphy Latent Space Stochastic Block Model for Social Networks
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Simon Lunagomez Network Models with Dynamic Vertex Sets
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Pierre Latouche Goodness of fit of logistic models for random graphs
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Adrian Raftery Interlocking directorates in Irish companies using bipartite networks: a latent space approach
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Nial Friel Optimal Bayes estimators for block models
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Lise Getoor Statistical Relational Learning: Review and Recent Advances
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Cameron Freer Exchangeable constructions of countable structures
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Harry Crane Edge exchangeability: a new foundation for modeling network data
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