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E.g., 2018-09-26
E.g., 2018-09-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
HHHW03 26th September 2018 Tobias Barthel, Nathaniel Stapleton Transchromatic homotopy theory 1
HHHW03 26th September 2018 Ben Antieau Derived algebraic geometry I
HHHW03 25th September 2018 Tomer Schlank Modes, Ambidexterity and Chromatic homotopy.
HHHW03 25th September 2018 Jeremy Hahn The spectrum of units of a height 2 theory
HHHW03 25th September 2018 Niko Naumann The role of p-divisible groups - 2
HHHW03 25th September 2018 Agnes Beaudry Duality and invertibility using finite resolutions - 2
HHHW03 24th September 2018 Lennart Meier Topological modular forms with level structure
HHHW03 24th September 2018 Christian Ausoni On the topological Hochschild homology of Johnson-Wilson spectra
HHHW03 24th September 2018 Niko Naumann The role of p-divisible groups -1
HHHW03 24th September 2018 Agnes Beaudry K(n)-local homotopy from a Galois theory perspective -1
SRQ 21st September 2018 Hendrik Weber Renormalisation in QFT, statistical mechanics and stochastic PDE's
HHH 20th September 2018 Hiro Tanaka MorseTheory(On.Point) vs (MorseTheory.On)Point
HHH 20th September 2018 Constanze Roitzheim Twisted, not bitter
HHH 20th September 2018 Viet-Cuong Pham Brown-Comenetz dual of some K(2)-local spectrum
HHH 20th September 2018 Lars Hesselholt K-theory of division algebras over local fields
SRQ 19th September 2018 Margherita Disertori Why Fermions, part II
HHH 18th September 2018 Nathalie Wahl Slopes in homological stability, the classical way
TGMW60 18th September 2018 Questions and Wrap-up
TGMW60 18th September 2018 UKRI Funding Opportunities
HHH 18th September 2018 Christian Schlichtkrull Topological Hochschild homology via generalized Thom spectra
TGMW60 18th September 2018 Group Leaders Feedback on Groups and Discussions
TGMW60 18th September 2018 Group Discussions continued/preparation for Feedback Session
TGMW60 18th September 2018 Group discussions continued
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Networking and Drinks Reception
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Break-out Sessions (Part 1)
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Initial Break-out group discussions - 'problem holder' driven challenges
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Icarus Allen Modelling for Coastal & Inland Waters
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Neave O'Clery Cities, Skills and Space: Capturing the Unobservable
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Calum Brown Process-based Modelling of Socio-ecological Systems
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Jacqui Cotton So Many Decisions, So Much Uncertainty: Research Needs to Assist with Managing and Adapting to Climate and Flood Risk Changes
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Nick Francis Challenges for Urban Planning & Decision Making
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Chris Bolton Managing Landscapes Change - using Metric, Descriptive and Experiental Data
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Paula Harrison Integrated Modelling of Landscapes to Understand Cross-sectoral Interactions, Synergies and Trade-offs under Scenarios of Environmental Change
SRQ 17th September 2018 Hendrik Weber Renormalisation in QFT, statistical mechanics and stochastic PDE's
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Iain Williams Policy Talk - Decision Making for UK Landscapes - Opportunities for Systems Research in Policy Development
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Tim Wheeler A NERC Perspective on Landscape Decisions
TGMW60 17th September 2018 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
SRQ 14th September 2018 David Brydges, Hendrik Weber Chessboard estimates and their role in the 1976
HHH 13th September 2018 Mingcong Zeng RO(G)-coefficient ring of constant Mackey functor via duality
HHH 13th September 2018 Viktoriya Ozornova Case of Identity
HHH 13th September 2018 Michael Joachim On twisted spin-c bordism and twisted K-theory
HHH 13th September 2018 Andrew Baker BG_2 vs the Joker
SRQ 12th September 2018 Margherita Disertori Why fermions?
HHH 11th September 2018 Irakli Patchkoria Polynomial maps, Witt vectors and Real THH
HHH 11th September 2018 Robert Bruner The mod 2 Adams spectral sequence for tmf_*
SRQ 10th September 2018 David Brydges Reflection Positivity which plays an important role in QFT and statistical mechanics.
SRQW01 7th September 2018 Massimiliano Gubinelli A stochastic approach to constructive QFT
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