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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-04-25
E.g., 2018-04-25
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
STSW02 20th March 2018 Matthew Reimherr Manifold Data Analysis with Applications to High-Resolution 3D Imaging
STSW02 20th March 2018 Robert Nowak Learning Low-Dimensional Metrics
STSW02 19th March 2018 Rainer von Sachs Intrinsic wavelet regression for curves and surfaces of Hermitian positive definite matrices
STSW02 19th March 2018 Richard Samworth Isotonic regression in general dimensions
STSW02 19th March 2018 Bodhisattva Sen Adaptive Confidence Bands for Shape-Restricted Regression in Multi-dimension using Multiscale Tests
STSW02 19th March 2018 Jim Ramsay Dynamic Smoothing Meets Gravity
STSW02 19th March 2018 Victor Panaretos Procrustes Analysis of Covariance Operators and Optimal Transport of Gaussian Processes
UNQ 16th March 2018 Andy Wiltshire Constraining carbon emissions pathways towards Paris climate targets
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Questions and Wrap-up
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Group Leaders Feedback on Three Industry Groups
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Break-out Sessions (part 3)
STS 15th March 2018 Mihaela van der Schaar Causal Inference for Treatment Effects: A Theory and Associated Learning Algorithms
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Break-out sessions (part 2)
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Stephen Furber CBE FRS SpiNNaker - Biologically-Inspired Massively-Parallel Computing
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Robert Mullins Moore's Law and Beyond: Routes to the Next Million-Fold Improvement in Performance
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Initial Break-out Group Discussions
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Simon Plant Supporting Innovation in Quantum Technologies
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Peter Waggett Computational and Benchmarking Perspectives
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Anton Lokhmotov Benchmarking, Optimisation and Co-Design of Computer Systems: From Classical to Quantum
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Jade Carlotta-Jones Challenges for Real World Problem Owners: Materials
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Sanjiv Sharma Challenges for Real World Problem Owners: Manufacturing
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Charles Radclyffe Challenges for Real World Problem Owners - Finance
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Nigel Walker Design Challenges in BT's Network
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Tom Jones Challenges for Real World Problem Owners - Earth Observation
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Christopher Maynard Quantum Computing and the Met Office
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Joshua Nunn Quantum Computing Architectures
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Peter Dobson OBE National Quantum Keynote
TGMW57 14th March 2018 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams, Bob Cockshott Welcome and Introduction
STS 13th March 2018 Regina Liu i-Fusion: Individualized Fusion Learning
UNQW03 9th March 2018 Anthony Nouy Principal component analysis for learning tree tensor networks
UNQW03 9th March 2018 Benjamin Peherstorfer Multifidelity Monte Carlo estimation with adaptive low-fidelity models
UNQW03 9th March 2018 Catherine Powell Reduced Basis Solvers for Stochastic Galerkin Matrix Equations
UNQW03 9th March 2018 Peter Binev State Estimation in Reduced Modeling
UNQW03 8th March 2018 James Salter Quantifying spatio-temporal boundary condition uncertainty for the deglaciation
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Olivier Zahm Certified dimension reduction of the input parameter space of vector-valued functions
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Boris Kramer Conditional-Value-at-Risk Estimation with Reduced-Order Models
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Martin Stoll Low rank methods for PDE-constrained optimization
STS 8th March 2018 Tengyao Wang Isotonic regression in general dimensions
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Olga Mula Greedy algorithms for optimal measurements selection in state estimation using reduced models
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Julia Brettschneider Model selection, model frames, and scientific interpretation
UNQW03 8th March 2018 Gianluigi Rozza Weighted reduced order methods for parametrized PDEs with random inputs
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Daniel Williamson Optimal dimension-reduced calibration and the terminal case for spatial models
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Sergey Dolgov Low-rank cross approximation algorithms for the solution of stochastic PDEs
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Jie Chen Linear-Cost Covariance Functions for Gaussian Random Fields
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Lars Grasedyck Hierarchical Low Rank Tensors
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Nathan Urban Multi-model and model structural uncertainty quantification with applications to climate science
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Abdul Lateef Haji Ali Multilevel Nested Simulation for Efficient Risk Estimation
UNQW03 6th March 2018 James Hensman Massive scale Gaussian processes with GPflow
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