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E.g., 2018-12-10
E.g., 2018-12-10
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Earthquake recurrence as a record breaking process
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Relation between global fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems and Gumbel statistics
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Optimal search strategies for hidden targets
PDSW03 30th June 2006 J-P Bouchaud Extreme value problems in random matrix theory, spin glasses and directed polymers
PDSW03 29th June 2006 One-species diffusion-limited reactions on the Bethe lattice
PDSW03 29th June 2006 Exact solutions for first-passage and related problems in certain classes of queueing system
PDSW03 29th June 2006 Quantum random walks
LAA 29th June 2006 Models of biological regulatory networks
PDSW03 29th June 2006 D Dean Phase transition in the Aldous-Shields Model of growing trees
PDSW03 29th June 2006 Tightness for the minimum displacement of branching random walk and some other old problems
PDSW03 28th June 2006 Interface roughening dynamics of spreading droplets
PDSW03 28th June 2006 Noisy kinks and diffusion-limited reaction
PDSW03 28th June 2006 Fluctuation-regularized front propagation up a reaction-rate gradient
PDSW03 28th June 2006 H Guclu Extreme fluctuations in small-world-coupled autonomous systems with relaxational dynamics
PDSW03 28th June 2006 Weak ergodicity breaking in the continuous time random walk
PDSW03 28th June 2006 Extreme times in finance
LAA 28th June 2006 A fresh look at testing for asynchronous communication
PDSW03 28th June 2006 E Ben-Naim Nonequilibrium statistical physics of driven granular gases
PDSW03 28th June 2006 The Unreasonable effectiveness of equilibrium-like theory for interpreting non-equilibrium experiments
PDSW03 27th June 2006 First passage and arrival time densities for Levy Flights
PDSW03 27th June 2006 Persistence and survival in equilibrium step fluctuations
PDSW03 27th June 2006 The random acceleration process, with applications to granular matter and polymers
LAA 27th June 2006 Patterns of compositional reasoning
PDSW03 27th June 2006 C Godreche The statistics of occupation times
PDSW03 27th June 2006 First-Passage problems in systems with many degrees of freedom
PDSW03 26th June 2006 Maximum of a brownian path, fluctuating interfaces and related problems
PDSW03 26th June 2006 Random processes generated by random permutations.
PDSW03 26th June 2006 First return time distribution for power law correlated Gaussian processes
PDSW03 26th June 2006 A nontrivial constant c=0.29795219028 in one and three dimensional random walks
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