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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-01-23
E.g., 2017-01-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
5th July 2004 P Sarnak Zeta functions and random matrix theory
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 A Gamburd Expander graphs, random matrices and quantum chaos
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 S Koyama The double Riemann zeta function
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 MR Zirnbauer Granular bosonization (or Fyodorov meets SUSY)
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 A Strombergsson Numerical computations with the trace formula and the selberg eigenvalue conjecture
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 W Luo Zeros of the derivative of a selberg zeta function
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 F Steiner The cosmic microwave background and the shape of the Universe
RMAW04 1st July 2004 J Toth Energy asymptotics for gaudin spin chains
RMAW04 1st July 2004 S Zelditch Complex zeros of real ergodic eigenfunctions
RMAW04 1st July 2004 D Jakobson On distribution of zeros of Heine-Stieltjes polynomials
RMAW04 1st July 2004 A Reznikov Subconvexity of L-functions and the uniqueness principle
RMAW04 1st July 2004 Z Rudnick A central limit theorem for the spectrum of the modular domain
RMAW04 30th June 2004 JP Keating Eigenfunction statistics for star graphs
RMAW04 30th June 2004 M Degli Esposti The triangle map: a model for quantum chaos
RMAW04 30th June 2004 A Eskin Classical dynamics of billiards in rational polygons
RMAW04 29th June 2004 S Müller Semiclassical foundation of universality in quantum chaos
RMAW04 29th June 2004 Y Petridis On the remiainder in weyl's law for heisenberg manifolds
RMAW04 29th June 2004 A Venkatesh Quantum chaos on locally symmetric spaces
SMC 29th June 2004 J Downs Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life Packaging of DNA and the problems it presents
RMAW04 29th June 2004 P Kurlberg On the distribution of matrix elements for the quantum cat map
SMC 29th June 2004 A Venkitaraman Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life TBA
RMAW04 29th June 2004 R Schubert Propagation of wavepackets for large times
SMC 29th June 2004 S Bell Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life The nuts and bolts of DNA replication
RMAW04 29th June 2004 M Sieber Semiclassical evidence for universal spectral correlations in quantum chaos
SMC 29th June 2004 R Laskey Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life Cancer and why DNA matters
RMAW04 28th June 2004 N Anantharaman The ``Quantum unique ergodicity" problem for anosov geodesic flows: an approach by entropy
RMAW04 28th June 2004 C Hughes On the number of lattice points in a thin annulus
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S Nonnenmacher Evolution and constrains on scarring for (perturbed) cat maps
RMAW04 28th June 2004 F Mezzadri Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S De Bievre Long time propagation of coherent states under perturbed cat map dynamics
RMAW04 28th June 2004 P Sarnak Quantum vesus classical fluctuations on the modular surface
RMA 24th June 2004 D Hejhal Multi-variate Gaussians for L-functions and applications to zeros
SMC 24th June 2004 P Ten Wolde & JM Paulsson Thinking about gene regulatory networks
SMC 23rd June 2004 K Dunker Intrinsic disorder and protein function
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 L Pearl Achieving specificity in regulated protein-protein interactions
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