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E.g., 2018-12-10
E.g., 2018-12-10
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
LAAW05 12th May 2006 E Giunchiglia State of the art in QBF reasoning, with emphasis on applications in FV
LAAW05 12th May 2006 A progressive approach to solving satisfiability modulo theories (SMT)
LAAW05 12th May 2006 S Cotton Satisfiability modulo theory chains with DPLL(T)
LAAW05 12th May 2006 Modelling with FO(ID); Solving with SAT
LAAW05 12th May 2006 On the use of automata for representing arithmetic constraints
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Reasoning about dynamic networks of counter systems
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Verifying properties of well-founded linked lists
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Y Naveh Constraint satisfaction for random stimuli generation
PDS 11th May 2006 Moving interfaces in complex matter
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Consequence generation, interpolants and invariant discovery
LAAW05 11th May 2006 P Abdullah Language inclusion for timed automata
LAAW05 11th May 2006 O Maler Controller synthesis with adversaries
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Time average games
LAAW05 11th May 2006 Linear constraints in probabilistic model checking
LAAW05 10th May 2006 Automatic refinement and vacuity detection for symbolic trajectory evaluation
LAAW05 10th May 2006 D Lugiez Symbolic constraint solving for cryptographic protocols
LAAW05 10th May 2006 Constraints in hardware verification: some industrial perspectives
LAAW05 10th May 2006 Logic verification challenges in system level design at Intel
LAAW05 9th May 2006 M Leconte State of the art in constraint programming solvers
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Enhancing software model checking with static program analysis
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Return of the JTMS: Preferences orchestrate conflict learning and solution synthesis
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Generalizing BDD trees using minimal and/or graphs
PDS 9th May 2006 Fluctuation theorems and the zero-range process
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Artifical Biochemistry
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Uniform + supercompilation = verification
LAAW05 9th May 2006 J Marques-Silva Towards more efficient SAT-based model checking
LAAW05 9th May 2006 K Namjoshi Incremental model checking
LAAW05 9th May 2006 D Kroening Model checking C++ programs that use the STL
LAAW05 9th May 2006 Bounded and unbounded model checking with SAT
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Proving termination of programs
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Polyhedral analysis of systems software
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Parameterized interfaces for open system verification of product lines
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Program verification by parametric abstraction and semi-definite programming
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Solving verification constraint problems with constraint programming
LAAW05 8th May 2006 Z Manna From verification conditions to constraints
LAA 5th May 2006 Confluent Markov chains
PDS 4th May 2006 Bethe ansatz solution of the asymmetric exclusion process
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