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E.g., 2018-06-20
E.g., 2018-06-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GMR 27th October 2005 Quantum geometry and space-time singularities
PFD 27th October 2005 Spatio-temporal dynamics in a phase-field model with phase-dependent heat absorption
GMR 26th October 2005 Discussions on recent developments in mathematical quantum gravity
GMR 25th October 2005 Uniqueness of the kinematical representation of loop quantum gravity
PFD 25th October 2005 Buckling of long, thin cylinders
24th October 2005 Pattern formation in coupled systems
GMR 24th October 2005 Discussions on recent developments in mathematical quantum gravity
GMR 21st October 2005 F Nicolo A global solution for a characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations with small initial data
GMR 21st October 2005 Energy conditions in quantum field theory
GMR 20th October 2005 Loop quantum cosmology
PFD 20th October 2005 A normal form for excitable media
GMR 19th October 2005 Comparison theory in Lorentzian geometry
GMR 19th October 2005 Introduction to algebraic quantum field theory in curved spacetime
GMR 18th October 2005 J Lewandowski Mathematical introduction to loop quantum gravity
PFD 18th October 2005 Stability of spatially periodic pulse patterns
GMR 17th October 2005 Second variation in general relativity
GMR 13th October 2005 On CMC foliations
PFD 13th October 2005 Sinai-Bunimovich space-time chaos in PDEs
GMRW08 12th October 2005 Minimal surfaces in singular constant curvature manifolds
GMRW08 12th October 2005 A geometric insight into BTZ multi black-holes
GMRW08 12th October 2005 Canonical Wick rotations in 3D gravity
GMRW08 12th October 2005 AdS geometry and Mess' work
GMR 11th October 2005 Barriers and CMC hypersurfaces
PFD 11th October 2005 On the convergence of travelling-front speeds as diffusion vanishes in reaction-diffusion equations with non-convex flux
GMR 10th October 2005 Complete Flat Lorentzian 3-Manifolds
GMR 7th October 2005 G Hall Sectional curvature and general relativity
GMR 6th October 2005 Einstein metrics on product spaces
PFD 6th October 2005 Cycling cycles: Dynamics near a heteroclinic network
GMR 4th October 2005 A gradient flow for the nonlinear sigma model at 1-loop: the physics of Perelman's entropy
GMRW07 3rd October 2005 K Skenderis Conserved charges and positivity of energy for asymptotically locally AdS spacetimes
GMRW07 3rd October 2005 The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for Poincare-Einstein metrics
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