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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-12-05
E.g., 2016-12-05
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Registration, Tea & Coffee
SNA 10th November 2016 Charlotte Deane Evaluating modules in molecular networks in light of annotation bias
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Klaas Slooten The likelihood ratio as a random variable, with applications to DNA mixtures and kinship analysis
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Peter Gill Challenges of reporting complex DNA mixtures in the court-room
SNA 10th November 2016 Albert Cardona The synapse-level wiring diagram of a center for learning and memory, the insect mushroom body
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Amke Caliebe Estimating trace-suspect match probabilities in forensics for singleton Y-STR haplotypes using coalescent theory
SNA 10th November 2016 Marta Zlatic Circuits principles of memory-based behavioral choice
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Mikkel Andersen Y Chromosomal STR Markers: Assessing Evidential Value
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Bernard Silverman Pre-Dinner Lecture: Forensic Science from the point of view of a Scientific Adviser to Government
SNA 9th November 2016 Vince Lyzinski Information Recovery in Shuffled Graphs via Graph Matching
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Torben Tvedebrink Inference platform for Ancestry Informative Markers
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Maarten Kruijver Modeling subpopulations in a forensic DNA database using a latent variable approach
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Jacob de Zoete Cell type determination and association with the DNA donor
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Therese Graversen An exact, efficient, and flexible representation of statistical models for DNA profiles
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Roberto Puch-Solis Evaluation of forensic DNA profiles while accounting for one and two repeat less and two repeat more stutters
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Keith Inman Complex DNA profile interpretation: stories from across the pond
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Norah Rudin Complex DNA profile interpretation: stories from across the pond
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Sue Pope Modelling the best evidence
FOSW03 8th November 2016 John Aston Inverting Entomological Growth Curves Using Functional Data Analysis
FOSW03 8th November 2016 William Thompson Elicitation of Priors in Bayesian Modeling of DNA Evidence
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Gabriel Vivó-Truyols Interpreting (chemical) forensic evidence in a Bayesian framework: a multidisciplinary task
FOSW03 7th November 2016 Daniel Ramos Measuring Performance of Likelihood-Ratio-Based Evidence Evaluation Methods
FOSW03 7th November 2016 Geoffrey Stewart Morrison What should a forensic scientist's likelihood ratio be?
FOSW03 7th November 2016 Gerd Gigerenzer Risk Literacy: How to Make Sense of Statistical Evidence
DLA 3rd November 2016 Gillian Raab Measures of Utility for Synthetic Data
SNA 3rd November 2016 Ayalvadi Ganesh Steiner trees in the stochastic mean-field model of distance
FOS 3rd November 2016 Sandy Zabell German Mathematicians and Cryptology during WWII
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Patrick Wolfe Open Discussion and Questions
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Ian Hall Emerging Disease Analysis: Preparedeness and Response
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Valerie Isham Epidemic Models and Networks: Informing Health Policy
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Alan Wilson Mathematical Models and Planning of Urban Infrastructure Networks
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Marcel Pooke Transport Modelling – Developing a Better Understanding of Short Lived Events
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Mark Johnson Local to Global – Policing and Criminal Networks
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Luca Maria Aiello Social Interaction Types: a Cautionary Tale for Network Scientists
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Arthur Lugtigheid Using Social Media Data to Predict Foodborne Illness: twitter Works for Norovirus but Where Next?'
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Kimmo Soramäki Stress Testing Financial Correlation Networks
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Giles Pavey Network Analysis in Retail
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Richard Gibbens Mathematical Modelling with Applications to Transport and Energy Networks
OFBW27 1st November 2016 Jane Leeks, I. David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DLA 31st October 2016 Mark Elliot Plan for the rest of the week
DLA 31st October 2016 Joerg Drechsler My View on the Key Research Questions for Synthetic Data
DLA 31st October 2016 Joshua Snoke Beond Microdata: Synthetic tweets
DLA 31st October 2016 Beata Nowok Challenges in generating and communicating synthetic data
DLA 31st October 2016 Gillian Raab Analysis methods and utility measures
DLA 31st October 2016 Mark Elliot GA Approaches to Synthetic data
DLA 31st October 2016 Peter Christen Generating realistic personal data for data linkage research
DLA 31st October 2016 Natalie Shlomo tba
DLA 31st October 2016 Christine O'Keefe Synthetic data - more questions than answers
DLA 31st October 2016 Anne-Sophie Charest tba
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