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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2014-11-27
E.g., 2014-11-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Kirkilionis Contributed Talk 5: Numerical Continuation of Equilibria of Cell Population Models with Internal Cell Cycle
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Ortiz Contributed Talk 4: Optimization-based tools for bacterial ecology design
UMCW04 27th November 2014 A Free Plenary Lecture 13: Variability and Alternative Community States in Microbial Communities
UMCW04 27th November 2014 J Prosser Plenary Lecture 12: The paradox of nitrification in acid soils and lessons for microbial community ecology
UMCW04 27th November 2014 R Kleerebezem Contributed Talk 3: Flux analysis in microbial ecosystems
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Barer Plenary Lecture 11: The good the bad and the irrelevant. Sequential analyses of the sputum microbiome in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Asally Plenary Lecture 10: tba
UMCW04 27th November 2014 N Krasnogor Plenary Lecture 9: Computation and Polymer Synthesis for Designer Quorum Sensing Behaviour
UMCW04 27th November 2014 A Pinto Plenary Lecture 8: Towards a predictive framework for microbial community dynamics in drinking water systems
UMCW04 27th November 2014 O Croze Contributed Talk 2: Long distance relationships between algae and bacteria
UMCW04 27th November 2014 G Hernandez-Raquet Plenary Lecture 7: Lignocellulose degradation by enriched microbial consortia from cow rumen and termite gut
UMCW04 27th November 2014 V de Lorenzo Plenary Lecture 6: Metabolic conflicts drive multi-scale organization of microbial activities
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
27th November 2014 BAE Systems
UMCW04 26th November 2014 JF Poyatos Contributed Talk 1: Synthetic microbial systems as ecosystems simulators
UMCW04 26th November 2014 B Smets Plenary Lecture 5: Engineering microbial community architecture to set community metabolism
UMCW04 26th November 2014 E Trably Plenary Lecture 4: Eco-engineering of fermentative microbial communities: the role of keystone species
UMCW04 26th November 2014 T Bell Plenary Lecture 3: Bacterial interactions in synthetic communities and in the wild
UMCW04 26th November 2014 K Foster Plenary Lecture 2: Cooperation and competition in microbial communities
SYR 26th November 2014 A McNeil Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 2: Implementation
UMCW04 26th November 2014 H Wang Plenary Lecture 1: Engineering syntrophic exchange in synthetic microbial communities
SYR 26th November 2014 A McNeil Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 1: Theory
UMC 25th November 2014 M Mobilia Spiralling patterns in models inspired by bacterial games with cyclic competition
UMC 25th November 2014 S Guptal The role of immune selection on the population structure of metabolic genes in pathogenic bacteria
SYR 24th November 2014 R May Systemic Risk in Ecological and Financial Systems: Early Warnings?
UMC 21st November 2014 D Nelson Life at High Reynolds Number
SYR 19th November 2014 J Bonart Instabilities in economic network models: Is perfect rationality dynamically stable?
SYR 19th November 2014 H Ku Option Replication and Valuation in Illiquid Markets
UMC 18th November 2014 D Greig Sexual signals between yeast cells
SYR 18th November 2014 PH Dybvig Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity: I
UMC 14th November 2014 S Cornell Modelling Macro Ecological Patterns: Neutral Theory and Beyond
UMC 13th November 2014 R Quinn Omics approaches reveal how chemistry governs the biology of cystic fibrosis lung infections
UMC 13th November 2014 I Klapper Why are there so few microbial species?
UMC 10th November 2014 C Murrell Understanding the structure and function of microbes involved in cycling of trace gases in the environment
UMC 6th November 2014 N Goldenfeld How microbial communities drove the evolution of the genetic code more than 3.8 billion years ago
UMC 6th November 2014 D Franco Controlling chaos in population models
SYR 6th November 2014 S Weber An Integrated Model of Systemic Risk in Financial Networks
SYR 5th November 2014 C Aymanns The dynamics of the leverage cycle
UMC 5th November 2014 W Shou Interaction driven spatial patterning in microbial communities
SYR 5th November 2014 S Weber Measures of Systemic Risk
UMC 5th November 2014 D Murray Energetic feedback on chromatin state defines a system-wide reset point
SYR 5th November 2014 S Weber Monetary Risk Measures - A Short Review
SYR 4th November 2014 F Vega-Redondo Epidemics in networks
SYR 4th November 2014 S Goyal Trading in networks
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