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E.g., 2018-11-20
E.g., 2018-11-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ICBW02 5th December 2001 Primitive streak initiation in early development
ICBW02 5th December 2001 M Holmes A simple mathematical model of cellular motion exhibiting chemotaxis
ITSW07 5th December 2001 Bispectral duality in quantum models of Ruisenaars-MacDonald type
ICBW02 5th December 2001 KJ Painter From local models of signalling to macroscopic modelling of movement
ITSW07 5th December 2001 B McCoy Loop symmetry in the 6 vertex model
ICBW02 5th December 2001 Cell signalling and transduction in angiogenesis: a "simple" model for the MAP kinase cascade in endothelial cells
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Superconductivity and charge density waves in a quasi-one-dimensional spin gap system
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Growth, curvature and patterns
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Pattern formation in higher organisms: mechanistic models of carnivore home range patterns
ITSW07 4th December 2001 G Watts TBA
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Phototactic bioconvection in two dimensions
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Janosi Bioconvection and bacterial ecology
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Tensor products of representations of quantum affine algebras
ICBW02 4th December 2001 In situ measurement of the diurnal phototactic behaviour of phototrophic bacteria in a lake
ICBW02 4th December 2001 A Manela & I Frankel Generalised Taylor dispersion in sheared suspensions of swimming micro-organisms
ICB 4th December 2001 Social insects working group: discussion of robustness
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Ordinary differential equations, integrable models and PT-Symmetric quantum mechanics
ICBW02 4th December 2001 A Roberts Is an intracellular gravity receptor required to explain gravitaxis in swimming micro-organisms?
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Mixing and feeding processes in choanoflagellates
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Solving the boundary XXZ chain at roots of unity
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Plumes in bacterial bioconvection
ICBW02 4th December 2001 Alga motility measured by laser tracking method
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Aspects of locality in the form factor programme
ICBW02 4th December 2001 A Swift-Hohenberg model for bioconvection
ITSW07 4th December 2001 Correlation functions of quantum integrable models
ICBW02 4th December 2001 J Kessler Individual and collective dynamics of swimming micro-organisms
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Travelling pulse patterns in chemotactic species
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 T Takebe An integrable system on the moduli space of monopoles and its variants
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Cellular slime mold modelled with discrete viscoelastic cells
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 V Kuznetsov Simultaneous separation for the Kowalevski and Goryachev-Chaplygin top
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 The control of differential chemotactic cell movement during dictyostelium morphogenesis
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Dynamics of group formation in collective motion of organisms
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 Elliptic quantum groups and solvable lattice models
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Travelling waves in a simple PZ model
ICB 3rd December 2001 Epidemiology working group
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Latest advances in modelling spatio-temporal pattern formation in plankton communities
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 Backlund transformation for the BC Toda lattice
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Non-stationary bacterial population wave propagation
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Chaos and order in plankton spatio-temporal dynamics
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 Alternating sign matrices, stochastic processes and c=0 conformal invariance
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Plankton blooms in chaotic flows
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Pattern formation in models of plankton-fish dynamics in a patchy and noisy environment
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 Boundary integrability and the Josephson current through a Luttinger liquid
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Foraging strategies for patchy environments
ITSW07 3rd December 2001 Exact results for self-avoiding loops and branched polymers
ICBW02 3rd December 2001 Patchiness in excitable systems with shear flows
ITSW06 30th November 2001 Algebraric integrability, bispectrality and Macdonald conjectures ROOM W142 IN THE SIR DAVID DAVIES BUILDING, LOUGHBROUGH UNIVERSITY
ITSW06 30th November 2001 A Matsuo Parafermion algebras and the monster ROOM W142 IN THE SIR DAVID DAVIES BUILDING, LOUGHBROUGH UNIVERSITY
ITSW06 30th November 2001 G Wilson Integrable systems and noncommutative projective geometry ROOM W142 IN THE SIR DAVID DAVIES BUILDING, LOUGHBROUGH UNIVERSITY
ITSW06 30th November 2001 P Etingof Symplectic reflection algebras and Coalogero-Moser systems ROOM W142 IN THE SIR DAVID DAVIES BUILDING, LOUGHBROUGH UNIVERSITY
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