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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-03-23
E.g., 2017-03-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MRT 4th August 2004 M Hesse Three tutorial lectures on collisionless reconnection Diffusion region physics
MRT 4th August 2004 G Hornig Three tutorial lectures on the basic concepts of reconnection (flux, reconnection versus dissipation, 3D reconnection)
MRT 3rd August 2004 J Birn Magnetosphere
MRT 3rd August 2004 T Forbes Flares/CMEs
MRT 3rd August 2004 J Drake Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection
MRT 3rd August 2004 E Priest Problems in MHD Reconnection ??
RMAW05 16th July 2004 G Molteni Bounds at s=1 for an axiomatic class of L-functions
RMAW05 16th July 2004 A Perelli The Selberg class of L-functions: non-linear twists
RMAW05 16th July 2004 N Snaith Ratios of zeta functions \& characteristic polynomials
RMAW05 16th July 2004 D Goldfeld Multiple Dirichlet series, an historical survey
RMAW05 16th July 2004 C David Vanishing of L-functions of elliptic curves over number fields
RMAW05 16th July 2004 M Zirnbauer Ratios of random characteristic polynomials from supersymmetry
RMAW05 16th July 2004 A Gamburd Applications of symmetric functions theory to random matrices
RMAW05 15th July 2004 S Gonek A new statistical model of the Riemann zeta function
RMAW05 15th July 2004 M Rubinstein Experiments in number theory \& random matrix theory
RMAW05 15th July 2004 A Nikeghbali Zeros of random polynomials \& linear combinations of random characteristic polynomials
RMAW05 15th July 2004 D Farmer The geometry of zeros
RMAW05 15th July 2004 F Rodriguez-Villegas Computing twisted central values of L-functions
RMAW05 14th July 2004 E Duenez Symmetry beyond root numbers: a GL(6) example (joint with S Miller)
RMAW05 14th July 2004 N Katz Random matrix theory \& life over finite fields
RMAW05 14th July 2004 D Ulmer Introduction to function fields
RMAW05 13th July 2004 H Lenstra Jr. Escher and the Droste effect
RMAW05 13th July 2004 J Keating Negative moments
RMAW05 13th July 2004 P Sarnak Perspectives on L functions and spectral theory
RMAW05 13th July 2004 A Booker Poles of L-functions \& the converse theorem
RMAW05 13th July 2004 K Soundararajan Extreme values \& moments of L-functions
RMAW05 13th July 2004 E Kowalski A survey of elliptic curves
RMAW05 12th July 2004 I Smolyarenko Parametric RMT, discrete symmetries, \& cross-correlations between zeros of L-functions
RMAW05 12th July 2004 D Bump Automorphic summation formulae and moments of zeta
RMAW05 12th July 2004 P Diaconis Testing random matrix theory vs the zeta zeros
RMAW05 12th July 2004 M Jutila The twelth moment of central values of Hecke series
RMAW05 12th July 2004 A Ivic On the moments of Hecke series at central points
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