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E.g., 2019-02-19
E.g., 2019-02-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
LAAW06 6th July 2006 Nested words and trees
LAAW06 5th July 2006 S Lasota Faster algorithm for bisimulation equivalence of normed context-free processes
LAAW06 5th July 2006 Finitary parity and streett games
LAAW06 5th July 2006 S Froschle When is secrecy decidable?
LAAW06 5th July 2006 Y Venema Coalgebra automata
LAAW06 5th July 2006 Games as an algorithmic construct
LAAW06 4th July 2006 Hypertree decompositions
LAAW06 4th July 2006 Backwards induction for games of infinite horizon
LAAW06 4th July 2006 Recursive concurrent stochastic games
LAAW06 4th July 2006 H Gimbert Positional stochastic games
LAAW06 4th July 2006 From discounting to parity games
LAAW06 4th July 2006 Stable partitions in coalition games
LAAW06 4th July 2006 Mechanism design
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 On size versus number of variables
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 Solving fixpoint equations in omega-continuous semirings: Some ideas and many questions
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 On distributed synthesis of discrete systems
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 A hierachy of automatically presentable omega-words having a decidable MSO theory
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 M Samuelides Pebble tree-walking automata
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 T Colcombet Ramseyan factorisation for trees
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 Are parity games spineless?
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 Towards the Wadge hierarchy of weak alternating tree automata
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 Game quantification on automatic structures and hierarchical games
LAAW06 3rd July 2006 Dynamic-epistemic logic of games
PDSW03 30th June 2006 S Redner On the role of global warming on the statistics of record-breaking temperatures
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Effects of the low frequencies of noise on On--Off intermittency
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Earthquake recurrence as a record breaking process
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Relation between global fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems and Gumbel statistics
PDSW03 30th June 2006 Optimal search strategies for hidden targets
PDSW03 30th June 2006 J-P Bouchaud Extreme value problems in random matrix theory, spin glasses and directed polymers
PDSW03 29th June 2006 One-species diffusion-limited reactions on the Bethe lattice
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