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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-08-17
E.g., 2017-08-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MSI 7th December 2004 N Kevlahan RDT of near-wall turbulence
QIS 7th December 2004 L Kauffman Spin networks and anyonic topological quantum computing
MSI 7th December 2004 B Kerr Non-linear models
MSI 7th December 2004 S Chernyshenko Near-wall structures
MSI 7th December 2004 P Haynes Shear barriers
MSIW05 6th December 2004 A Shukurov Magnetic fields in galaxies
MSIW05 6th December 2004 PS Cally Magneto-shear instabilities in stars
MSIW05 6th December 2004 JH Thomas The strange properties of sunspots
MSIW05 6th December 2004 DO Gough Helioseismology and the rotation of the sun
MSIW05 6th December 2004 SC Cowley Plasmas in the laboratory and in astrophysics
MSI 2nd December 2004 NO Weiss Modulation of cyclic activity in the Sun
QIS 2nd December 2004 P Horodecki Quantum states and quantum channels
MSI 2nd December 2004 J Beer Long-term solar variability derived from cosmogenic radionuclides
QIS 1st December 2004 H Briegel Entanglement and decoherence in semi-quantal gases
QIS 30th November 2004 D Gottesman High fidelity to low weight
MSI 30th November 2004 A Ferriz Mas Some comments on the use of Chandrasekhar's adiabatic exponents in compressible hydrodynamics
MSI 25th November 2004 P Diamond Transport barriers
MSI 23rd November 2004 N Guicciardini The role of mathematics in Newton's natural philosophy
QIS 23rd November 2004 M Shirokov The Holevo capacity of infinite dimensional channels and the additivity problem
MSI 23rd November 2004 D Hughes Aspects of mean field dynamo theory
22nd November 2004 CH Bennett Information is quantum
QISW04 19th November 2004 M Ozawa Universal uncertainty principle
QISW04 19th November 2004 F Buscemi Repeatable measurements without eigenstates
QISW04 19th November 2004 E Loubenets Class of quantum states satisfying the original Bell inequality
QISW04 19th November 2004 J-A Larsson The Bell inequality and the coincidence time loophole
QISW04 18th November 2004 M Ballester Estimation of SU(d) using entanglement the d $>$ 2 case
QISW04 18th November 2004 Z Hradil Maximum likelihood methods in quantum mechanics
QISW04 18th November 2004 Y Tsuda Quantum estimation for non-differentiable models
QISW04 18th November 2004 F De Martini Optimal realisation of non-unitary maps for quantum information
QISW04 18th November 2004 A Fujiwara Differential geometry of quantum channel estimation
MSI 18th November 2004 PS Cally Acoustics of surface magnetic fields
QISW04 17th November 2004 M Guta On the relation between information and disturbance in quantum measurements
QISW04 17th November 2004 M Keyl Quantum state estimation and large deviations
QISW04 17th November 2004 D Petz Sufficiency in quantum statistical inference
QISW04 17th November 2004 P Jupp Some aspects of quantum statistical inference
QISW04 16th November 2004 M Sacchi Quantum measurements that maximise the likelihood and optimal reference frame transmission
QISW04 16th November 2004 M Hayashi Asymptotic theory of quantum estimation
QISW04 16th November 2004 S Ghosh State estimation on a circle
QISW04 16th November 2004 R Munoz-Tapia Estimation of qubit mixed states with local measurements
QISW04 16th November 2004 E Bagan Optimal qubit mixed state estimation
MSI 16th November 2004 AR Choudhuri The solar dynamo as a model of the solar cycle
QISW04 15th November 2004 M Owari Local copying of orthogonal maximally entangled states and its relationship to local discrimination
QISW04 15th November 2004 LM Artiles Efficient minimax rates for Wigner function estimation from quantum homodyne tomography data
QISW04 15th November 2004 G Chiribella Extremel covariant POVM's
QISW04 15th November 2004 M D'Ariano On convex structures of states, POVM's and channels, and their mutual relations
MSIW03 12th November 2004 R Rosner What have we learnt? Where do we go from here?
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