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E.g., 2018-09-19
E.g., 2018-09-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 Complete axiomatisation for PDLpath
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 S Szeider On the clique-width of graphs
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 Database normalization revisited: an information-theoretic approach
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 Automatic verification of communicating data-aware web services
2nd March 2006 Staff Meeting
PDS 2nd March 2006 Stationary results on condensation in two-component zero-range processes
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 Ontology mediated data management
LAAW02 2nd March 2006 The complexity of processing data streams and external memory data I
LAAW02 1st March 2006 Pebble tree walking automata and TC-logics on trees
PDS 1st March 2006 S Ciliberto Fluctuations in out of equilibrium systems
LAAW02 1st March 2006 BPQL - A query language for business processes
LAAW02 1st March 2006 Queries on tree-structured data: Logical languages and complexity
LAAW02 28th February 2006 A normal form for singulary logic over physically realizable data models
LAAW02 28th February 2006 M Katz Approximation logic and databases
LAAW02 28th February 2006 Context logic and tree update
LAAW02 28th February 2006 Foundations of Schema mappings II
LAAW02 28th February 2006 Probabilities in databases and in logics II
PDS 28th February 2006 Phase transitions and scaling laws in step bunching on vicinal surfaces
LAAW02 28th February 2006 Computational problems of data exchange
LAAW02 28th February 2006 Cardinality-based semantics for consistent query answering: incremental and parameterized complexity
LAAW02 27th February 2006 XPath with transitive closure
LAAW02 27th February 2006 Concentration bounds for Markov processes of metafinite models
LAAW02 27th February 2006 V Sazonov Querying hyperset/web-like databases
LAAW02 27th February 2006 Foundations of Schema mappings I
LAAW02 27th February 2006 Probabilities in databases and in logics I
LAAW02 27th February 2006 The automaton approach to XML schema languages: from practice to theory
LAA 24th February 2006 Complete problems for higher order logics
LAA 23rd February 2006 Beyond Hypertee Width: Decomposition methods without decompositions
PDS 23rd February 2006 Overview of kinetically constrained models of glass-formers
LAA 22nd February 2006 Syntactic vs. semantic approximations to logics that capture complexity classes
PDS 22nd February 2006 Condensation and coarsening of step bunches
LAA 21st February 2006 Biological systems as reactive systems
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