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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-08-30
E.g., 2016-08-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Natalia Bochkina Selection of the Regularization Parameter in Graphical Models using Network Characteristics
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Diana Cai Edge-exchangeable graphs, sparsity, and power laws
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Benjamin Bloem-Reddy Random walk models of networks: modeling and inferring complex dependence
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Mike West Bayesian dynamic modelling of network flows
SNAW05 27th July 2016 Gesine Reinert Estimating the number of communities in a network
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Daniel Roy From Graphon to Graphex: Models and Estimators for Sparse Networks using Exchangeable Random Measures
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Yee Whye Teh Bayesian Hierarchical Community Discovery
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Tyler McCormick Multiresolution network models
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Konstantina Palla A Bayesian nonparametric model for sparse dynamic networks
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Brendan Murphy Latent Space Stochastic Block Model for Social Networks
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Simon Lunagomez Network Models with Dynamic Vertex Sets
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Pierre Latouche Goodness of fit of logistic models for random graphs
SNAW05 26th July 2016 Adrian Raftery Interlocking directorates in Irish companies using bipartite networks: a latent space approach
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Nial Friel Optimal Bayes estimators for block models
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Lise Getoor Statistical Relational Learning: Review and Recent Advances
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Cameron Freer Exchangeable constructions of countable structures
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Harry Crane Edge exchangeability: a new foundation for modeling network data
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Sergio Bacallado Bayesian sequential design in matrix factorisation models
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Alisa Kirichenko Function estimation on large graphs with missing data
SNAW05 25th July 2016 Peter Hoff Bayesian Methods for Networks
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Purna Sarkar Convex Relaxation for Community Detection with Covariates
SNAW01 15th July 2016 David Choi Co-clustering of non-smooth graphons
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Carey Priebe Repeated Motif Hierarchical Stochastic Blockmodels
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Karl Rohe Network driven sampling; a critical threshold for design effects
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Harrison Zhou Some optimality results in network analysis and beyond
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Cristopher Moore Information-theoretic bounds and phase transitions in community detection and high-dimensional clustering
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Nial Friel Properties of Latent Variable Network Models
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Catherine Matias Statistical issues in the stochastic block model
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Mike Steele Twitter Event Networks and Surgery Constructions
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Nelly Litvak Ranking algorithms on directed configuration networks
SNAW01 15th July 2016 Peter Morters Spatial preferential attachment networks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Mason Porter Multilayer Networks and Applications
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Tiago Peixoto Efficient Bayesian inference of multi-scale network structures
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Ginestra Bianconi Message passing theory for percolation models on multiplex networks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Alexandre Arenas The physics of spreading processes in multilayer networks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Mitya Chklovskii Natural neural networks: structure, dynamics and computation
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Thomas Nichols Modelling Large- and Small-Scale Brain Networks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Bin Yu Artificial neurons meet real neurons: pattern selectivity in V4 via deep learning
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Peter Bickel Fitting block models with covariates:”Likelihood” methods ,sparsity and selection of the number of blocks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Elizaveta Levina Estimating network edge probabilities by neighborhood smoothing
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Sofia Olhede Nonparametrics for networks
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Patrick Wolfe tba
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Arash Amini Matched bipartite block model with covariates
SNAW01 14th July 2016 Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya Spectral Clustering for Dynamic Stochastic Block Model
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Alfred Hero Continuum limits for minimal paths
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Mark Newman Contact networks and the spread of epidemic disease
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Vincent Tassion Sharpness of the phase transition for Voronoi percolation in $\mathbb R^d$
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Paul Neville Balister Barrier coverage in thin strips
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Svante Janson Graph limits and entropy
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Fabio Martinelli Bootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained spin models: critical lengths and mixing time scales
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