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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-07-04
E.g., 2015-07-04
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PEP 11th June 2015 V Zhikov Compactness principles and convergence of spectra in double-porosity models
11th June 2015 C Doran Real-time Graphics and the Challenge of Photorealism
11th June 2015 C Kirisits Optical Flow on Moving Manifolds
11th June 2015 A Hilton 4D Dynamic Surface Measurement
11th June 2015 A Almansa Video Inpainting, Challenges & Perspectives in Probabilistic Modelling of Natural Images and Videos
11th June 2015 P Arias An Empirical Bayesian Method for Video Denoising
11th June 2015 M Paluri Feature Learning from Videos
11th June 2015 A Fitzgibbon 3D Vision in a Changing World
10th June 2015 Panel Discussion
10th June 2015 D Marshall CCTV Surveillance and Sports Video Analysis
10th June 2015 J Lazic Image Processing and Computer Vision with MATLAB and Simulink
PEP 10th June 2015 V Tchoulaevski Anderson localization in a multi-dimensional deterministic disorder I
10th June 2015 A Wallace Video Tracking using Profile Guided Dataflow Transformation
10th June 2015 A Criminisi Decision Forests and Jungles for Visual Recognition
PEP 10th June 2015 P Kuchment The nodal count mystery
10th June 2015 X-C Tai Continuous Max-flow and Global Minimisation for Classification of High Dimensional Data
10th June 2015 B Plemmons Surveillance using Hyperspectral, LiDAR and Spectro-Polarimetric Data
10th June 2015 E Hancock Efficiently Processing Graph-Based Representations of Images and Objects
10th June 2015 B Boghossian The Challenges of Effective Video Analytics Solution Deployment
10th June 2015 S Mukherjee Deep Head Pose: Prediction of Intent for Tracking and Human Interaction Recognition in Real-time
10th June 2015 A Wright Video Analytics and Information Extraction
9th June 2015 Panel Discussion
9th June 2015 E Somersalo Visualisation and Analysis of Dynamic Electromagnetic Brain Activity based on MEG Measurements
9th June 2015 R Prager & N Nguyen Pixel-based Beamforming for Ultrasonic Imaging
9th June 2015 M Pereyra Bayesian Selection of Regularisation Parameters: Theory, Methods and Algorithms
9th June 2015 J Modersitzki Image Registration, Data Fusion, Motion Correction
9th June 2015 X Cai & P Häusser & F Lucka & J Spencer & J Stühmer Next Generation Researchers - Elevator Pitches
9th June 2015 S Arridge Dynamic PhotoAcoustic Tomography
9th June 2015 M Benning Dynamic Imaging from Incomplete Data - Applications in MRI and PET
9th June 2015 K Bredies Reconstructing Highly Accelerated Dynamic MR Data using Spatio-Temporal ICTGV Regularisation
9th June 2015 P Mountney Medical Imaging Challenges
9th June 2015 J Toland & J Leeks & C Schönlieb Welcome & Introduction
8th June 2015 Dynamic Imaging Data - TGM Event
PEP 4th June 2015 F Klopp Stark-Wannier ladders and cubic exponential sums
PEP 3rd June 2015 N Filonov Uniqueness of the Leray-Hopf solution for a dyadic model
PEP 3rd June 2015 A Nota Derivation of the Fick's law for the Lorentz model in a low density regime
PEP 27th May 2015 S Molchanov Density of states and Lyapunov exponent in the heavy tail potentials
PEP 20th May 2015 V Jaksic Jacobi Matrices and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
PEP 20th May 2015 J Schenker Dissipative Transport in the Localization Regime
13th May 2015 E Maskin Choice under Uncertainty
PEP 13th May 2015 R Kiwan How to Place an Obstacle so as to Optimize the Dirichlet Eigenvalues in $\R^2$.
PEP 13th May 2015 V Jaksic Conductance and absolutely continuous spectrum of 1D samples
13th May 2015 P Dasgupta Malnutrition and Poverty Traps
12th May 2015 M Harris Mathematics without Apologies
PEP 11th May 2015 L Pastur Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Disordered systems and related spectra
PEP 7th May 2015 I Krasovsky Asymptotic behaviour of a sine-kernel determinant in the theory of the log-gas and random matrices
6th May 2015 P Dasgupta Assessing Performance and Evaluating Policy
6th May 2015 E Maskin Game Theoretic Equilibrium
PEP 6th May 2015 B Helffer Magnetic wells in dimension two and three
29th April 2015 E Maskin The Example of Money
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