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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-04-26
E.g., 2017-04-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MSIW01 14th September 2004 NEL Haugen Numerical simulations of small scale dynamo activity; spectra and critical magnetic Reynolds numbers
MSIW01 14th September 2004 MJ Thompson Internal rotation of the Sun I: Results from helioseismology
MSIW01 14th September 2004 F Cattaneo Small-scale dynamos II
QIS 14th September 2004 G Vidal Entanglement in spin systems
MSIW01 14th September 2004 A Brandenburg Catastrophic alpha quenching alleviated by helicity flux and shear
MSIW01 14th September 2004 R Cameron Photospheric MHD simulations of solar pores
MSIW01 14th September 2004 HC Spruit Magnetohydrodynamics of stably stratified stars
MSIW01 13th September 2004 AG Kosovichev Helioseismic observations of magnetohydrodynamics of the solar interior
MSIW01 13th September 2004 F Cattaneo Small-scale dynamos I
MSIW01 13th September 2004 JH Thomas Sunspots II
MSIW01 13th September 2004 NH Brummell What is a magnetic flux tube?
MSIW01 13th September 2004 F Moreno-Insertis Emergence of magnetic flux into the solar atmosphere: three dimensional experiments
MSIW01 13th September 2004 GB Scharmer Fine structure of solar magnetic fields
MSIW01 10th September 2004 AC Birch Forward modeling for local helioseismology
QISW03 10th September 2004 CH Bennett Unlocking of a quantum channel's forward classical capacity by classical communication
MSIW01 10th September 2004 JH Thomas Sunspots I
QISW03 10th September 2004 A Winter Distillation of secret key and entanglement from quantum states
QISW03 10th September 2004 N Lutkenhaus Quantum correlations in quantum cryptology
QISW03 10th September 2004 M Horodecki Locking of entanglement
MSIW01 10th September 2004 LW Hartmann Young stars II
MSIW01 10th September 2004 A Nordlund Current status of facular region and sunspot models
MSIW01 10th September 2004 PJ Bushby Modelling photospheric magnetoconvection in the weak field regime
MSIW01 10th September 2004 MRE Proctor Magnetoconvection II
MSIW01 9th September 2004 F Rincon Large scale simulations of compressible convection
MSIW01 9th September 2004 PC Matthews Localised states in magnetoconvection
QISW03 9th September 2004 PROSECCO meeting (joint with RESQ)
MSIW01 9th September 2004 LW Hartmann Young stars I
QISW03 9th September 2004 D Leung Applications of quantum universal composability theorem
QISW03 9th September 2004 S Massar Experimental quantum bit string generation
QISW03 9th September 2004 L Hardy Cheat sensitive bit commitment
MSIW01 9th September 2004 MRE Proctor Magnetoconvection I
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