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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-12-15
E.g., 2017-12-15
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PFDW01 1st August 2005 G Ahlers Experimental illustrations of pattern-forming phenomena: Examples from Rayleigh-Benard and electro convection
PFDW01 1st August 2005 M Cross Spatially extended pattern formation 1: Stripe patterns I - basic ideas and amplitude equations
PFDW01 1st August 2005 P Matthews Introductory Lecture 2: Review of dynamical systems concepts
PFDW01 1st August 2005 A Rucklidge Introductory Lecture 1: Pattern forming systems
DQF 19th July 2005 P Mykland Volatility and options hedging
DQF 19th July 2005 A Lim An alternative formulation of the robust portfolio selection problem
MAAW03 15th July 2005 A Gabrielov Betti numbers of definable sets
MAAW03 15th July 2005 TW Scanlon Additive groups
DQF 15th July 2005 L Zhang Estimating volatility with noisy high frequency data
MAAW03 15th July 2005 F Pop Elementary equivalence vs isomorphism over large fields
DQF 15th July 2005 W Tian Default and capital structure with equity-linked debt securities
MAAW03 15th July 2005 FO Wagner Small profinite groups
MAAW03 15th July 2005 Z Chatzidakis Model theory of difference fields and some remarks on Galois groups
MAAW03 14th July 2005 L Lipshitz Overconvergent real closed quantifier elimination
MAAW03 14th July 2005 Z Robinson Analytic Denef-Pas cell decomposition
MAAW03 14th July 2005 S Starchenko On the topological degree of functions definable in o-minimal structures
DQF 14th July 2005 M Dempster Dynamic correlation intensity modelling for portfolio credit risk
MAAW03 14th July 2005 N Vorobjov Homotopy types of fibres of pfaffian maps
MAAW03 14th July 2005 F Cano Non-oscillating trajectories of vector fields and Zariski's local uniformization
MAAW03 13th July 2005 J Gordon An application of motivic integration to representations of p-adic groups
MAAW03 13th July 2005 J Denef Orbital integrals for linear groups
MAAW03 13th July 2005 B Poonen Uniform first order definitions in finitely generated fields
MAAW03 12th July 2005 E Jaligot Groups of finite Morley rank and genericity
DQF 12th July 2005 A Cherny Pricing, optimality and equilibrium based on coherent risk measures
MAAW03 12th July 2005 K Tent On the number and shape of asymptotic cones of semialgebraic groups
MAAW03 12th July 2005 M Otero Aspects of the algebraic structure of groups definable in o-minimal structures
MAAW03 12th July 2005 R Moosa Strongly minimial groups in the theory of compact complex spaces
MAAW03 12th July 2005 D Roessler Two applications of automatic uniformity
MAAW03 12th July 2005 R Pink A common generalisation of the conjectures of Andre-Oort, Manin-Mumford and Mordell-Lang
MAAW03 11th July 2005 M Aschenbrenner Solving linear differential equations over H-fields
MAAW03 11th July 2005 J-P Rolin Quasi-analytic solutions of differential equations and o-minimal structures
MAAW03 11th July 2005 J-M Lion The Haefliger theorem for foliations and o-minimal structures
MAAW03 11th July 2005 E Hrushovski Definable groups over valued fields
MAAW03 11th July 2005 L van den Dries Asymptotic differential algebra and H-fields
DQFW02 8th July 2005 S Ross A neoclassical look at behavioural finance
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