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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-04-29
E.g., 2017-04-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
QISW01 27th August 2004 A Winter Generic behaviour in quantum information theory: applications of the concentration of measure phenomenon
QISW01 27th August 2004 S Lloyd Quantum computation and quantum gravity
QISW01 27th August 2004 AS Kholevo Additivity problem: an overview
QISW01 27th August 2004 B Reznik Vacuum entanglement
QISW01 26th August 2004 N Linden A new inequality for the von Neuman entropy
QISW01 26th August 2004 S Massar Provably secure experimental quantum bit string generation
QISW01 26th August 2004 A Kent Remarks on mistrustful quantum and relativistic cryptography
QISW01 26th August 2004 N Gisin Simulation of singlet correlation without any communication, but using a weaker resource: a "non-local machine"
QISW01 26th August 2004 HK Lo Decoy state quantum key distribution
QISW01 26th August 2004 A Acin Quantum and secret correlations
QISW01 25th August 2004 P Knight Entanglement and decoherence in coined quantum walks
QISW01 25th August 2004 N Cerf Proposal for a loophole-free Bell test using homodyne detection
QISW01 25th August 2004 MB Plenio Entanglement \& area
QISW01 24th August 2004 R Laflamme NMR quantum information processing
QISW01 24th August 2004 M Mosca Quantum algorithms and phase estimation
QISW01 24th August 2004 J Kempe The complexity of local Hamiltonians
QISW01 24th August 2004 H Buhrman Robust polynomials and quantum algorithms
QISW01 23rd August 2004 L Vaidman Quantum versus classical, qubits versus bits
QISW01 23rd August 2004 F Verstraete Quantum spin chains from the perspective of quantum information theory
QISW01 23rd August 2004 J Oppenheim Secure key from bound entanglement
QISW01 23rd August 2004 JI Latorre Entanglement loss along renormalization group flows
QISW01 23rd August 2004 W Wootters Picturing qubits in phase space
MRT 20th August 2004 K Galsgaard Reconnection in flux emergence
MRT 20th August 2004 J Buchner Consequences of LHDI for three-dimensional collisionless reconnection through thin current sheets
QIS 19th August 2004 M Ben-Or Fast quantum Byzantine agreement
MRT 19th August 2004 M Shay Three species collisionless reconnection: Effect of O+ on magnetotail reconnection
MRT 19th August 2004 A Bhattacharjee Reconnection: Geometry \& dynamics
QIS 18th August 2004 WK Wootters Quantum measurements and finite geometry
MRT 18th August 2004 L Fletcher Fast particles in solar flares: the view from RHESSI
MRT 18th August 2004 S Titov Structure, equilibrium and pinching of coronal magnetic fields
MRT 17th August 2004 M Freeman Remote sensing of reconnection rates in the Magnetosphere
MRT 17th August 2004 D Pontin Analytical and numerical models of field line behaviour in 3D reconnection
MRT 16th August 2004 M Linton Three-dimensional MHD reconnection of magnetic flux tubes
MRT 16th August 2004 D Longcope Observations of coronal loops formed by separator reconnection to an emerging active region
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