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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-12-06
E.g., 2016-12-06
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Panel Discussion and Questions
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Mark Elliot The Future of Data (Privacy)
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Bettina Berendt Choice and Decision Making for Data Subjects Empowerment
OFBW31 6th December 2016 David Alexander Personal Data Stores the Route to Data Independence, Portability, Trust and Seamless Services
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Richard Gomer The Science and Practice of Consent
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Session Questions
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Richard Pinch A Calculus of Privacy?
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Alberto Polleri End User Perspective: Personal Finance
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Malcolm Oswald Engaging Citizens in Questions of Health and Data Privacy
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Lizzie Coles-Kemp Privacy Research: Walking a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes
FOS 6th December 2016 Jacob de Zoete Bayesian networks for the evaluation of evidence when attributing paintings to painters
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Kieron O'Hara Keynote Talk: The Dance of the Seven Veils: Privacy and its Discourses
OFBW31 6th December 2016 Mark Elliot, Jane Leeks, I. David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Facilitated Panel Discussion and Questions
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Tea and Coffee Break
OFBW30 5th December 2016 James Robards Automated Zone Design as an Aid to Effective Anonymisation
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Josep Domingo-Ferrer Directions in Big Data Anonymisation
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Robin Mitra Synthetic Data as a Method for Protecting Confidentiality
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Hiroaki Kikuchi Data Anonymisation and Quantifying Risk Competition
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Session questions
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Kelly Mewes New Life for Old Data: An Overview of the Clinical Trial Data Sharing Environment
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Paul Abreu GB Smart Meter Programme - Network Operator Use of Electricity Consumption Data
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Jason McFall Privacy Risks and Solutions in Financial Services and Telco
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Brendan Ludden Transport and Data: Privacy by Design
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Christine O'Keefe Anonymisation and the Five Safes
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Elaine Mackey The Anonymisation Decision Making Framework
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Mark Elliot Anonymisation Risk and Privacy
OFBW30 5th December 2016 Robin Mitra, Jane Leeks, I. David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DLA 2nd December 2016 Jordi Soria-Comas Topics in differential privacy: optimal noise and record perturbation baseddata sets
DLA 1st December 2016 Atikur Khan A Risk-Utility Balancing Approach to Generate Synthetic Microdata
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Session 3: Chaired by Cheryl Thomas (University College London). Questions and Discussions
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Lord Justice Kitchin The Relationship between Statistics and the Law - a Judicial Perspective
DLA 1st December 2016 Joerg Drechsler Strategies to facilitate access to detailed geocoding information based on synthetic data
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Keith Inman Validation of Probabilistic Genotyping Software for Complex DNA samples: The Promulgation of Industry Standards
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Paul Roberts Educating Lawyers and Forensic Scientists about Probability and Statistics
SNA 1st December 2016 Simon Lunagomez Valid inference from non-ignorable network sampling mechanisms
OFBW29 1st December 2016 James Luck Challenges and Opportunities for Statistics in Digital Forensics
OFBW29 1st December 2016 David Lagnado Using Bayes Nets for Reasoning with Evidence: Real Life Examples
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Marjan Sjerps The Use of Forensic Databases in Forensic Casework
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Richard Gill Serial Killer Nurses: Is there an Epidemic?
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Gerd Gigerenzer Popular Understanding of Statistics and its Impacts on the Law
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Norman Fenton Overview of the Programme: Outreach and Accomplishments
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
DLA 30th November 2016 Cynthia Dwork Rothschild Lecture: The Promise of Differential Privacy
SNA 24th November 2016 Mohamed-Ali Belabbas The geometry of optimal experiment design for vector-valued Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes.
DLA 22nd November 2016 Thomas Steinke Generalisation for Adaptive Data Analysis
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