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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-12-06
E.g., 2016-12-06
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SMC 27th May 2004 D Odde Modeling microtubule self-assembly dynamics during mitosis
SMC 25th May 2004 II Potemkin Adsorbed comb-like copolymers as a tool for molecular walkers
SMC 21st May 2004 P Sens Modelling lipid rafts: size, shape, and possible involvement in membrane mechano-sensitivity
RMAW03 21st May 2004 J Reffy Asymptotics of Haar unitaries and their truncation
RMAW03 21st May 2004 K Johansson Universality of distributions from random matrix theory
SMC 21st May 2004 HS Chan Cooperativity principles in protein folding: experimental criteria and interacition nonadditivity
RMAW03 21st May 2004 T Imamura Fluctuations of the 1D polynuclear growth model with external sources
RMAW01 21st May 2004 Y Fyodorov Complexity of random energy landscapes, glass transition and absolute value of spectral determinant of random matrices
RMAW03 21st May 2004 Y Doumerc Exit problems associated with finite reflection groups
RMAW03 20th May 2004 J Warren Dyson's Brownian motion, interlacing and intertwining
RMAW03 20th May 2004 M Stolz Examples of dual pairs in random matrix theory
SMC 20th May 2004 S Mayor & M Rao Active lipid-based organisation on living cell surfaces
RMAW03 20th May 2004 D Petz Free transportation cost inequalities via random matrix approximation
RMAW03 20th May 2004 R Hudson Some noncommutative central limit theorums
SMC 20th May 2004 P Olmsted Shape transformations in phase separated membranes
RMAW03 20th May 2004 C Donati-Martin Some properties of Wishart processes
SMC 19th May 2004 R Lipowsky Domains in membranes and vesicles
SMC 19th May 2004 P Beales & V Gordon Phase separation in binary lipid vesicles
SMC 19th May 2004 S Keller Immiscible liquid phases in lipid membranes containing cholesterol
RMAW03 19th May 2004 O Zeitouni Central limit theorums for traces - a combinatorial and concentration approach
SMC 19th May 2004 T Harder From nano-scale cluster to functional platform: lipid raft domains in cell membranes
RMAW03 19th May 2004 B Collins Integration over classical compact groups with applications to free probability and matrix integrals
RMAW01 18th May 2004 M Zirnbauer Granular Bosanization
RMAW01 18th May 2004 H Widom Differencial equations for Dyson processes
SMC 18th May 2004 A Mogilner Self-organisation of microtubule asters
RMAW03 18th May 2004 B Khuruzhenko Moments of spectral determinants of random complex matrices
RMAW03 18th May 2004 F Goetze Asymptotic spectral approximations
RMAW03 18th May 2004 P Biane Brownian motion in a Weyl chamber and GUE
SMC 17th May 2004 S Egelhaaf Micelle-vesicle transitions in lecithin-bile salt mixtures
RMA 13th May 2004 B Khoruzhenko Random determinants and eigenvalue distributions in the complex plane
SMC 13th May 2004 A Frischknecht Molecular theory of lipid bilayers
SMC 12th May 2004 A Baumgaertner A simulation of membrane proteins
RMA 11th May 2004 K Farahmand Random polynomials
SMC 11th May 2004 RH Colby Reversible aggregation of albumin
SMC 6th May 2004 S Mayor & M Rao Dynamics of intracellular membrane traffic: interacting active networks
SMC 5th May 2004 H Flyvberg Cell motility as persistent random motion-``revisited"
SMC 4th May 2004 H Flyvbjerg Kinetics of self-assembling microtubules: an ``inverse problem" in biochemistry
RMA 29th April 2004 J Harnad Max integrals as isomonodromic tau functi
SMCW05 29th April 2004 C Calladine Mechanics of interfaces in alpha-helical super-coils
RMA 29th April 2004 M Zirnbauer From random matrices to supermanifolds
SMCW05 29th April 2004 H Shanahan DNA binding sites
SMCW05 29th April 2004 R Goldstein Modelling molecular evolution: Gprotein Coupled Receptors
SMCW05 29th April 2004 B Blackburne Minimalist protein models and evolution
SMCW05 28th April 2004 D Jones Prediction of native disorder in proteins
SMCW05 28th April 2004 M Madera Comparisons of sequence profiles
SMCW05 28th April 2004 M de Pristo Rapper
SMCW05 28th April 2004 V Chelliah Identification of interacting sites in protein families
SMCW05 28th April 2004 WR Taylor Folds, knots and tangles
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