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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-07-01
E.g., 2015-07-01
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ICB 12th November 2001 Immunology workshop
ICB 9th November 2001 Ecology workshop
ITS 7th November 2001 V Sokolov Compatible Lie brackets and integrable $\sigma$-models
ICB 6th November 2001 P Rohani Epidemiology tutorial
ITS 5th November 2001 A Kapaev Quasi-linear Stokes phenomenon for the second Painlev\'e transcendent
ICB 5th November 2001 Immunology workshop
ICB 2nd November 2001 Informal talks
ICB 1st November 2001 TBA TBA
ICB 31st October 2001 Informal talks
ITS 31st October 2001 S Tsarev Explicit integration of classical series of exponential systems using the approach of Darboux-Moutard-Goursat
ICB 30th October 2001 M Louis Modelling the molecular mechanism of sex determination in Drosophila melanogaster
29th October 2001 H Othmer Mathematical and computational challenges posed by models of biological systems
ITS 29th October 2001 KM Tamizhmani Differential-difference KP equation: solutions through Sato approach
ICB 29th October 2001 Welcome discussion
ITS 24th October 2001 J Gibbons Solution methods for Benney's equations
ICB 23rd October 2001 F Sanchez-Garduno Growth, curvature and pattern formation
ICB 23rd October 2001 K Painter Molecular evolution of brain tumours
ICB 23rd October 2001 S Panfilov Discussion group on computational cardiology
ICB 22nd October 2001 E Geigant Bifurcation analysis of an orientational aggregation model
ITS 22nd October 2001 V Rothos Homoclinic orbits for a modified KdV equation
ICB 18th October 2001 R Hinch Stochastic transitions between fixed points
ICB 18th October 2001 E Cytrynbaum Stability of the travelling pulse and the restitution hypothesis
ITS 18th October 2001 F Calogero On a class of many-body problems in the plane (including integrable and nonintegrable cases) which possess a lot of periodic solutions
ICB 17th October 2001 D Drasdo Towards a quantative single-cell-based model approach to multicellular systems: early developmental stages and tumour spheriods
ITS 17th October 2001 V Enolskii Periods of hyperelliptic integrals expressed in terms of $\theta$- constants by means of Thomae formulae
ICB 16th October 2001 R Dillon Modelling limb outgrowth and gene expression in vertebrates
15th October 2001 M Kruskal An elementary perspective on axiom systems, in general and for Euclid in particular
ICB 15th October 2001 PP Ponte Castaneda Tutorial on homogenisation (part 2)
ITS 15th October 2001 T Grava Whitham equations, Bergman kernel and logarithmic potential theory
ICB 11th October 2001 S Grand Computational models you can cuddle
ITS 10th October 2001 F Calogero On a class of many-body problems in the plane (including integrable and nonintegrable cases) which possess a lot of periodic solutions
ICB 9th October 2001 S Setayeshgar Electrical wave propagation in the heart: dynamics of scroll waves in anisotropic excitable media
ITS 8th October 2001 H Flaschka A search for action-angle co-ordinates
ICB 4th October 2001 PP Ponte Castaneda Tutorial on homogenisation
ICB 3rd October 2001 R Keller Tutorial on developmental mechanics
ITS 3rd October 2001 C Athorne Lie symmetries and Hirota maps
ICB 2nd October 2001 J Willis Fundamentals of solid mechanics
ITS 1st October 2001 S Ruijsenaars Reflectionless self-adjoint difference operators: from discrete to analytic
ICB 1st October 2001 P Hunter Tutorial on cardiac mechanics
ICB 1st October 2001 J Dumais Mechanics in plant morphogenesis
ICB 1st October 2001 P Kulesa Tutorial on developmental mechanics
ICBW01 28th September 2001 Closing discussion and closing remarks
ICBW01 28th September 2001 D Noble From genes to whole organs: vertical integration using mathematical simulation of the heart
ICBW01 28th September 2001 F Ashcroft ATP-sensitive K-channels and insulin secretion in health and disease
ICBW01 27th September 2001 P Hunter Physiome Projects: The heart, lungs and musculo-skeletal system
ICBW01 27th September 2001 K Weijer The control of cell movement during Dictyostelium morphogenesis
ICBW01 27th September 2001 R Adams Cell movements during early zebrafish morphogenesis
ICBW01 27th September 2001 R Keller Mechanisms, variation, conservation, and integration of early morphogenic machanies in vertebrates
ICBW01 26th September 2001 R Winslow Intracellular calicum cycling and control of action potential duration
ICBW01 26th September 2001 P Kulesa In vivo imaging as a bridge between molecular, cellular and tissue level data in embryonic vertebrate development
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