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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-12-08
E.g., 2016-12-08
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SMC 11th May 2004 RH Colby Reversible aggregation of albumin
SMC 6th May 2004 S Mayor & M Rao Dynamics of intracellular membrane traffic: interacting active networks
SMC 5th May 2004 H Flyvberg Cell motility as persistent random motion-``revisited"
SMC 4th May 2004 H Flyvbjerg Kinetics of self-assembling microtubules: an ``inverse problem" in biochemistry
RMA 29th April 2004 J Harnad Max integrals as isomonodromic tau functi
SMCW05 29th April 2004 C Calladine Mechanics of interfaces in alpha-helical super-coils
RMA 29th April 2004 M Zirnbauer From random matrices to supermanifolds
SMCW05 29th April 2004 H Shanahan DNA binding sites
SMCW05 29th April 2004 R Goldstein Modelling molecular evolution: Gprotein Coupled Receptors
SMCW05 29th April 2004 B Blackburne Minimalist protein models and evolution
SMCW05 28th April 2004 D Jones Prediction of native disorder in proteins
SMCW05 28th April 2004 M Madera Comparisons of sequence profiles
SMCW05 28th April 2004 M de Pristo Rapper
SMCW05 28th April 2004 V Chelliah Identification of interacting sites in protein families
SMCW05 28th April 2004 WR Taylor Folds, knots and tangles
SMCW05 28th April 2004 D Burke Ab initio modelling
SMCW05 27th April 2004 J Watson Case studies in assigning function from structure in structural genomics
SMCW05 27th April 2004 J Saldanha Modelling and drug design
SMCW05 27th April 2004 M Vendruscolo Determination of partially folded states of proteins at atomic resolution
SMCW05 27th April 2004 F Fraternali Modelling solvent forces
SMCW05 27th April 2004 K Mizuguchi Sequence-structure homology recognition
26th April 2004 D Frenkel Revisiting the basis of molecular simulations
SMCW05 26th April 2004 S Abeln Fold usage on genomes \& protein structure evolution
SMCW05 26th April 2004 JF Recio Protein-protein docking by global energy optimisation
SMCW05 26th April 2004 RK Sasidharan & C Chothia Structural constraints on protein mutations
SMC 22nd April 2004 I Baruchi Functional holography of correlations matrices for biological networks
SMC 22nd April 2004 T Maggs Simulating the Ether: local algoritms for long-ranged forces
SMC 21st April 2004 V Srivastava The statistical mechanics of brain storage
SMC 20th April 2004 E Ben-Jacob Why bacteria go complex: higher flexibility for better adaptability
RMA 15th April 2004 P Forrester Applications and generalisations of Fisher-Hartwig asymptotics
RMA 15th April 2004 P Leboeuf The partition function p(n) and the many-body density of states
SMC 15th April 2004 J Smith Protein dynamics and function
SMC 14th April 2004 L Mahadevan Statics and dynamics of actin assemblies
RMAW02 8th April 2004 JP Keating RMT moment calculations III
RMAW02 8th April 2004 DW Farmer Families \& conjectures for moments of L-functions
RMAW02 8th April 2004 C Hughes Mock-Gaussian behaviour
RMAW02 7th April 2004 P Forrester Spacing distributions for random matrix ensembles III
RMAW02 7th April 2004 C Hughes A new model for the Riemann zeta function
RMAW02 7th April 2004 M Rubinstein Computational methods for L-functions III
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