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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-03-21
E.g., 2018-03-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Daniel Williamson Optimal dimension-reduced calibration and the terminal case for spatial models
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Sergey Dolgov Low-rank cross approximation algorithms for the solution of stochastic PDEs
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Jie Chen Linear-Cost Covariance Functions for Gaussian Random Fields
UNQW03 7th March 2018 Lars Grasedyck Hierarchical Low Rank Tensors
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Nathan Urban Multi-model and model structural uncertainty quantification with applications to climate science
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Abdul Lateef Haji Ali Multilevel Nested Simulation for Efficient Risk Estimation
UNQW03 6th March 2018 James Hensman Massive scale Gaussian processes with GPflow
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Elisabeth Ullmann Multilevel estimators in Bayesian Inversion and Optimization
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Jens Lang Adaptive Multilevel Stochastic Collocation Method for Randomized Elliptic PDEs
STS 6th March 2018 Rahul Mazumder New directions in solving structured nonconvex problems in multivariate statistics
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Bruno Sudret Dimensionality reduction and surrogate modelling for high-dimensional UQ problems
UNQW03 6th March 2018 Michael Goldstein Small sample designs for multi-level, multi-output computer simulators
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Poster Blitz
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Tan Bui-Thanh A Triple Model Reduction for Data-Driven Large-Scale Inverse Problems in High Dimensional Parameter Spaces
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O Reliability-based Sampling for Model Calibration
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Leanna House Human-in-the-Loop Analytics: Two Approaches and Two Applications
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Jim Gattiker Complexity Challenges in Uncertainty Quantification for Scientific and Engineering Applications.
UNQW03 5th March 2018 Wolfgang Dahmen Parametric PDEs: Sparse Polynomial or Low-Rank Approximation?
UNQ 1st March 2018 Jens Lang Adaptivity in Numerical Methods for ODEs and PDEs
STS 1st March 2018 Patrick Rubin-Delanchy Progress on the connection between spectral embedding and network models used by the probability, statistics and machine-learning communities
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Questions, Discussion and Wrap-up
OFBW38 28th February 2018 GCHQ Speaker Taking Big Data Upstream: Trading Storage for Approximation
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Dave Yearling Big Data Challenges in the Performance of Large IP Networks
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Questions and Discussions
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Sofia Olhede Scalable Inference for Complex Environmental Data
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Andrew Richards Future Challenges for Scaling Big Data at the National Grid
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Questions and Discussions
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Nick Goldman Genomics Research at EBI: Challenges in Statistical Scaling
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Chris Harbron Delivering Better Treatments to the Right Patients Faster and More Safely : Opportunities for Big Data to Improve Pharmaceutical R&D
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Po-Ling Loh Data Science for Networked Data
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Sergio Bacallado Making sense of Human Microbiome Data
OFBW38 28th February 2018 Richard Samworth, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
UNQ 27th February 2018 Björn Sprungk Metropolis-Hastings algorithms for Bayesian inference in Hilbert spaces
STS 27th February 2018 Danning Li Testing covariance matrices in high dimensions
UNQ 26th February 2018 Henry Wynn Informal talk - Optimum Experimental Design
STS 22nd February 2018 Varun Jog Information-theoretic perspectives on learning algorithms
UNQ 21st February 2018 Francois-Xavier Briol Bayesian Quadrature for Multiple Related Integrals
STS 20th February 2018 Alastair Young A Hybrid Block Bootstrap For Sample Quantiles Under Weak Dependence
STS 15th February 2018 Clifford Lam Nonlinear Shrinkage Estimation in Quadratic Inference Function Analysis for Correlated Data
UNQ 14th February 2018 Lorenzo Tamellini Uncertainty Quantification of geochemical and mechanical compaction in layered sedimentary basins
STS 13th February 2018 Arlene Kim Adaptation in log-concave density estimation
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Future directions panel
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Robert Gramacy Replication or exploration? Sequential design for stochastic simulation experiments
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Oliver Ernst High-Dimensional Collocation for Lognormal Diffusion Problems
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Daniel Williamson Nonstationary Gaussian process emulators with covariance mixtures
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Olivier Roustant Group covariance functions for Gaussian process metamodels with categorical inputs
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Maria Adamou Bayesian optimal design for Gaussian process model
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Raul Fidel Tempone Uncertainty Quantification with Multi-Level and Multi-Index methods
UNQW02 8th February 2018 David Ginsbourger Positive definite kernels for deterministic and stochastic approximations of (invariant) functions
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