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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-02-14
E.g., 2016-02-14
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
FMS 12th August 2002 V Gergely Metal foam processing for fine cells: modelling and experimental observations
FMS 12th August 2002 S Cox Metallic foam formation
FMS 12th August 2002 R Blumenfeld Theory for stress transmission in planar cellular networks: are these a new state of solid matter?
CMPW01 12th August 2002 L Goldberg The compexity of sampling (and approximately counting graph homomorphism
FMS 12th August 2002 A Kraynik Elastic behaviour of open-celled solid foams
CMPW01 12th August 2002 A Sinclair Clifford algebras and approximating the permanent
CMPW01 12th August 2002 T Gowers Arithmetic progressions and Fourier analysis
CMPW01 9th August 2002 P Winkler Mixing \& shuffling
CMPW01 9th August 2002 G Brightwell Connectedness of Glauber dynamics for H-coloring
FMS 9th August 2002 M Monastyrsky Phase transitions in membranes of high genus
CMPW01 9th August 2002 M Mahoney Markov chan Monte Carlo in statistical physics \& an application to the statistical mechanics of simple models of liquid water
FMS 9th August 2002 N Rivier Gauge invariance in foams
CMPW01 9th August 2002 D Randall Random dyadic tilings of the unit square
FMS 8th August 2002 F Morgan Perimeter-minimising planar bubble clusters
CMPW01 8th August 2002 M Cryan A polynominal-time algorithm to approximately count contingency tables when the number of rows is constant
FMS 8th August 2002 RB Kusner Rope packings
FMS 8th August 2002 A Cebers Labyrinthine patterns
CMPW01 8th August 2002 A Sokal Chromatic polynomials, Potts models, and all that
FMS 8th August 2002 KY Szeto Shell analysis of soap froth
CMPW01 8th August 2002 E Vigoda Mixing in time and space for lattice spin system: a combinatorial view
FMS 8th August 2002 DA Reinelt Deformation of ordered foams
CMPW01 8th August 2002 P Tetali Approximating Min-sum set cover
FMS 7th August 2002 RLB Delannay & G Schliecker Challenges in 2D
FMS 7th August 2002 JA Glazier Experiments on 2D flowing foams
CMPW01 7th August 2002 M Safra Noise - insensitive Boolean - functions are juntas
FMS 7th August 2002 F Graner Strain in foams and disordered patterns
CMPW01 7th August 2002 A Holroyd Two-dimensional bootstrap percolation
CMPW01 6th August 2002 C Cooper The cover time of sparse random graphs $G_{n,p}$, $p=c \log n$, $c>1$, and related problems
CMPW01 6th August 2002 A Barvinok The distribution of values in the quadratic assignment problem
FMS 6th August 2002 A Kraynik The cross-over in 3D coarsening
CMPW01 6th August 2002 C Greenhill The differential equations method
FMS 6th August 2002 S Hilgenfeldt 3D coarsening
CMPW01 6th August 2002 R Kannan Blocking Conductance --- an improved measure of convergence
CMPW01 5th August 2002 M Jerrum Mixing time and its relation to other Markov chain parameters
FMS 5th August 2002 T Hales Connections between sphere packings and honeycombs
FMS 5th August 2002 C Oguey Deformations of minimal surfaces
FMS 5th August 2002 S Hilgenfeldt Minkowski
CMPW01 5th August 2002 C Smyth Reimer's inequality and a conjecture of Tardos
CMPW01 5th August 2002 S Janson Estimates for large deviations of sums of dependent variables
FMS 2nd August 2002 RB Kusner Forces in foams
FMS 2nd August 2002 T Hales Honeycombs
FMS 1st August 2002 A Cebers Experiments with ferrofluids
FMS 1st August 2002 S Hyde 2D tilings and 3D Euclidean patterns
FMS 31st July 2002 J Taylor Practical techniques for demonstrating soap film phenomena
FMS 31st July 2002 J Taylor Rotating crystals in foam
FMS 31st July 2002 JM Sullivan Open problems in soap bubble geometry
FMSW01 30th July 2002 K Brakke Kelvin partitions and stability
FMSW01 30th July 2002 F Graner & S Cox Minimal perimeter problems
FMSW01 30th July 2002 A Kraynik Brakke meets Matzke: Random 3D foams
FMSW01 30th July 2002 A Mackay Periodic minimal surfaces
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