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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-09-01
E.g., 2016-09-01
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Ronald Meester Extending the scope of probability theory: assessing forensic evidence with belief functions
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Ulrich Simmross Towards a better communication between theory and imperfect realities of professional practice - On barriers among stakeholders and possible ways out
SNA 1st September 2016 Susan Holmes Microbial Community Networks in the Human Microbiome
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Alex Biedermann Recent Pan-European advances in harmonising evaluative reporting in forensic science: scope, principles and pending challenges
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Sheila Bird Statistical issues arising in the conduct of fatal accident inquiries
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Bruce Weir How should we interpret Y-chromosome evidence?
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Paul Roberts All Talk and No Conversation? Methodological Preconditions of An Interdisciplinary Forensic Science
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Frans Alkemade Bayes & the Blame Game: How to ease the mutually felt frustration between law professionals and scientists.
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Lonneke Stevens Struggling judges: do they need a probability help desk? A daily legal practice point of view
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Marieke Dubelaar Law, statistics and psychology, do they match?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Patricia Wiltshire Forensic Ecology: How do we get answers to questions? How do we present them to the court?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Ruth Morgan Forensic trace evidence – what are the questions we need to answer?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Tim Clayton tba
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Kristy Martire Exploring mock-juror evidence interpretation and belief updating within a probability framework
FOSW01 31st August 2016 William Thompson Lay Understanding (and Misunderstanding) of Quantitative Statements about the Weight of Forensic Evidence
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Joseph Gastwirth Statistical Measures and Methods Used to Analyze the Representativeness of Jury Pools
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Bernard Robertson The nature of questions arising in court that can be addressed via probability and logic
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Cheryl Thomas tba
FOSW01 30th August 2016 David Bentley Probability and statistics – a criminal lawyer’s perspective.
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Allan Jamieson Casework problems with the Likelihood Ratio
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Michael Finkelstein The problem of false positives, some lessons from the bullet lead story, and the new U.S. Department of Justice guidance for expert testimony
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Angela Gallop The Changing Face of Forensic Science
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Jane Hutton Estimates of life expectancy for compensation after injury
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Steffen Lauritzen What COSTNET can do for and with you!
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Eric Laber On-line estimation of an optimal treatment allocation strategy for the control of white-nose syndrome in ba
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Ben Parker Optimal Design of Experiments on Connected Units with Application to Social Networks
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Carsten Chong Contagion in Financial Systems: A Bayesian Network Approach
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Juliane Manitz Source Estimation for Propagation Processes on Complex Networks with an Application to Delays in Public Transportation Systems
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Gwenael Leday Incorporating biological information into network inference using structured shrinkage
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Silvia Ioana Fierascu Applying network science to political problems. A conceptual and analytical framework for understanding and predicting corruption risks in business-political networks
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Reza Mohammadi Bayesian modelling of Dupuytren disease using Gaussian copula graphical models
SNAW02 26th August 2016 Alberto Roverato The Networked Partial Correlation and its Application to the Analysis of Genetic Interactions
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Katherine McLaughlin Analysis of Networks with Missing Data with Application to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Nynke Niezink Modeling the dynamics of social networks and continuous actor attributes
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Luca De Benedictis Implementing Propensity Score Matching with Network Data: The effect of GATT on bilateral trade
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Daniele Durante Bayesian modeling of networks in complex business intelligence problems
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Matteo Barigozzi Networks, Dynamic Factors, and the Volatility Analysis of High-Dimensional Financial Series
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Mirko Signorelli Modelling community structure in the Italian Parliament: a penalized inference approach
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Ginestra Bianconi Multiplex networks
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Pariya Behrouzi Detecting Epistatic Selection in the Genome of RILs via a latent Gaussian Copula Graphical Model
SNAW02 25th August 2016 Yi Yu Estimating whole brain dynamics using spectral clustering
FOS 24th August 2016 Joseph Gastwirth Some (hopefully) interesting uses of statistical reasoning in legal cases
FOS 24th August 2016 David Lagnado Everyday reasoning about legal cases
FOS 24th August 2016 Norman Fenton Use of Bayesian networks in legal reasoning
FOS 24th August 2016 Patricia Wiltshire Challenges in forensic trace evidence
SNA 24th August 2016 Ernst Wit Network inference in genomics
FOS 24th August 2016 Nadine Smit Vulnerabilities revealed in successful appeal cases in the UK
SNA 24th August 2016 Peter Bickel “Network modeling of topological domains using Hi-C data”
FOS 24th August 2016 Richard Gill The fundamental problem of forensic statistics
FOS 24th August 2016 Jane Hutton Property and competence of witnesses
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