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E.g., 2020-08-03
E.g., 2020-08-03
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
IDP 22nd June 2020 Modelling for SARS-CoV2 - what can we learn from China? Speakers: Jun Yan, Tie-Yan Liu, Jinzhi Lei, Juanzi Li
IDP 15th June 2020 OPEN ZOOM MEETING - session 3 follow up dicussions - Chair William Probert
IDP 12th June 2020 General Discussions - CHAIR Philip Dawid
IDP 12th June 2020 OPEN ZOOM MEETING - session 3 follow up dicussions
IDP 11th June 2020 Contact Tracing follow-up discussions
IDP 11th June 2020 Control theory in relation to epidemic interventions - Brian Neve (Spiro) Control
IDP 11th June 2020 Whole-cost economic modelling of pandemics - Peter van Manen, Clement O'Rourke (Frazer-Nash)
IDP 10th June 2020 PLENARY TALK - Robin Hanson (George Mason University & Oxford) - Pay Experts for Results, Not Prestige
IDP 10th June 2020 Break
IDP 10th June 2020 Panel Discussion (questions submitted via slido and asked by chair)
IDP 10th June 2020 Marissa McBride (Imperial) - Lessons from structured expert elicitation using the IDEA protocol
IDP 10th June 2020 Katriona Shea (Penn State) - Harnessing multiple models for outbreak management
IDP 10th June 2020 Kevin Wilson (Newcastle) - Uncertainty elicitation and quantification from experts
IDP 10th June 2020 Willy Aspinall (Bristol) - Expert elicitation of scientific uncertainties using Cooke's Classical Model: applicability to COVID-19 risk assessments
IDP 10th June 2020 EXPERT JUDGEMENT - Welcome from David Abrahams (INI Director)
IDP 8th June 2020 Modelling Contact Tracing
IDP 5th June 2020 Discussions
IDP 5th June 2020 Break
IDP 5th June 2020 Denis Mollison Five Challenges for Spatial Epidemic Models
IDP 5th June 2020 Talk on PyRossGeo - Ronojoy Adhikari
IDP 1st June 2020 Contact Tracing – Learning from Other Diseases
IDPW02 22nd May 2020 Daniela De Angelis PLENARY LECTURE - Nowcasting and Forecasting of COVID -19 pandemic in England
IDPW02 22nd May 2020 Bobby Reiner (HME) - IHME covid19 model
IDPW02 22nd May 2020 Ira Longini Vaccine development
IDPW02 21st May 2020 Niel Hens - a modelling perspective on the Covid 19 coronavirus outbreak in Belgium
IDPW02 21st May 2020 Ian Hall Developing monitoring indicators and models for disease outbreaks in care homes
IDPW02 21st May 2020 Pavel Krivitsky Statistical models for bipartite contact networks: methods and data
IDPW02 20th May 2020 Simon Frost (Microsoft) - Phylodynamics of SARS - Cov2
IDPW02 20th May 2020 Sam Jenness (Emory) - Statistical approaches to modelling epidemics across contact networks
IDPW02 20th May 2020 Vittoria Colizza ( INSERM) - Infection control in facilities
IDPW02 19th May 2020 Steven Riley Socio-spatial networks
IDPW02 19th May 2020 Peter Challenor Uncertainty Quantification
IDPW02 18th May 2020 PLENARY TALK - Computational Epidemiology at the time of COVID 19 - Alessandro Vespingani (Northeastern)
IDPW02 18th May 2020 Lorenzo Pellis - Manchester
IDPW02 18th May 2020 Adam Kucharski LSHTM - COVID19 modelling and open outbreak science
IDPW01 14th May 2020 Marc Lipsitch
IDPW01 12th May 2020 Ben Cowling Epidemiology and control in Hong Kong
IDPW01 11th May 2020 Graham Medley PLENARY TALK - Transmission dynamic models for COVID-19:policy and beyond
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Matilde Lalín CANCELLED The Mahler measure of a genus 3 family
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Minhyong Kim CANCELLED Principal Bundle in Diophantine Geometry
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Christopher Deninger CANCELLED tba
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Free Time
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Maria Yakerson CANCELLED Motivic generalized cohomology theories from framed perspective
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Georg Tamme CANCELLED On a conjecture of Vorst
GRA 26th March 2020 Derek Holt CANCELLED Polynomial time computation in > matrix groups and applications
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Adeel Khan CANCELLED Chow-theoretic vs. K-theoretic Gromov-Witten invariants
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Nikita Semenov CANCELLED Hopf-theoretic approach to motives of twisted flag varieties
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Toni Annala CANCELLED Derived Algebraic Cobordism
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Anand Sawant CANCELLED $\mathbb A^1$-connected components of ruled surfaces
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Simon Pepin lehalleur CANCELLED Exponential motives and the Fourier transform
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