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21 Apr 2005

Turbulence, Twist and Treacle

a meeting in celebration of Keith Moffatt's 70th birthday

21 Apr 2005: Turbulence, Twist and Treacle: Closing Lecture
K. Moffatt
21 Apr 2005: Magnetism with enthusiasm in our nearest star
J. Toomre
21 Apr 2005: Finite amplitude subcritical instability in narrow gap spherical Couette flow
A.M. Soward
21 Apr 2005: Computations of self-excited oscillations in collapsible tubes: an unexpected stable zone
T.J. Pedley
21 Apr 2005: The fundamentals of MHD turbulence in the limit of small magnetic Reynolds number
R. Moreau
21 Apr 2005: Vorticity and inhomogeneous turbulence
J.C.R. Hunt
21 Apr 2005: Free surface singularities
J. Eggers

Newton InstituteWeb Seminars > Turbulence, Twist and Treacle

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