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E.g., 2019-12-08
E.g., 2019-12-08
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GCS 6th December 2019 Chus Sanz-Serna Rothschild Lecture: Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and geometric integration
CAT 5th December 2019 Mark Blyth Towards a model of a deformable aerofoil
GCS 5th December 2019 Bertram Düring Structure-preserving variational schemes for nonlinear partial differential equations with a Wasserstein gradient flow structure
GCS 5th December 2019 Bjorn Stinner Phase field modelling of free boundary problems
GCS 5th December 2019 Vanessa Styles Numerical approximations of a tractable mathematical model for tissue growth
GCS 4th December 2019 Balázs Kovács Energy estimates: proving stability for evolving surface PDEs and geometric flows
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Discussion and Questions
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Frederic Barbaresco Souriau Symplectic Structures of Lie Group Machine Learning on Statistical Drone Doppler/Kinematic Signatures
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Sina Ober-Blöbaum Structure Preserving and Structure Exploiting Methods in Simulation, Optimal Control and Motion Planning
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Olivier Bruls Geometric Numerical Methods for Robot Simulation, Control and Optimisation
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Vadim Soloviev Digital Tomosynthesis with Flat Panel Sources
CAT 3rd December 2019 Sonia Mogilevskaya Lost in Translation: Crack Problems in Different Languages
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Mary McLean Mathematics can make my MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Faster and Prettier - but Should it?
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Simon Arridge Geometry Preserving Regularisation Methods in Medical Image Reconstruction
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Colin Cotter Compatible Finite Element Methods for Numerical Weather Prediction
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Jonathon Gascoigne Assessing the Risk of Hypothetical Windstorms, Considering Extremes and Climate Change
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Nigel Wood Weather and Climate Forecasts: How Differential Geometry can help Maintain the Quiet Revolution
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Elena Celledoni Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme
OFBW52 3rd December 2019 Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
GCS 28th November 2019 Elizabeth Mansfield On the nature of mathematical joy
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Poster Prize Presentation
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Alhussein Fawzi Proving Inequalities with Deep Learning
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Jos Martin MATLAB and NVIDIA Docker: A Complete AI Solution, Where You Need It, in an Instant
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Julio Acosta-Cabronero Towards a Comprehensive Head and Neck Assessment for Stroke Prevention
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Silvia Stanescu The Variance Risk Premium
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Lisa Maria Kreusser Anisotropic Nonlinear PDE Models in Biology
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Erlend Skaldehaug Riis Geometric Numerical Integration for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex Optimisation
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Hanne Kekkonen Edge Preserving Besov Priors
CAT 27th November 2019 Yuri Antipov Riemann-Hilbert problems of the theory of automorphic functions and inverse problems of elasticity and cavitating flow for multiply connected domains
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Premdeep Gill Seals from Space - Identifying Change in Antarctic Ecosystems via the Monitoring of Ice-seals and Sea Ice Habitats by Very High-resolution Satellite Imagery
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Mark Girolami Data Centric Technology: Hype, Hoax, Hope?
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Camilla Schelpe Welcome and Introduction - Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
GCS 26th November 2019 Anders Hansen On the Solvability Complexity Index (SCI) hierarchy - Establishing the foundations of computational mathematics
GCS 26th November 2019 Evelyne Hubert Symmetry Preserving Interpolation
CAT 26th November 2019 Scott McCue Some old and new moving boundary problems for Hele-Shaw flow
CAT 21st November 2019 Peter Clarkson Symmetric Orthogonal Polynomials
GCS 21st November 2019 Peter Clarkson Symmetric Orthogonal Polynomials
GCS 21st November 2019 Elena Celledoni Deep learning as optimal control problems and Riemannian discrete gradient descent.
GCS 21st November 2019 Benedict Leimkuhler Some thoughts about constrained sampling algorithms
GCS 21st November 2019 Alessandro Barp Hamiltonian Monte Carlo on Homogeneous Manifolds for QCD and Statistics.
GCS 20th November 2019 Miranda Holmes-Cefron A Monte Carlo method to sample a Stratification
GCS 20th November 2019 Jonathan Goodman Step size control for Newton type MCMC samplers Jonathan Goodman
GCS 20th November 2019 Tony Lelievre title tba
GCS 20th November 2019 CANCELLED
CAT 19th November 2019 Jonathan Chapman Some problems in exponential asymptotics
CAT 15th November 2019 Thanasis Fokas The Unified Transform, Medical Imaging, Asymptotics of the Riemann Zeta Function: Part II
CAT 15th November 2019 Thanasis Fokas The Unified Transform, Medical Imaging, Asymptotics of the Riemann Zeta Function: Part I
CAT 14th November 2019 Mark Ablowitz Rothschild Lecture: Extraordinary waves and math: from beaches to photonics
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