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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-02-23
E.g., 2018-02-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
STS 22nd February 2018 Varun Jog Information-theoretic perspectives on learning algorithms
UNQ 21st February 2018 Francois-Xavier Briol Bayesian Quadrature for Multiple Related Integrals
STS 20th February 2018 Alastair Young A Hybrid Block Bootstrap For Sample Quantiles Under Weak Dependence
STS 15th February 2018 Clifford Lam Nonlinear Shrinkage Estimation in Quadratic Inference Function Analysis for Correlated Data
UNQ 14th February 2018 Lorenzo Tamellini Uncertainty Quantification of geochemical and mechanical compaction in layered sedimentary basins
STS 13th February 2018 Arlene Kim Adaptation in log-concave density estimation
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Future directions panel
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Robert Gramacy Replication or exploration? Sequential design for stochastic simulation experiments
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Oliver Ernst High-Dimensional Collocation for Lognormal Diffusion Problems
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Daniel Williamson Nonstationary Gaussian process emulators with covariance mixtures
UNQW02 9th February 2018 Olivier Roustant Group covariance functions for Gaussian process metamodels with categorical inputs
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Maria Adamou Bayesian optimal design for Gaussian process model
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Raul Fidel Tempone Uncertainty Quantification with Multi-Level and Multi-Index methods
UNQW02 8th February 2018 David Ginsbourger Positive definite kernels for deterministic and stochastic approximations of (invariant) functions
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Aretha Teckentrup Surrogate models in Bayesian Inverse Problems
STS 8th February 2018 Darren Wilkinson A compositional approach to scalable statistical modelling and computation
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Christine Shoemaker Deterministic RBF Surrogate Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Global Optimization and Parallel HPC Applications
UNQW02 8th February 2018 Ben Adcock Polynomial approximation of high-dimensional functions on irregular domains
UNQW02 7th February 2018 Panel comparisons: Challenor, Ginsbourger, Nobile, Teckentrup and Beck
UNQW02 7th February 2018 Elaine Spiller Emulators for forecasting and UQ of natural hazards
UNQW02 7th February 2018 Martin Eigel Aspects of adaptive Galerkin FE for stochastic direct and inverse problems
UNQW02 6th February 2018 Guannan Zhang A domain-decomposition-based model reduction method for convection-diffusion equations with random coefficients
UNQW02 6th February 2018 John Paul Gosling Modelling discontinuities in simulator output using Voronoi tessellations
UNQW02 6th February 2018 Lorenzo Tamellini Multi-Index Stochastic Collocation (MISC) for Elliptic PDEs with random data
UNQW02 6th February 2018 Maurizio Filippone Random Feature Expansions for Deep Gaussian Processes
UNQW02 6th February 2018 Hoang Tran Recovery conditions of compressed sensing approach to uncertainty quantification
UNQW02 5th February 2018 Christoph Schwab Domain Uncertainty Quantification
UNQW02 5th February 2018 Ralph Smith Active Subspace Techniques to Construct Surrogate Models for Complex Physical and Biological Models
UNQW02 5th February 2018 Michael Goldstein Emulation for model discrepancy
UNQW02 5th February 2018 Catherine Powell Adaptive Stochastic Galerkin Finite Element Approximation for Elliptic PDEs with Random Coefficients
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Questions, Discussion and Wrap-Up
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Julian Gunn Uncertainties and Modelling in the Management of Coronary Heart Disease
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Questions and Discussion
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Mikhail Derevyanko Modelling Financial Uncertainty for Regulated Insurance Companies: the Case of Equity Risk
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Stephen Jewson Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Natural Catastrophes: Models, Uncertainties and Applications
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Questions and Discussion
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Sanjiv Sharma Challenges of Modelling and Parameter Uncertainties in Aeronautical Applications
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Alexander Karl Uncertainty Management During the Design of Advanced Aero Engines
STS 1st February 2018 Qiwei Yao Testing for High-dimensional White Noise
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Catherine Powell An Overview of Stochastic Finite Element Methods for PDE Models with Uncertain Inputs
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Peter Challenor Uncertainty Quantification in Complex Models - A Statistical Perspective
OFBW37 1st February 2018 Christie Marr, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
1st February 2018 OfB UQ for Complex Systems
1st February 2018 OfB UQ for Complex Systems
STS 30th January 2018 Chao Zheng Revisiting Huber’s M-Estimation: A Tuning-Free Approach
STS 25th January 2018 Nathalie Akakpo Multivariate intensity estimation via hyperbolic wavelet selection
STS 23rd January 2018 Anru Zhang Singular Value Decomposition for High-dimensional High-order Data
STSW01 19th January 2018 Garvesh Raskutti Variable selection and classification with large-scale presence only data
STSW01 19th January 2018 Shahar Mendelson An optimal unrestricted learning procedure
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