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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-04-18
E.g., 2015-04-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PEP 15th April 2015 J You On the Generic Cantor Spectrum problem
PEP 14th April 2015 V Tchoulaevski A short introduction into multi-particle Anderson localization (a mini-course)
PEPW03 10th April 2015 M Voda On the Homogeneity of the Spectrum for Quasi-Periodic Schroedinger Operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 J Fillman Homogeneous Spectrum for Limit-Periodic Operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 S Zhang Spectral packing dimension for 1-dimensional quasiperiodic Schrodinger operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 M Lukic The isospectral torus of quasi-periodic Schrodinger operators via periodic approximations
PEPW03 10th April 2015 A Gorodetski The Fibonacci Hamiltonian
PEPW03 10th April 2015 F Nakano Level statistics for 1-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator and beta-ensemble
PEPW03 10th April 2015 S Kotani Reflectionless property and related problems on 1D Schrödinger operators
PEPW03 9th April 2015 C Sadel Anderson transition at 2D growth-rate for the Anderson model on antitrees with normalized edge weights
PEPW03 9th April 2015 C Rojas-Molina Ergodic properties and localization for Delone-Anderson models
PEPW03 9th April 2015 R Mavi Random nonmonotonic multichannel Schr\"{o}dinger operators
PEPW03 9th April 2015 M Goldstein On gaps and bands of quasi-periodic operators
PEPW03 9th April 2015 M Shamis Wegner estimates for deformed Gaussian ensembles
PEPW03 9th April 2015 S Nakamura Microlocal properties of scattering matrices
PEPW03 8th April 2015 S Morozov High energy asymptotics of the integrated density of states of almost periodic pseudo-differential operators
PEPW03 8th April 2015 Y Wang Continuity of Lyapunov Exponents and Cantor spectrum for a class of $C^2$ Quasiperiodic Schr\"odinger Cocycles
PEPW03 8th April 2015 Y Karpeshina Spectral Properties of Schroedinger Operator with a Quasi-periodic Potential in Dimension Two
PEPW03 8th April 2015 I Goldsheid Recurrent random walks in random and quasi-periodic environments on a strip
PEPW03 8th April 2015 K Bjerklöv Dynamics of two quasi-periodically perturbed systems
PEPW03 7th April 2015 R Han Measure of the spectrum of the extended Harper's model
PEPW03 7th April 2015 W Liu Arithmetic Spectral Transitions for the Maryland Model
PEPW03 7th April 2015 S Klein Lyapunov exponents of quasi-periodic cocycles
PEPW03 7th April 2015 Q Zhou Phase transitions for the almost Mathieu operator
PEPW03 7th April 2015 S Sodin Semi-classical analysis of non-self-adjoint transfer operators
PEPW03 7th April 2015 J You Dry Ten Martini Problem in Non-Critical Case
PEPW02 2nd April 2015 S Klein Continuity of Lyapunov Exponents via Large Deviations
PEP 30th March 2015 J Breuer Jacobi Matrices and Central Limit Theorems in Random Matrix Theory
PEPW02 27th March 2015 I Kamotski On the gaps in the spectrum of the periodic Maxwell operator
PEPW02 27th March 2015 A Fedotov Maryland equation, renormalization formulas and mimimal meromorphic solutions to difference equations
PEPW02 27th March 2015 M Cherdantsev Everywhere discontinuous anisotropy of thin periodic composite plates
PEPW02 27th March 2015 G Panati Wannier functions for periodic Schrödinger operators and harmonic maps into the unitary group
PEPW02 27th March 2015 T Suslina Operator error estimates for homogenization of elliptic systems with periodic coefficients
PEPW02 26th March 2015 V Smyshlyaev Two-scale 'micro-resonant' homogenisation of periodic (and some ergodic) problems
PEPW02 26th March 2015 J Marklof Kinetic transport in crystals and quasicrystals
PEPW02 25th March 2015 B Helffer Chambers formulas and semiclassical analysis for generalized Harper's butterflies
PEPW02 25th March 2015 D Vassiliev Periodic spectral problem for the massless Dirac operator
PEPW02 25th March 2015 L Parnovski Local Density of States and the Spectral Function for Quasi-Periodic Operators
PEPW02 25th March 2015 F Gesztesy Some connections between Weyl-Titchmarsh theory, oscillation theory, and density of states
PEPW02 25th March 2015 D Yafaev Surface waves and scattering by unbounded obstacles
PEPW02 24th March 2015 Y Last On Level Spacings for Jacobi Operators
PEPW02 24th March 2015 C Joyner Spectral statistics of Bernoulli matrix ensembles - a random walk approach
PEPW02 24th March 2015 Y Karpeshina Perturbative methods for Schrödinger operator: from periodic to quasiperiodic potentials.
PEPW02 24th March 2015 I Kachkovskiy Anderson localization for one-dimensional ergodic Schrödinger operators with piecewise monotonic sampling functions
PEPW02 24th March 2015 S Jitomirskaya Diophantine properties and the spectral theory of explicit quasiperiodic models
PEPW02 23rd March 2015 G Stolz Entanglement in the disordered XY spin chain and open problems for random block operators
PEPW02 23rd March 2015 T Kappeler Spectral asymptotics of Zahkarov Shabat operators and their application to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the circle
PEPW02 23rd March 2015 N Peyerimhoff A Wegner estimate and localisation for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials
PEPW02 23rd March 2015 I Veselic Uncertainty relations and Wegner estimates for random breather potentials
PEPW02 23rd March 2015 N Saveliev Index theory on end-periodic manifolds
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