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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2014-12-20
E.g., 2014-12-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SYRW03 19th December 2014 Z Feinstein Systemic Risk Measures for Financial Networks
SYRW03 19th December 2014 B Meller BSLoss– a comprehensive measure for interconnectedness
SYRW03 19th December 2014 A Milne Networks, subnetworks and macroprudential capital requirements
SYRW03 18th December 2014 A Kirilenko Do U.S. Financial Regulators Listen to the Public? Testing the Regulatory Process with the RegRank algorithm
SYRW03 18th December 2014 R Sowers Geometry of Defaults
SYRW03 18th December 2014 V Acharya Financial Sector Health Since 2007: A Comparative Analysis of the United States, Europe and Asia
SYRW03 18th December 2014 S Ghamami Static Models of Central Counterparty Risk
SYRW03 18th December 2014 D Skeie Information Management in Banking Crises
SYRW03 18th December 2014 S Morris Illiquidty Component of Credit Risk
SYRW03 17th December 2014 R Cont & L Clerc & J Vickers & S Kapadia Regulating the financial network: the agenda for structural reform
SYRW03 17th December 2014 S Kapadia Taking uncertainty seriously: simplicity versus complexity in financial regulation
SYRW03 17th December 2014 M Hellwig Systemic Risk and Macroprudential regulation
SYRW03 17th December 2014 Y Sannikov Financial intermediaries in the theory of money
SYRW03 17th December 2014 L Clerc Capital Regulation in a Macroeconomic Model with Three Layers of Default
SYRW03 16th December 2014 S Luck Bank, Shadow Banking, and Fragility
SYRW03 16th December 2014 G Iori Financial regulations and bank credit to the real economy
SYRW03 16th December 2014 T Adrian & P Dybvig & M Hellwig & D Tsomocos Macroprudential regulation
SYRW03 16th December 2014 E Schaanning Fire sales, endogenous risk and price-mediated contagion: modeling, monitoring and prudential policy
SYRW03 16th December 2014 F Malherbe Opitmal Capital requirements over the Business and Financial Cycles
SYRW03 16th December 2014 A Kashyap How does macroprudential regulation change bank credit supply?
SYRW03 15th December 2014 E Faia Bank Networks: Contagion, Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy
SYRW03 15th December 2014 N Klimenko Tail Risk, Capital Requirements and the Internal Agency Problem in Banks
SYRW03 15th December 2014 M Marsili A Systemic Indicator for the Size of Shadow Banking
SYRW03 15th December 2014 M Summer Endogenous Leverage and Asset Pricing in Double Auctions
SYRW03 15th December 2014 T Adrian Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability
SYR 10th December 2014 P Pin Endogenous network topology in the interbank lending market
SYR 10th December 2014 M Dempster Financial Innovation and Backward Stochastic Difference Equations
SYR 9th December 2014 H Foellmer Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Admitting Uncertainty: On the Role of Probability in Finance
SYR 9th December 2014 A McNeil Backtesting and Elicitability Of Risk measures
SYR 9th December 2014 PH Dybvig Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity: II
UMC 4th December 2014 Questions & Open Discussion
UMC 4th December 2014 R Rozendal Harnessing the Wonders of the Microbial World to Solve Environmental Problems
UMC 4th December 2014 B Murphy Microbial Dysbiosis - A Personal Care Perspective
UMC 4th December 2014 H-K Kotlar Industrialisation of a Biotech Process - a Multidisciplinary Approach
UMC 4th December 2014 J-P Steyer Innovation and Technology Transfer in Anaerobic Digestion
UMC 4th December 2014 T Curtis Mathematical Computational Approaches to Understanding Microbial Communities
UMC 4th December 2014 J Toland & J Leeks Welcome & Introduction
SYR 3rd December 2014 P Pin Revealing information - or not - in financial trading
SYR 3rd December 2014 H Foellmer Mathematical Aspects of Local vs. Global Risk Analysis: II
SYR 2nd December 2014 H Foellmer Mathematical Aspects of Local vs. Global Risk Analysis: I
UMCW04 28th November 2014 C Picioreanu Plenary Lecture 17: Modeling biofilm formation in porous media and fouling in membrane processes
UMCW04 28th November 2014 L Raskin Plenary Lecture 16: Managing microbial communities in anaerobic membrane bioreactors
UMCW04 28th November 2014 J Rodriguez Plenary Lecture 15: Can bioenergetics tell us more about microbial ecosystems activity than community identity?
UMCW04 28th November 2014 P Wilmes Plenary Lecture 14: Ecosystems Biology: from data to control of microbial communities
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Kirkilionis Contributed Talk 5: Numerical Continuation of Equilibria of Cell Population Models with Internal Cell Cycle
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Ortiz Contributed Talk 4: Optimization-based tools for bacterial ecology design
UMCW04 27th November 2014 A Free Plenary Lecture 13: Variability and Alternative Community States in Microbial Communities
UMCW04 27th November 2014 J Prosser Plenary Lecture 12: The paradox of nitrification in acid soils and lessons for microbial community ecology
UMCW04 27th November 2014 R Kleerebezem Contributed Talk 3: Flux analysis in microbial ecosystems
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Barer Plenary Lecture 11: The good the bad and the irrelevant. Sequential analyses of the sputum microbiome in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
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