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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-12-04
E.g., 2016-12-04
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
DLA 2nd December 2016 Jordi Soria-Comas Topics in differential privacy: optimal noise and record perturbation baseddata sets
DLA 1st December 2016 Atikur Khan A Risk-Utility Balancing Approach to Generate Synthetic Microdata
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Session 3: Chaired by Cheryl Thomas (University College London). Questions and Discussions
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Lord Justice Kitchin The Relationship between Statistics and the Law - a Judicial Perspective
DLA 1st December 2016 Joerg Drechsler Strategies to facilitate access to detailed geocoding information based on synthetic data
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Keith Inman Validation of Probabilistic Genotyping Software for Complex DNA samples: The Promulgation of Industry Standards
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Paul Roberts Educating Lawyers and Forensic Scientists about Probability and Statistics
OFBW29 1st December 2016 James Luck Challenges and Opportunities for Statistics in Digital Forensics
SNA 1st December 2016 Simon Lunagomez Valid inference from non-ignorable network sampling mechanisms
OFBW29 1st December 2016 David Lagnado Using Bayes Nets for Reasoning with Evidence: Real Life Examples
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Marjan Sjerps The Use of Forensic Databases in Forensic Casework
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Richard Gill Serial Killer Nurses: Is there an Epidemic?
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Gerd Gigerenzer Popular Understanding of Statistics and its Impacts on the Law
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Norman Fenton Overview of the Programme: Outreach and Accomplishments
OFBW29 1st December 2016 Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
DLA 30th November 2016 Cynthia Dwork Rothschild Lecture: The Promise of Differential Privacy
SNA 24th November 2016 Mohamed-Ali Belabbas The geometry of optimal experiment design for vector-valued Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes.
DLA 22nd November 2016 Thomas Steinke Generalisation for Adaptive Data Analysis
SNA 17th November 2016 Patrick Flandrin Wavelets in the making — A publication network perspective
FOS 14th November 2016 Gerd Gigerenzer Rothschild Lecture: Helping Doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health Statistics
FOSW03 11th November 2016 David Balding Inference for complex DNA profiles
FOSW03 11th November 2016 Karen Kafadar Quantifying Information Content in Pattern Evidence
FOSW03 11th November 2016 Marjan Sjerps Evaluating a combination of matching class features: a general 'blind' procedure and a tire marks case
FOSW03 11th November 2016 Giulia Cereda A Bayesian nonparametric approach for the rare type problem
TGMW38 10th November 2016 David Spiegelhalter Uses and Abuses of Numbers in the News
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Drinks Reception, networking and poster exhibition
FOSW03 10th November 2016 James Curran Understanding Intra-day and Inter-day Variation in LIBS
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Richard Samworth Random Projection Ensemble Classification
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Timothy Gowers Will Automatic Theorem Proving Ever Help Mathematicians?
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Michael Sigman Assessing Evidentiary Value in Fire Debris Analysis
DLA 10th November 2016 Graham Cormode Engineering Privacy for Small Groups
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Seeing More in Pictures - Customised Image Analysis
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Welcome and Introduction
TGMW38 10th November 2016 Registration, Tea & Coffee
SNA 10th November 2016 Charlotte Deane Evaluating modules in molecular networks in light of annotation bias
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Klaas Slooten The likelihood ratio as a random variable, with applications to DNA mixtures and kinship analysis
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Peter Gill Challenges of reporting complex DNA mixtures in the court-room
SNA 10th November 2016 Albert Cardona The synapse-level wiring diagram of a center for learning and memory, the insect mushroom body
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Amke Caliebe Estimating trace-suspect match probabilities in forensics for singleton Y-STR haplotypes using coalescent theory
SNA 10th November 2016 Marta Zlatic Circuits principles of memory-based behavioral choice
FOSW03 10th November 2016 Mikkel Andersen Y Chromosomal STR Markers: Assessing Evidential Value
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Bernard Silverman Pre-Dinner Lecture: Forensic Science from the point of view of a Scientific Adviser to Government
SNA 9th November 2016 Vince Lyzinski Information Recovery in Shuffled Graphs via Graph Matching
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Torben Tvedebrink Inference platform for Ancestry Informative Markers
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Maarten Kruijver Modeling subpopulations in a forensic DNA database using a latent variable approach
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Jacob de Zoete Cell type determination and association with the DNA donor
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Therese Graversen An exact, efficient, and flexible representation of statistical models for DNA profiles
FOSW03 9th November 2016 Roberto Puch-Solis Evaluation of forensic DNA profiles while accounting for one and two repeat less and two repeat more stutters
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Keith Inman Complex DNA profile interpretation: stories from across the pond
FOSW03 8th November 2016 Norah Rudin Complex DNA profile interpretation: stories from across the pond
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