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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-07-27
E.g., 2017-07-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
BPRW01 12th July 2017 Leonardo de Moura Metaprogramming with Dependent Type Theory
BPRW01 12th July 2017 Assia Mahboubi Formally Verified Approximations of Definite Integrals
BPRW01 11th July 2017 Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine Schemas and semantics for Higher Inductive Types
BPRW01 11th July 2017 Dan Licata Small Proofs
BPRW01 11th July 2017 Floris van Doorn Homotopy Type Theory in Lean
BPRW01 11th July 2017 Martin Escardo Logic in univalent type theory
BPRW01 11th July 2017 Steve Awodey Impredicative encodings in HoTT
BPRW01 10th July 2017 Stephen Watt Mathematical Knowledge at Scale
BPRW01 10th July 2017 Larry Paulson Proof Assistants: From Symbolic Logic To Real Mathematics?
BPRW01 10th July 2017 Vladimir Voevodsky UniMath - its present and its future.
BPRW01 10th July 2017 Thomas Hales Big Conjectures
BPR 9th July 2017 Stephen Watt, Patrick Ion International Knowledge Management Trust
BPR 7th July 2017 J Strother Moore An Industrially Useful Prover
BPR 7th July 2017 Dan Licata, Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) Homotopy Type Theory in Agda
SINW01 7th July 2017 Christian Robert Inference in generative models using the Wasserstein distance
BPR 7th July 2017 Floris van Doorn The Lean HoTT library
BPR 7th July 2017 Bas Spitters The HoTT library in Coq
SINW01 7th July 2017 Jose Blanchet Exact Sampling for Multivariate Diffusions
BPR 7th July 2017 Benedikt Ahrens, Catherine LELAY Overview of Unimath
SINW01 7th July 2017 David Firth Bradley-Terry models for pair-comparison networks: Structure and scalability
SINW01 7th July 2017 Eric François Moulines Langevin MCMC: theory and methods
BPR 6th July 2017 Martin Hofmann Interpretation of the Calculus of Constructions in dictoses
SINW01 6th July 2017 Chris Sherlock The Discrete Bouncy Particle Sampler
BPR 6th July 2017 Ulrik Buchholtz Nominal applications of the classifying space of the finitary permutation group
SINW01 6th July 2017 Sinan Yildirim Scalable Monte Carlo inference for state-space models
SINW01 6th July 2017 Arnaud Doucet The Correlated Pseudo-Marginal Method
BPR 6th July 2017 Fabian Immler A Verified ODE Solver and Smale's 14th Problem
SINW01 6th July 2017 Matti Vihola Importance sampling type estimators based on approximate marginal Markov chain Monte Carlo and exact approximation
BPR 6th July 2017 Chris Kapulkin Type theory and higher categories
SINW01 6th July 2017 Po-Ling Loh Community recovery in weighted stochastic block models
BPR 6th July 2017 J Strother Moore Industrial Use of a Mechanical Theorem Prover
SINW01 6th July 2017 James Scott Detecting radiological anomalies
SINW01 6th July 2017 Katherine Heller Mobile Apps and Machine Learning for Improving Healthcare
SINW01 6th July 2017 Helen Zhang Hierarchy-preserving regularization solution paths for identifying interactions in high dimensional data
SINW01 5th July 2017 Louis Aslett Towards Encrypted Inference for Arbitrary Models
SINW01 5th July 2017 Chris Holmes Fast Bayesian Boolean Matrix Factorisation
BPR 5th July 2017 Social Proof Seminar (coordinated by Fenner Tanswell)
SINW01 5th July 2017 Gareth Roberts Optimisation and complexity for Gibbs samplers for hierarchical and crossed-effect models
SINW01 5th July 2017 Murray Pollock Exact Bayesian Inference for Big Data: Single- and Multi-Core Approaches
BPR 5th July 2017 Manuel Eberl Semi-Automatic Asymptotics in Isabelle/HOL
SINW01 5th July 2017 Christophe Andrieu On the ordering of some nonreversible Markov chain and Markov process Monte Carlo methods
SINW01 5th July 2017 Sam Livingstone Kinetic energy choice in Hamiltonian/hybrid Monte Carlo
SINW01 5th July 2017 Wentao Li Validating approximate Bayesian computation on posterior convergence
SINW01 5th July 2017 Paul Fearnhead Asymptotics of Approximate Bayesian Computation
SINW01 4th July 2017 Darren Wilkinson Category theory and functional programming for scalable statistical modelling and computational inference
SINW01 4th July 2017 Kerrie Mengersen Transferability: as easy as ABC?
BPR 4th July 2017 Big Proof and Education (coordinated by Jeremy Avigad)
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