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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-01-22
E.g., 2017-01-22
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 MR Zirnbauer Granular bosonization (or Fyodorov meets SUSY)
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 A Strombergsson Numerical computations with the trace formula and the selberg eigenvalue conjecture
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 W Luo Zeros of the derivative of a selberg zeta function
RMAW04 2nd July 2004 F Steiner The cosmic microwave background and the shape of the Universe
RMAW04 1st July 2004 J Toth Energy asymptotics for gaudin spin chains
RMAW04 1st July 2004 S Zelditch Complex zeros of real ergodic eigenfunctions
RMAW04 1st July 2004 D Jakobson On distribution of zeros of Heine-Stieltjes polynomials
RMAW04 1st July 2004 A Reznikov Subconvexity of L-functions and the uniqueness principle
RMAW04 1st July 2004 Z Rudnick A central limit theorem for the spectrum of the modular domain
RMAW04 30th June 2004 JP Keating Eigenfunction statistics for star graphs
RMAW04 30th June 2004 M Degli Esposti The triangle map: a model for quantum chaos
RMAW04 30th June 2004 A Eskin Classical dynamics of billiards in rational polygons
RMAW04 29th June 2004 S Müller Semiclassical foundation of universality in quantum chaos
RMAW04 29th June 2004 Y Petridis On the remiainder in weyl's law for heisenberg manifolds
RMAW04 29th June 2004 A Venkatesh Quantum chaos on locally symmetric spaces
SMC 29th June 2004 J Downs Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life Packaging of DNA and the problems it presents
RMAW04 29th June 2004 P Kurlberg On the distribution of matrix elements for the quantum cat map
SMC 29th June 2004 A Venkitaraman Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life TBA
RMAW04 29th June 2004 R Schubert Propagation of wavepackets for large times
SMC 29th June 2004 S Bell Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life The nuts and bolts of DNA replication
RMAW04 29th June 2004 M Sieber Semiclassical evidence for universal spectral correlations in quantum chaos
SMC 29th June 2004 R Laskey Maintenance and propagation of the blueprint for life Cancer and why DNA matters
RMAW04 28th June 2004 N Anantharaman The ``Quantum unique ergodicity" problem for anosov geodesic flows: an approach by entropy
RMAW04 28th June 2004 C Hughes On the number of lattice points in a thin annulus
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S Nonnenmacher Evolution and constrains on scarring for (perturbed) cat maps
RMAW04 28th June 2004 F Mezzadri Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
RMAW04 28th June 2004 S De Bievre Long time propagation of coherent states under perturbed cat map dynamics
RMAW04 28th June 2004 P Sarnak Quantum vesus classical fluctuations on the modular surface
RMA 24th June 2004 D Hejhal Multi-variate Gaussians for L-functions and applications to zeros
SMC 24th June 2004 P Ten Wolde & JM Paulsson Thinking about gene regulatory networks
SMC 23rd June 2004 K Dunker Intrinsic disorder and protein function
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 L Pearl Achieving specificity in regulated protein-protein interactions
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 PG Vekilov Phase transitions in protein solutions
SMCW03 23rd June 2004 JL Harden Sequence patterning in simple de novo proteins with tailored association behavior
SMCW03 22nd June 2004 TM Truskett Towards a simple coarse-grained strategy for modelling unfolding, phase separation, and aggregation in protein solutions
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