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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-03-30
E.g., 2017-03-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MRT 17th August 2004 M Freeman Remote sensing of reconnection rates in the Magnetosphere
MRT 17th August 2004 D Pontin Analytical and numerical models of field line behaviour in 3D reconnection
MRT 16th August 2004 M Linton Three-dimensional MHD reconnection of magnetic flux tubes
MRT 16th August 2004 D Longcope Observations of coronal loops formed by separator reconnection to an emerging active region
MRT 13th August 2004 M Hoshino Nonthermal particle acceleration
MRT 13th August 2004 J Huba Hall MHD reconnection
MRT 12th August 2004 K Kusano A new trigger mechanism for solar flares
MRT 12th August 2004 M Scholer Kinetic structure of the reconnection layer- are there slow mode shocks?
MRT 11th August 2004 K Schindler MHD stability of magnetotail equilibria
MRT 11th August 2004 B Daughton Role of the lower-hybrid drift instability in the onset of magnetic reconnection
MRTW01 10th August 2004 T Moretto Plasma depletion at the high latitude dayside magnetopause: Cluster observations
MRTW01 10th August 2004 S Eriksson Walen & slow-mode shock analyses applied to high-speed flows of the near-Earth magnetotail
MRTW01 10th August 2004 W Baumjohann Bifurcated \& thin current sheets: CLUSTER results
MRTW01 10th August 2004 J Dorelli Magnetic reconnection at the Dayside Terrestrial Magnetopause
MRTW01 10th August 2004 K Trattner Anti-parallel versus component reconnection at the Earth's magnetopause
MRTW01 10th August 2004 D Alexander Exploring the nature of magnetic reconnection in solar transients
MRTW01 10th August 2004 R Maclean Topology of magnetic breakout
MRTW01 10th August 2004 H Hudson Active-region magnetic structures \& their perturbations by flares
MRTW01 10th August 2004 B Kliem Some open problems for magnetic reconnection in solar flares
MRTW01 10th August 2004 M Kuznetsova Anti-parallel merging \& component reconnection: role in magnetospheric dynamics
MRTW01 10th August 2004 I Coleman A critical test of reconnection theories on the magnetopause
MRTW01 10th August 2004 S Higgins Space- and time-dependent heating of solar coronal loops
MRTW01 10th August 2004 C Parnell Reconnection \& coronal heating
MRTW01 10th August 2004 L Culhane Observational evidence for magnetic reconnection in the solar corona
MRTW01 9th August 2004 A Bhattacharjee Impulsive reconnection dynamics
MRTW01 9th August 2004 P Petkaki Nonlinear evolution of the ion-acoustic instability
MRTW01 9th August 2004 C Watt Parameter study of ion acoustic resistivity in collisionless plasmas
MRTW01 9th August 2004 BK Shimavoggi Critical exponents and universality in fully developed turbulence
MRTW01 9th August 2004 F Pegoraro The role of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in magnetic reconnection
MRTW01 9th August 2004 J Huba Hall magnetic reconnection in 2D \& 3D
MRTW01 9th August 2004 M Hesse The physics of the reconnection diffusion region
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