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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-08-31
E.g., 2015-08-31
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MAM 7th August 2015 E Hunsicker Topology and Compactifications of Moduli Spaces
MAM 6th August 2015 J Hurtubise Monopoles on circle bundles
MAM 5th August 2015 (Open) Problem Discussion Session
MAM 5th August 2015 L Fredrickson A construction of limiting solutions of Hitchin's equations
MAM 4th August 2015 S Bradlow Higgs bundles, spectral data, and fiber products of curves
MAM 3rd August 2015 L Kamenova On Kobayashi's conjecture for K3 surfaces and hyperk\"ahler manifolds"
MAM 3rd August 2015 A Dancer Symplectic and hyperkahler implosion
MAMW01 31st July 2015 A Hanany Coulomb Branch and the Moduli Space of Instantons
MAMW01 31st July 2015 C LeBrun Mass in Kaehler Geometry
MAMW01 31st July 2015 M Wolf Polynomial Pick forms for affine spheres, real projective polygons, and surface group representations in PSL(3,R).
MAMW01 30th July 2015 KA Wendland The elliptic genus - a view from conformal field theory
MAMW01 30th July 2015 DG Harland The charge density of a monopole and its asymptotic tail
MAMW01 30th July 2015 SA Wolpert Schiffer variations and Abelian differentials
MAMW01 30th July 2015 V Pestun Quantization of integrable systems of periodic monopoles
MAMW01 30th July 2015 T Hausel Hyperkähler toy models
MAMW01 29th July 2015 M Singer & B Schroers 'Breakout' Session
MAMW01 29th July 2015 N Hitchin ALG and the SU($\infty$) Toda equation
MAMW01 29th July 2015 H Nakajima Coulomb branches of 3-dimensional $\mathcal N=4$ gauge theories
MAMW01 29th July 2015 R Bielawski Asymptotics and compactification of monopole moduli space
MAMW01 28th July 2015 LD Saper Perverse sheaves on compactifications of locally symmetric spaces
MAMW01 28th July 2015 F Rochon Renormalized volume on the Teichmuller space of punctured Riemann surfaces
MAMW01 28th July 2015 R Melrose Asymptotics of hyperboilic, Weil-Peterssen and Takhtajan-Zograf metrics
MAMW01 28th July 2015 X Zhu Nodal degeneration of hyperbolic metrics and application to Weil-Petersson metric on the moduli space
MAMW01 28th July 2015 G Carron On the geometry of some Hyperkaehler manifolds
MAMW01 27th July 2015 LA Takhtajan Kähler metrics and Chern forms on the moduli space of punctured Riemann surfaces
MAMW01 27th July 2015 P Boalch Non-perturbative hyperkahler manifolds
MAMW01 27th July 2015 H Auvray An analytic construction of dihedral ALF gravitational instantons
MAMW01 27th July 2015 O Biquard Folded hyperKähler metrics
CGPW01 24th July 2015 Group Discussion
CGPW01 24th July 2015 Dorit Merhof Image analysis for biomedical applications - methods and software solutions
MAM 24th July 2015 A Vasy Analysis of quantum N-body type problems
CGPW01 24th July 2015 Leif Dehmelt Biomolecular interaction assays
CGPW01 24th July 2015 Group Discussion
MAM 24th July 2015 S Cherkis Instanton and Bow Moduli Spaces
CGPW01 24th July 2015 John Lowengrub Computational methods for tissue and tumor growth
CGPW01 24th July 2015 Alf Gerisch Sensitivity analysis and quantification of uncertainty
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 Group Discussion
MAM 23rd July 2015 C Guillarmou The renormalized volume of hyperbolic 3 manifolds
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 Christoph Möhl Quantitative imaging of migrating cells in vitro and in living tissues
MAM 23rd July 2015 J Fine Ruling out non-collapsed singularities in Riemannian 4-manifolds via the symplectic geometry of their twistor spaces
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 Zeno von Guttenberg Cell Migration Assays
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 Group Discussion
MAM 23rd July 2015 F Witt & J Swoboda Hitchin's self-duality equation and limiting configurations
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 John King Multiphase modelling of cells and tissues
CGPW01 23rd July 2015 Mark Chaplain Multiscale modelling of cancer growth and treatment
MAM 22nd July 2015 C Kottke & M Singer New results on euclidean monopole metrics
CGPW01 22nd July 2015 Group Discussion
CGPW01 22nd July 2015 Masayasu Mimura Colonial patterns formed by chemotactic bacteria E. coli
CGPW01 22nd July 2015 Group Discussion
MAM 22nd July 2015 P Albin Analysis on singular spaces
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