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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-04-19
E.g., 2015-04-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
21st March 2015 Longitude Found
AGA 21st March 2015 R Higgitt Longitude Found
RGMW03 20th March 2015 O Zeitouni Maxima of logarithmically correlated fields
RGMW03 20th March 2015 P Sousi Uniformity of the late points of random walk on $\mathbb{Z}_d^n$ for $d \geq 3$
RGMW03 20th March 2015 A Auffinger Rate of convergence of the mean of sub-additive ergodic processes
RGMW03 20th March 2015 R van der Hofstad Scale-free percolation
RGMW03 19th March 2015 L-P Arguin Maxima of log-correlated Gaussian fields and of the Riemann Zeta function on the critical line
RGMW03 19th March 2015 T Madaule On the complex cascade and the complex branching Brownian motion
PEP 19th March 2015 C Sadel Some results on $d \times d$ cocycles
RGMW03 19th March 2015 O Zindy Log-correlated Gaussian fields: study of the Gibbs measure
RGMW03 19th March 2015 N Kistler A multi-scale refinement of the second moment method Co-authors: L.P
PEP 18th March 2015 B Khoruzhenko Fractional Brownian Motion with zero Hurst index and GUE random matrices
RGMW03 18th March 2015 J Berestycki Branching processes with competition by pruning of Levy trees
RGMW03 18th March 2015 A Veber Genealogies with recombination in spatial population genetics
RGMW03 18th March 2015 J Schweinsberg Rigorous results for a population model with selection
RGMW03 18th March 2015 A Etheridge Branching Brownian motion, the Brownian net and selection in spatially structured populations
RGMW03 17th March 2015 AE Holroyd Local graph coloring
RGMW03 17th March 2015 A Turner Small-particle limits in a regularized Laplacian random growth model
PEP 17th March 2015 M Vogel Eigenvalue statistics for a class of non-self-adjoint operators under random perturbations
RGMW03 17th March 2015 R Peled Delocalization of two-dimensional random surfaces with hard-core constraints
RGMW03 17th March 2015 D Aldous The Compulsive Gambler process
RGMW03 16th March 2015 C Goldschmidt A line-breaking construction of the stable trees
RGMW03 16th March 2015 W Kendall Google maps and improper Poisson line processes
RGMW03 16th March 2015 B Haas Random trees constructed by aggregation
RGMW03 16th March 2015 J Bertoin Compensated Fragmentations
PEP 12th March 2015 I Veselic Uncertainty principles and spectral analysis of Schroedinger operators
RGM 11th March 2015 K Khanin On random Hamilton-Jacobi equation and "other" KPZ
PEP 10th March 2015 J Eckhardt The string density problem and the Camassa-Holm equation
PEP 4th March 2015 S Cooper Resolvent estimates for high-contrast elliptic problems with periodic coefficients
PEP 3rd March 2015 E Shargorodsky Negative eigenvalues of two-dimensional Schroedinger operators
PEP 25th February 2015 S Morozov On the minimax principle for eigenvalues of Dirac operator with Coulombic singularities
PEP 24th February 2015 M Seri Accumulation of complex eigenvalues for a class of indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators
PEP 18th February 2015 V Tchoulaevski Exponential dynamical localization in N-particle Anderson models on graphs with long-range interaction via Fractional Moment Analysis
PEP 17th February 2015 W Spitzer Entanglement entropy of free fermions
PEP 11th February 2015 J P Solovej Schrodinger or Pauli operators with self-generated magnetic fields
PEP 9th February 2015 Z Rudnick The point scatterer: a survey
RGM 5th February 2015 J-C Mourrat The dynamic phi^4 model in the plane
PEP 5th February 2015 D Elton Behaviour of zero modes for a one-dimensional Dirac operator arising in models of graphene
PEP 3rd February 2015 G Raikov Discrete spectrum of Schroedinger operators with oscillating decaying potentials
RGM 2nd February 2015 G Miermont Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Random maps and random 2-dimensional geometries
RGMW02 30th January 2015 G Pete On near-critical SLE(6) and on the tail in Cardy's formula
RGMW02 30th January 2015 C Boutillier The Z-invariant massive Laplacian on isoradial graphs
RGMW02 30th January 2015 L Dumaz Renormalization Approach to the 2-Dimensional Uniform Spanning Tree
RGMW02 30th January 2015 D Chelkak Scaling limits of critical Ising correlation functions in planar domains
RGMW02 29th January 2015 X Sun Some scaling limit results for critical Fortuin-Kastelyn random planar map model
RGMW02 29th January 2015 V Beffara Drawing maps
RGMW02 29th January 2015 J Bettinelli Geodesics in Brownian surfaces
RGMW02 29th January 2015 J Miller Liouville quantum gravity as a mating of trees
RGMW02 28th January 2015 B Duplantier Generalized Multifractality of Whole-Plane SLE
RGMW02 28th January 2015 J Aru GFF with SLE and KPZ
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