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E.g., 2015-11-28
E.g., 2015-11-28
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
21st September 2015 A Stirling & M Cullen Introduction: Challenges 4 & 5 - Convection-Wave Coupling, the Adjustment of a Moist Unstable Column of Air, and their Representation in Numerical Models
21st September 2015 A Stirling & M Cullen Introduction: Challenge 3 - Validating Convective-Scale Rainfall Forecasts and Estimating their Uncertainty
21st September 2015 K Shelton Introduction: Challenge 2 - Identification of Coherent Weather Features in Three Dimensions
21st September 2015 D Sproson & R Sproson Introduction: Challenge 1 - Statistical Framework for Utilisation of Modelled Data for Tropical Cyclones
21st September 2015 O Bokhove & V Hazelwood Introduction
CGPW02 18th September 2015 John Dallon Streaming in Dd and Cell-cell adhesions
CGPW02 18th September 2015 John King Cellular patterning in plant roots
CGPW02 18th September 2015 Naomi Nakayama Self-calibration of structural engineering in plant shoots
CGPW02 18th September 2015 Chandrasekhar Venkataraman Image driven modelling of cell motility
CGPW02 18th September 2015 Roeland Merks Multiscale cell-based modeling of mechanical cell-matrix feedback during collective cell behavior
CGPW02 18th September 2015 Jocelyn Etienne Rheology of actomyosin and emergent mechanical properties of cells
CGPW02 18th September 2015 Ulrich Schwarz How cell forces shape tissue dynamics: from experiments to models
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Xiaoyu Luo Modelling Residual Stresses Modelling Residual Stresses in Heart and Arteries
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Bjorn Stinner Surface finite element methods
HIF 17th September 2015 ARD Mathias Linking set theory to economics
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Axel Voigt A mechanical basis for axes alignment in early embryogenesis - cortical flow and cytoplasmic streaming
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Sharon Lubkin What’s lumen got to do with it? Mechanics and transport in lung morphogenesis
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Kishore Mosaliganti Lumenogenesis: Understanding fluid flow into a closed cavity
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Paul Kulesa Moving Cells Throughout the Embryo: A Story from the Neural Crest
CGPW02 17th September 2015 Sean Gregory Megason Mechanical feedback via pressure regulates organ size
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Behruz Bozorg Mechanical signals and morphogenesis in plants
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Bakhtier Vasiev Modelling chemotactic motion of cells in biological tissues
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Pierre Degond Self-organization of adipose tissue
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Edward Green Mathematical models for cell-extracellular matrix interactions in tissue development
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Kees Weijer Light sheet microscopy reveals the cellular mechanisms driving primitive streak formation
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Benjie Ovryn Modeling and tracking glycan diffusion near integrin adhesions using biorthogonal click-chemistry and interference microscopy
CGPW02 16th September 2015 Carl-Philipp Heisenberg TBA
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Michael Beil Cell mechanics as a target to regulate extravasation of neutrophils
CGPW02 15th September 2015 John Mackenzie A Computational Model for Single Cell Migration and Chemotaxis: Coupling Bulk and Membrane Bound Processes
HIF 15th September 2015 R Lubarsky $\Sigma^0_3$ determinacy and friends
CGPW02 15th September 2015 José Manuel García Aznar Modelling 3D cell motility in mechano-chemo-biology: from microfluidics to numerical simulation
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Thomas Woolley Cellular blebs: pressure-driven, axisymmetric, membrane protrusions
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Stephanie Portet Modelling intermediate filaments
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Robert Kay How cells form cups
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Denis Wirtz Cancer Cell Migration in 3D
CGPW02 14th September 2015 C Elliott Solving PDEs in domains with complex evolving morphology: Rothschild Visiting Fellow Lecture
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Discussion: what do we want to learn?
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Andrew Goryachev The cell cortex is an excitable medium
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Christian Schmeiser The Filament Based Lamellipodium Model: a continuum model derived from actin filament dynamics
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Rudolf Leube Epithelial intermediate filament organisation: Modes of regulation in vitro and in vivo
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Anne Ridley Cell motility and signalling to the cytoskeleton
HIF 10th September 2015 M Dzamonja On the width of wqos
CGP 10th September 2015 K Deckelnick Minimising a relaxed Willmore functional for graphs subject to Dirichlet boundary conditions
10th September 2015 Operational Team Meeting
HIF 8th September 2015 T Inamdar Another proof of the failure of a higher forcing axiom
CGP 8th September 2015 C-N Chen Localized pulse solutions in FitzHugh-Nagumo equations
HIFW04 4th September 2015 J Kirby Constructing Quasiminimal Functions
HIFW04 4th September 2015 I Neeman Forcing with large continuum
HIFW04 4th September 2015 L Chew QBF proof complexity
HIFW04 4th September 2015 J Gay Computably extendible order types
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