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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-06-07
E.g., 2016-06-07
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SDBW03 7th April 2016 Carmen Molina-Paris A stochastic story of two receptors and two ligands
SDBW03 7th April 2016 Vikram Sunkara Insights into the dynamics of Hybrid Methods through a range of biological examples. A hands on approach
SDBW03 7th April 2016 Kevin Burrage Sampling Methods for Exploring Between Subject Variability in Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiments
SDBW03 7th April 2016 Andrew Duncan Hybrid modelling of stochastic chemical kinetics
SDBW03 7th April 2016 Pieter Rein ten Wolde Fundamental limits to transcriptional regulatory control
SDBW03 6th April 2016 Tomas Vejchodsky Tensor methods for higher-dimensional Fokker-Planck equation
SDBW03 6th April 2016 Carlos Lopez Intracellular signaling processes and cell decisions using stochastic algorithms
SDBW03 6th April 2016 Eric Deeds tba
SDBW03 6th April 2016 Omer Dushek Cellular signalling in T cells is captured by a tractable modular phenotypic model
SDBW03 5th April 2016 Vahid Shahrezaei Inference of size dependence of transcription parameters from single cell data using multi-scale models of gene expression
SDBW03 5th April 2016 Aleksandra Walczak tba
SDBW03 5th April 2016 John Albeck Linking dynamic signaling events within the same cell
SDBW03 5th April 2016 Jay Newby First-passage time to clear the way for receptor-ligand binding in a crowded environment
SDBW03 5th April 2016 David Doty "No We Can't": Impossibility of efficient leader election by chemical reactions
SDBW03 5th April 2016 Muruhan Rathinam Analysis of Monte Carlo estimators for parametric sensitivities in stochastic chemical kinetics
SDBW03 5th April 2016 Rosalind Allen Inherent variability in the kinetics of amyloid fibril formation
SDBW03 4th April 2016 Erkki Somersalo tba
SDBW03 4th April 2016 Raul Fidel Tempone Efficient Simulation and Inference for Stochastic Reaction Networks
SDBW03 4th April 2016 Simon Cotter A constrained approach to the simulation and analysis of stochastic multiscale chemical kinetics
SDBW03 4th April 2016 James Faeder Towards large scale models of biochemical networks
SDBW03 4th April 2016 Thomas Kurtz Approximations for Markov chain models
MIM 31st March 2016 Urmi Dutta Jets and plumes in Earth system: how they ascend
SDB 30th March 2016 Sandro Azaele Stochastic Modeling of Species-Rich Ecosystems
SDB 29th March 2016 Peter Roland Kramer Stochastic Fluctuations in Suspensions of Swimming Microorganisms
SDB 22nd March 2016 Julius Kirkegaard Stochastic Aspects of Choanoflagellates
MIM 21st March 2016 Jan Nordbotten Emerging fractal structure in freezing of brine
SDB 21st March 2016 Stefan Hellander Reaction rates for nearest-neighbor reactions in the reaction-diffusion master equation
19th March 2016 Charles Simonyi Practicalities of orbital space travel
SDB 18th March 2016 David Holcman Stochastic modeling, asymptotics, simulations and data analysis of super-resolution trajectories: application to cellular biology
MIM 17th March 2016 Meng Tian Compaction-driven fluid flow during metamorphism: its impacts on CO2 transfer, thermal advection and its competition with porous convection
MIM 17th March 2016 David Rees Jones Solidification of 'mushy layers': the role of convection
SDB 16th March 2016 Romain Yvinec Stochastic coagulation-fragmentation models for the study of protein aggregation phenomena
SDB 15th March 2016 Shuohao Liao Tensor Methods for Parameter Estimation and Bifurcation Analysis of Stochastic Reaction Networks
SDB 11th March 2016 David Holcman Stochastic modeling, asymptotics, simulations and data analysis of super-resolution trajectories: application to cellular biology
MIM 10th March 2016 Takehiro Koyaguchi The diversity of eruption styles of silicic magmas
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Questions
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Mike Hayball Biomarkers from Dynamic Images - Approaches and Challenges
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Simon Arridge Dynamic PhotoAcoustic Tomography
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Andy Sederman Dynamic MRI - Imaging Transport and Structure in Transient Systems
SDB 9th March 2016 Andreas Hellander PyURDME, MOLNs and StochSS — from new algorithms for spatial stochastic simulation to large-scale distributed computational experiments in “the cloud"
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Yinhai Wang Opportunities and Challenges in Multi-Model, Multi-Dimensional Image Analysis for Drug Discovery
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Matthias Ehrhardt Combined Image Reconstruction for Combined PET-MR Imaging
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Eugene Duff Progress and Challenges in Large-Scale and Translational Neuroimaging Projects
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Matthew Pearce Lightning Talk: Structured Features for Bayesian Nonparametric Factor Analysis
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Tomas Ostasevicius Lightning Talk: HyperSpy and SamFire for Big Data Analysis
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Rowan K Learly Lightning Talk: Multi-Dimensional Electron Microscopy
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Joana Grah Lightning Talk: Mathematical Imaging Methods for Mitosis Analysis in Cancer Research
TGMW32 9th March 2016 Veronica Corona Lightning Talk: Multi-spectral characterisation of thalamic nuclei using 3T MRI
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