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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-09-26
E.g., 2016-09-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW36 9th September 2016 David Andelman Electrified Interfaces: One Hundred Years of the Poisson-Boltzmann Theory and More
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Masao Doi Onsager Principle - A Principle Useful for Solving Industrial Problems
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Simeon Stoyanov Soft Matter Challenges - Consumer Products
TGMW36 9th September 2016 Jasna Brujic Pattern Formation outside of Equilbrium as a Template for Drug Delivery Vehicles
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Jason Crain Predictive Modelling & Cognitive Computing for Soft Materials Discovery
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Hans Hermann The Rotational Degrees of Freedom of a Granular Packing
DLA 8th September 2016 David Hand, Peter Christen A note on the F-measure for evaluating record linkage algorithms (and classification methods and information retrieval systems)
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Isabella Van Damme Soft Matter Challenges - Food Manufacturing
SNA 8th September 2016 Malwina Luczak Extinction time for the weaker of two competing SIS epidemics
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Matthieu Wyart Elementary Excitations in Amorphous Materials
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Geoff Maitland The Intriguing World of Clay-Inorganic Nanoparticle Suspensions: Practical Opportunities and Theoretical Challenges
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Glenn Fredrickson Building on Sir Sam's Formalism: Molecularly-Informed Field-Theoretic Simulations of Soft Matter
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Louise Bailey Soft Matter Challenges - Oil and Gas Sector
TGMW36 8th September 2016 Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Synchronisation: From Stick-Slip Instabilities in Jammed Fluids to Endogeneous Economic Crises
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Kurt Kremer Topological Constraints Do Matter: Polymer Melts, Elastomers, Collapsed Polymer Globules, Chromosome Territories etc
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Stuart Little Soft Matter Challenges - Chemicals Industry
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Monica Olvera de la Cruz Polymer Electrolytes
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Tom McLeish Sam Edwards - Continuing the Legacy for Industry-Facing Science
TGMW36 7th September 2016 Mike Cates, John Toland, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 David Spiegelhalter Communicating likelihood ratios
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Karen Kafadar Statistical Issues and Reliability of Eyewitness Identification
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Colin Aitken Relevant populations and data
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 David Caruso Capacity and Comprehension of Mathematical Reasoning by Counsel and Courts
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Norman Fenton The challenges of Bayes in the Law
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Anne Ruth mackor Novel Facts
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Richard Lempert Courts and Statistics: Varieties of Statistical Challenges
FOSW01 2nd September 2016 Alicia Carriquiry Forensic databases: size, completeness, usefulness
FOSW01 1st September 2016 TBC
SNA 1st September 2016 Susan Holmes Microbial Community Networks in the Human Microbiome
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Ulrich Simmross Towards a better communication between theory and imperfect realities of professional practice - On barriers among stakeholders and possible ways out
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Alex Biedermann Recent Pan-European advances in harmonising evaluative reporting in forensic science: scope, principles and pending challenges
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Sheila Bird Statistical issues arising in the conduct of fatal accident inquiries
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Bruce Weir How should we interpret Y-chromosome evidence?
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Paul Roberts All Talk and No Conversation? Methodological Preconditions of An Interdisciplinary Forensic Science
FOSW01 1st September 2016 Frans Alkemade Bayes & the Blame Game: How to ease the mutually felt frustration between law professionals and scientists.
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Lonneke Stevens Struggling judges: do they need a probability help desk? A daily legal practice point of view
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Marieke Dubelaar Law, statistics and psychology, do they match?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Patricia Wiltshire Forensic Ecology: How do we get answers to questions? How do we present them to the court?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Ruth Morgan Forensic trace evidence – what are the questions we need to answer?
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Tim Clayton tba
FOSW01 31st August 2016 Kristy Martire Exploring mock-juror evidence interpretation and belief updating within a probability framework
FOSW01 31st August 2016 William Thompson Lay Understanding (and Misunderstanding) of Quantitative Statements about the Weight of Forensic Evidence
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Joseph Gastwirth Statistical Measures and Methods Used to Analyze the Representativeness of Jury Pools
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Bernard Robertson The nature of questions arising in court that can be addressed via probability and logic
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Cheryl Thomas tba
FOSW01 30th August 2016 David Bentley Probability and statistics – a criminal lawyer’s perspective.
FOSW01 30th August 2016 Allan Jamieson Casework problems with the Likelihood Ratio
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