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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-02-06
E.g., 2016-02-06
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
QIMW01 15th January 2016 Jens Eisert Out of equilibrium dynamics and a unifying view on many-body localisation
QIMW01 15th January 2016 Austen Lamacraft z-measures and the non-linear Luttinger liquid
QIMW01 15th January 2016 Gabor Takacs Initial states in integrable quantum field theory quenches from an integral equation hierarchy
QIMW01 15th January 2016 Andreas Ludwig tba
QIMW01 14th January 2016 Evgeny Sklyanin Quantisation of Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
QIMW01 14th January 2016 Veronique Terras Heisenberg spin chains by separation of variables: recent advances
QIMW01 14th January 2016 Robert Konik Studies of the Loschmidt Echo in Two Dimensional Coupled Arrays of Quantum Ising Chains and Luttinger Liquids
QIMW01 14th January 2016 Jörg Schmiedmayer High order correlations and what we can learn about the solution for many body problems from experiment
QIMW01 14th January 2016 Alessandro Silva Dynamical phase transitions and statistics of excitations
QIMW01 13th January 2016 Jacopo Viti Inhomogeneous quenches and arctic curves in fermionic systems
SDB 13th January 2016 Karen Lipkow Cellular Systems Biology of Chromosome Dynamics
QIMW01 13th January 2016 Tomaz Prosen Integrability of a deterministic cellular automaton driven by stochastic boundaries
QIMW01 13th January 2016 John Cardy Revivals and Entanglement Propagation after a Quantum Quench
QIMW01 13th January 2016 Benjamin Doyon Thermalization and pseudolocality in extended quantum systems
QIMW01 13th January 2016 Ignacio Cirac Tensor Network Techniques and systems out of equilibrium
SDB 12th January 2016 Ulrich Dobramysl Role and dynamics of cytoskeletal actin bundles
QIMW01 12th January 2016 Pasquale Calabrese Real time confinement following a quench to a non-integrable model
QIMW01 12th January 2016 Jean-Sébastien Caux Dynamics and relaxation in quantum integrable systems
QIMW01 12th January 2016 Vladimir Gritsev Integrability and supersymmetry in quantum optics
QIMW01 12th January 2016 Ulrich Schneider Dynamical Quasicondensation of Hard-Core Bosons at Finite Momenta
QIMW01 11th January 2016 Francisco Alcaraz Shannon mutual information of critical quantum chains
QIMW01 11th January 2016 Romain Vasseur Thermalization, integrability and localization
QIMW01 11th January 2016 Maurizio Fagotti Stationary states and (quasi)local charges in a semi-infinite chain
QIMW01 11th January 2016 Joel Moore Expansion potentials for exact far-from-equilibrium spreading of energy in the XXZ model
QIMW01 11th January 2016 Marton Kormos Quantum quenches in the sine-Gordon model: a semiclassical approach
HIFW03 18th December 2015 A Brooke-Taylor Set theory and algebraic topology
HIFW03 18th December 2015 A Marks Borel Matchings and equidecompositions
HIFW03 18th December 2015 B Miller Another proof of the Jayne-Rogers theorem
HIFW03 17th December 2015 I Leader Pairwise Sums in the Reals
HIFW03 17th December 2015 N Bowler Determinacy in Infinite Matroids
HIFW03 17th December 2015 J Carmesin An Introduction to infinite matroids
HIFW03 17th December 2015 B Lubarsky Context-Dependent Deterministic Parallel Feedback Turing Computability
HIFW03 17th December 2015 O Finkel Set Theory and Automata Theory
HIFW03 16th December 2015 M Hrusak Long and short recursive constructions---cardinal invariants and parametrized diamonds
HIFW03 16th December 2015 M Carl Computing beyond Constructibility: The Recognizability Strength of Ordinal Time Machines
HIFW03 16th December 2015 A Pauly Weihrauch degrees of determinacy
HIFW03 16th December 2015 J Wojciechowski Infinite Matroids and Pushdown Automata on Infinite Words
HIFW03 16th December 2015 P Schnoebelen Well-quasi-orderings for progam analysis and computational complextiy
HIFW03 15th December 2015 M Magidor TBA
HIFW03 15th December 2015 J Larson Partition Relation Perspectives
HIFW03 15th December 2015 I Juhasz The Pinning Down Number and Cardinal Arithmetic
HIFW03 15th December 2015 J Rosický Inaccessible cardinals and accessible categories
HIFW03 15th December 2015 M Rathjen On relating strong type theories and set theories
HIFW03 14th December 2015 CJ Campbell Moore A revision theory for type-free probability
HIFW03 14th December 2015 S Sanders The unreasonable effectiveness of Nonstandard Analysis
HIFW03 14th December 2015 J Lopez-Abad Approximate Ramsey properties of Matrices
HIFW03 14th December 2015 V Torres-Perez Strong Chang's Conjecture, Semi-Stationary Reflection, Strong Tree Property and Two Cardinal Square Principles
HIFW03 14th December 2015 D Bartosova Ramsey theory in topological dynamics
CGPW04 11th December 2015 Stephen Watson Emergent Parabolic Scaling of Nano-Faceting Crystal Growth
CGPW04 11th December 2015 Jocelyn Etienne Cells and embryos as flowing shells: analytical and numerical approaches for viscoelastic liquid shells
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