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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-10-07
E.g., 2015-10-07
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Robert Kay How cells form cups
CGPW02 15th September 2015 Denis Wirtz Cancer Cell Migration in 3D
CGPW02 14th September 2015 C Elliott Solving PDEs in domains with complex evolving morphology: Rothschild Visiting Fellow Lecture
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Discussion: what do we want to learn?
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Andrew Goryachev The cell cortex is an excitable medium
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Christian Schmeiser The Filament Based Lamellipodium Model: a continuum model derived from actin filament dynamics
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Rudolf Leube Epithelial intermediate filament organisation: Modes of regulation in vitro and in vivo
CGPW02 14th September 2015 Anne Ridley Cell motility and signalling to the cytoskeleton
HIF 10th September 2015 M Dzamonja On the width of wqos
CGP 10th September 2015 K Deckelnick Minimising a relaxed Willmore functional for graphs subject to Dirichlet boundary conditions
10th September 2015 Operational Team Meeting
HIF 8th September 2015 T Inamdar Another proof of the failure of a higher forcing axiom
CGP 8th September 2015 C-N Chen Localized pulse solutions in FitzHugh-Nagumo equations
HIFW04 4th September 2015 J Kirby Constructing Quasiminimal Functions
HIFW04 4th September 2015 I Neeman Forcing with large continuum
HIFW04 4th September 2015 L Chew QBF proof complexity
HIFW04 4th September 2015 J Gay Computably extendible order types
HIFW04 4th September 2015 P Ehrlich Integration on the Surreals
HIFW04 4th September 2015 R Lubarsky Feedback Computability
HIFW04 4th September 2015 A Pitts Local Names
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 V Gitman Ehrenfeucht Principles in Set Theory
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 Coffee Break
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 D Hughes First-order Proofs Without Syntax
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 T Weinert Partition Relation for linear Orders without the Axiom of Choice
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 R Bruni On a Generalization of the Revision-theoretic Approach to Strategic Rationality
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 I Pratt-Hartman Extending the Syllogistic
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 A Pauly Descriptive set theory, endofunctors & hypercomputation
CGP 3rd September 2015 T Sekimura A model for selection of eyespots on butterfly wings
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 M Sadrzadeh A Multilinear Algebraic Semantics for Natural Language
HIFW04 3rd September 2015 A Kechris Descriptive Graph Combinatorics
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Kurucz Many-dimensional Modal Logics
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Cevik A variant of $\Pi^0_1$ class
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 S Uckelman Where are the women in medieval logic?
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Brooke-Taylor AEC tameness from large cardinals via category theory
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 E Rivello Self-determined sets of sentences
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Blass Weak Partition Relations and Conservative Elementary Extensions
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 J Hedges Applying constructive analysis and topology in game theory
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 E Garcia Ramirez An application of Model Theory to Real Algebraic Geometry
HIFW04 1st September 2015 D Siniora Generic Automorphisms of a Hrushovski construction
HIFW04 1st September 2015 E Dihoum Models of Intuitionistic Zermelo-Frankel Set Theory based on Scott's $D_{\infty}$
HIFW04 1st September 2015 O Akcelik In Pursuit of the Missing Premise in First Order Logic
HIFW04 1st September 2015 R Bello Aguirre A look into generalised stability
CGP 1st September 2015 M Winter Existence and Stability of Spike Clusters for Reaction-Diffusion Systems
HIFW01 28th August 2015 V Gitman Indestructible remarkable cardinals
HIFW01 28th August 2015 Y Zhu The higher sharp
HIFW01 28th August 2015 Z Vidnyánszky The size of conjugacy classes of automorphism groups
HIFW01 28th August 2015 M Staniszewski On ideal equal convergence
HIFW01 28th August 2015 L Zdomskyy Delta_1-definability of the non-stationary ideal
HIFW01 28th August 2015 M Goldstern Ultrafilters without p-point quotients
HIFW01 28th August 2015 NL Dobrinen Infinite dimensional Ellentuck spaces
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