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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-07-27
E.g., 2016-07-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Svante Janson Graph limits and entropy
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Fabio Martinelli Bootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained spin models: critical lengths and mixing time scales
SNAW01 13th July 2016 Balazs Szegedy On the graph limit approach to random regular graphs
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Dean Eckles Statistical and causal inference in networks
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Oleg Sofrygin Estimation of Causal Effects in Network-Dependent Observational Data
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Michael Leung A Weak Law for Moments of Pairwise-Stable Networks
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Florian Markowetz Understanding genetic interaction networks
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Haiyan Huang Inferring gene-gene associations and gene networks beyond standard statistical models
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Amin Saberi Thin spanning trees and their algorithmic applications
SNAW01 12th July 2016 He Sun Partitioning Well-Clustered Graphs: Spectral Clustering Works!
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Nikhil Srivastava Spectral Sparsification of Graphs
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Charles Radin Emergent phases in constrained random networks
SNAW01 12th July 2016 Richard Kenyon Can you see the sound of a drum?
SNAW01 12th July 2016 David Aldous A framework for imperfectly observed networks
SNAW01 11th July 2016 David Blei Exponential Family Embeddings
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Francois Caron Sparse and modular networks using exchangeable random measures
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Peter Orbanz Subsampling, symmetry and averaging in networks
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Paul Smith Towards universality in bootstrap percolation
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Oliver Riordan The phase transition in Achlioptas processes
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Peter Csikvari Statistical matching theory with a glimpse towards extremal regular graphs
SNAW01 11th July 2016 Cristina Toninelli Kinetically constrained spin models
DLAW01 8th July 2016 Jared Murray Probabilistic Record Linkage and Deduplication after Indexing, Blocking, and Filtering
DLAW01 8th July 2016 Aaron Roth Using Differential Privacy to Control False Discovery in Adaptive Data Analysis
DLAW01 8th July 2016 Ray Chambers Statistical Modelling using Linked Data - Issues and Opportunities
DLAW01 8th July 2016 Harvey Goldstein Probabilistic anonymisation of microdatasets and models for analysis
DLAW01 7th July 2016 Rebecca Steorts Modern Bayesian Record Linkage: Some Recent Developments and Open Challenges
DLAW01 7th July 2016 Christopher Dibben, Natalie Shlomo Perspectives on user needs for academic, government and commercial data
DLAW01 7th July 2016 Josep Domingo-Ferrer New Directions in Anonymization: Permutation Paradigm, Verifiability by Subjects and Intruders, Transparency to Users
DLAW01 7th July 2016 Christine O'Keefe Measuring risk and utility in remote analysis and online data centres – why isn’t this problem already solved?
DLAW01 6th July 2016 Peter Christen Recent developments and research challenges in data linkage
DLAW01 6th July 2016 John Abowd The Challenge of Privacy Protection for Statistical Agencies
DLAW01 6th July 2016 Cynthia Dwork Marginals and Malice
DLAW01 6th July 2016 Jerry Reiter Data Dissemination: A Survey of Recent Approaches, Challenges, and Connections to Data Linkage
GTA 6th July 2016 Pierre Vanhove Single Valued Elliptic Multizetas and String Theory
DLAW01 6th July 2016 Adam Smith tba
DLAW01 5th July 2016 Adam Smith Tutorial 2: Defining ‘privacy’ for statistical databases
GTA 5th July 2016 Malcolm Perry Soft Black Hole Hair
DLAW01 5th July 2016 Adam Smith Tutorial 2: Defining ‘privacy’ for statistical databases
DLAW01 5th July 2016 Peter Christen Tutorial 1: Data Linkage – Introduction, Recent Advances, and Privacy Issues
GTA 5th July 2016 Sabrina Pasterski Memory Effects
DLAW01 5th July 2016 Peter Christen Tutorial 1: Data Linkage – Introduction, Recent Advances, and Privacy Issues
GTA 4th July 2016 Eduardo Casali tba
GTA 4th July 2016 Sabrina Pasterski Null Infinity
GTAW01 1st July 2016 Jaroslav Trnka Singularity structure of gravity amplitudes
GTAW01 1st July 2016 Alexander Ochirov Color-kinematics duality for QCD and pure gravities
GTAW01 1st July 2016 Piotr Tourkine On the null string origin of the ambitwistor string
GTAW01 1st July 2016 Nathan Berkovits Untwisting the pure spinor formalism
GTAW01 1st July 2016 Oliver Schlotterer Universality in string interactions
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Christopher White The classical double copy
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