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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-04-19
E.g., 2015-04-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 J Van Diejen On the zeros of the solitude Baker-Akhiezer function for the Toda chain
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 S Ruijsenaars A new class of integrable quantum lattice systems
ITS 31st August 2001 B Konopelchenko Nonlinear dynamics on the plane, dispersionless integrable hierarchies and the quasi-classical D-BAR dressing method
SWWW01 31st August 2001 M Banner Overview of the issues raised at the programme and the future outlook
SWWW01 31st August 2001 M Onorato Freak waves in random oceanic sea states
SWWW01 31st August 2001 E Pelinovsky Freak wave phenomenon: theory and simulation
SWWW01 31st August 2001 S Galiev Trans-resonant evolution of standing harmonic waves into travelling jet-soliton waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 MJ Cooker Flows associated with violent water waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 ER Johnson Interfacial waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 P Prasad Riemann problem for kinematical conservation laws and geometrical features of nonlinear wavefronts
SWWW01 31st August 2001 S Badulin Multi-wave resonances and formation of high-amplitude waves in the ocean
SWWW01 30th August 2001 SG Sajjadi Rapid distortion theory of turbulence over Stokes waves with application to new parameterization for air-sea interactions
SWWW01 30th August 2001 S Annenkov Direct simulation of statistical properties of water wave dynamics
SWWW01 30th August 2001 FJ Ocampo-Torres On the spatial variability of wave spectrum in coastal regions
SWWW01 30th August 2001 A Balk Anomalous behaviour of a passive tracer in wave turbulence
SWWW01 30th August 2001 WRC Phillips On an instability to longitudinal vortices in strong shear beneath surface gravity waves
SWWW01 30th August 2001 SI Abarzhi On the nonlinear evolution of an unstable fluid interface
SWWW01 30th August 2001 P Milewski Resonances between periodic waves and topography in shallow water
SWWW01 30th August 2001 C Kharif About harmonic resonances in short-crested waves
SWWW01 30th August 2001 M Haragus-Courcelle Three-dimensional oblique steady water waves
SWWW01 30th August 2001 DM Henderson Recent results form experimants on deep-water waves with two- dimensional surface patterns
SWWW01 30th August 2001 P Madsen A Boussinesq formulation for fully nonlinear and extremely dispersive water waves
SWWW01 29th August 2001 W Craig Do three-dimensional solitary waves exist on the ocean surface?
SWWW01 29th August 2001 F Dias On the interaction between free surface waves and internal waves
SWWW01 29th August 2001 M Groves A dimension-breaking phenomenon in the theory of gravity-capillary water waves
ITS 29th August 2001 Y Kodama Shallow water waves and normal forms
SWWW01 29th August 2001 T Akylas Gravity-capillary solitary waves in deep water
SWWW01 29th August 2001 RHJ Grimshaw Coupled KP systems and stability of interfacial solitary waves
SWWW01 29th August 2001 MS Longuet-Higgins Asymtotic forms for jets formed from large standing waves
SWWW01 29th August 2001 D Chalikov Direct modelling of 2-D and 3-D surface waves
SWWW01 29th August 2001 ME McIntyre Wind-generated water waves: two overlooked mechanisms?
SWWW01 29th August 2001 J Willemsen Deterministic modelling of deep water gravity waves, including driving and dissipation
SWWW01 29th August 2001 L Wyatt The impact of non-linearities on HF radar ocean wave measurement
SWWW01 29th August 2001 V Makin Impact of dominant waves on sea drag
SWWW01 28th August 2001 ADD Craik Stokes and his precursors on water wave theory
SWWW01 28th August 2001 DH Peregrine Violent water wave impact on walls
SWWW01 28th August 2001 M Brown Freak waves as catastrophes
SWWW01 28th August 2001 E Kuznetsov Cherenkov interaction of vortices with a free surface
SWWW01 28th August 2001 C Swan Modelling extreme ocean waves
SWWW01 28th August 2001 J Duncan The three-dimensional surface structure of the crests of weak spilling breakers
SWWW01 28th August 2001 H Brednose A new breaking formulation for deterministic wave evolution equations
SWWW01 28th August 2001 M Stiassne Nonlinear interactions of inhomogeneous random water waves
SWWW01 28th August 2001 VE Zakharov Recent achievments in the dynamical and the statistical theory of surface water waves
SWWW01 28th August 2001 HK Moffatt Welcome from the Director of the Newton Institute
ITSW02 24th August 2001 Final discussion - What is integrability?
ITSW02 24th August 2001 H Flaschka Representation theory and integrability
SWW 24th August 2001 WK Melville Laboratory measurements of the intiation of waves and currents
ITSW02 24th August 2001 T Miwa Quantum integrable systems
ITSW02 24th August 2001 Tutorial on links
ITSW02 24th August 2001 P Olver Multi-Hamiltonian structures and integrability
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