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E.g., 2018-06-20
E.g., 2018-06-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UNQ 20th June 2018 Serge Guillas MSG Design of Experiments Seminar Series: Mutual Information for Computer Experiments (MICE): design, optimization, and data assimilation: applications to tsunami hazard
UNQ 20th June 2018 Xun Huan MSG Design of Experiments Seminar Series: Simulation-based Bayesian experimental design for computationally intensive models
UNQ 20th June 2018 Henry Wynn MSG Design of Experiments Seminar Series: The war against bias: experimental design for big data
UNQ 19th June 2018 David Silvester UQ: does it require efficient linear algebra?
STS 19th June 2018 Yanyuan Ma A superpopulation treatment to case-control data analysis
UNQ 18th June 2018 Melina Freitag Balanced model order reduction for linear systems driven by Lévy noise
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Panel Discussion and Questions
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Richard Wilkinson Multilevel and Multi-Fidelity Methods
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Aretha Teckentrup Uncertainty Quantification in Inverse Problems
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Andrew Haslett Making Business Decisions under Uncertainty
OFBW39 15th June 2018 David Woods Design of Computational and Physical Experiments for Uncertainty Quantification
OFBW39 15th June 2018 James Finigan Examples of Uncertainity and Future Challenges in Defra's Environmental Models
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Max Gunzburger Surrogate Modelling
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Peter Challenor Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme 'Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems: Theory and Methodologies
OFBW39 15th June 2018 Christie Marr, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
STS 14th June 2018 Patrick Rebeschini Multi-agent learning: Implicit regularization and order-optimal gossip
STS 12th June 2018 Shahin Tavakoli Tests for separability in nonparametric covariance operators of random surfaces
UNQ 8th June 2018 Thomas Santner A Bayesian Composite Gaussian Process Model and its Application
STS 7th June 2018 Timothy Cannings Classification with imperfect training labels
UNQ 5th June 2018 Joakim Beck Multilevel methods with importance sampling for Bayesian experimental design
STS 5th June 2018 Jennifer Wadsworth Spatial extremes: A conditional approach
UNQ 1st June 2018 Francois Bachoc Consistency of stepwise uncertainty reduction strategies for Gaussian processes
STS 31st May 2018 Yining Chen Narrowest-over-threshold detection of multiple change-points and change-point-like features
UNQ 30th May 2018 Ronald De Vore Parameter estimation in parametric pdes
STS 30th May 2018 Edward George The remarkable flexibility of BART
UNQ 29th May 2018 Sebastian Ullmann Stochastic Galerkin reduced basis methods for parametrized random elliptic PDEs
STS 29th May 2018 Victor Panaretos Amplitude and phase variation of point processes
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Anders Hansen Have we Achieved Artificial Intelligence
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Panos Parpas Computational Optimisation for Machine Learning
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Andrea Bertozzi Geometric Graph-Based Methods for High Dimensional Data
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Meelis Lootus, Janice Lister Trading on Textual Data using AI
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Deep Variational Models for Imaging Inverse Problems
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Final Questions
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Veronica Corona Enhancing Joint Reconstruction and Segmentation with Non-Convex Bregman Iteration
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Oliver Feng Adaptation in Multivariate Log-Concave Density Estimation
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Derek Driggs Achieving the Optimal Convergence Rate in Stochastic Optimisation
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Torben Sell Particle Filtering in High-dimensions
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Benjamin Stokell Shrinkage Estimation in Regression with Categories
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Lisa Maria Kreusser ODE and PDE Based Modelling of Biological Transportation Networks
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Introduction to Elevator Pitches
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Armand Joulin Advances in supervised Learning of Visual Features
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Lars Ruthotto Deep Neural Networks Motivated by PDEs
TGMW59 24th May 2018 Matthew Killeya, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction. Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
UNQ 23rd May 2018 Francois-Xavier Briol Stein Points: Efficient sampling from posterior distributions by minimising Stein Discrepancies.
STS 22nd May 2018 Marc Hallin Multivariate Distribution and Quantile Functions, Ranks and Signs: A measure transportation approach
UNQ 21st May 2018 Paul Constantine Three of eleven topics on my mind : "Choose your own adventure"
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