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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-03-24
E.g., 2017-03-24
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
HTL 23rd March 2017 Evgeny Gorsky On the set of L-space surgeries for links
OAS 21st March 2017 Yasu Kawahigashi A relative tensor product of rational full conformal field theories
HTL 16th March 2017 Olga Plamenevskaya Braid monodromy, orderings, and transverse invariants
OAS 16th March 2017 Makoto Yamashita Weak Morita equivalence of compact quantum groups
NPC 16th March 2017 Narutaka Ozawa Finite-dimensional representations constructed from random walks
NPC 16th March 2017 Vladimir Markovic Caratheodory's metrics on Teichmuller spaces
NPC 15th March 2017 Pierre Pansu 6. Lp-cohomology
OAS 14th March 2017 Paul Fendley Tutte's golden identity from a fusion category
NPC 14th March 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: structure theorem for special classes of groups
HTL 9th March 2017 Paolo Ghiggini The wrapped Fukaya category of a Weinstein manifold is generated by the cocores of the critical handles
OAS 9th March 2017 Andreas Aaserud Approximate equivalence of measure-preserving actions
NPC 9th March 2017 Koji Fujiwara Computing Kazhdan constants by computer.
NPC 9th March 2017 Ursula Hamenstaedt Incompressible surfaces in closed locally symmetric manifolds
NPC 8th March 2017 Pierre Pansu 5. Lp-cohomology
OAS 7th March 2017 Keith Hannabuss T-duality and the condensed matter bulk-boundary correspondence
NPC 7th March 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: basic definitions, structure theorem and geometric consequences
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Alice Whittemore Closing Remarks
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Michael Berry Mirages, in the Spirit of JBK: Rays, Caustics, Waves and Raman's Instructive Confusion
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Anthony Rawlins Radiation by a Dielectric Wedge
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Sam Howison From Kiiking to Kuzmak
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Paul Dellar An Asymptotic Matching Problem in Braginskii Magnetohydrodynamics
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck Numerical Investigations of the Properties of Nonlinear Free Surface Flows
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Thanasis Fokas The Unified Transform, Imaging, Asymtotics
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Richard Craster Effective Properties of Doubly Periodic Media
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Christopher Howls Complex Rays, Cones of Silence and Catastrophes
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Brian Sleeman Joe Keller and the Courant Institute 1970-71: Beginning a Mathematical Journey
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Tom Mullin On the Buckling of Elastic Rings by External Confinement
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Luis Bonilla Understanding Angiogenesis through Modeling and Asymptotics
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Dave Hewett Computational Wave Propagation in the Spirit of the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 John H. Maddocks The Differential Geometry and Mechanics of Tying Your Shoelaces
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Jacob Rubinstein Spectacle Lens Design following Hamilton, Maxwell and Keller
TGMW44 3rd March 2017 Hilary Ockendon Welcome and Introduction
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Marcus Grote On Nonreflecting Boundary Conditions
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Alain Goriely Kellerods and Kelasticas
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Andrew Fowler Liesegang Rings
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Demetrios Papageorgiou The Motion of Surfactant-Laden Bubbles
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Dominic Vella Floating with Surface Tension: From Archimedes to Keller
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Valery Smyshlyaev Keller's Influence Behind the "Iron Curtain": GTD Ideas in the Soviet/Russian Diffraction School
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Jonathan Chapman Mathematics of the Faraday Cage
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Paul Milewski, Carlos Galeano-Rios Discrete Modelling of Wave-Droplet Dynamics
OAS 2nd March 2017 Stephen Moore A generalization of the Temperley-Lieb algebra from restricted quantum sl2
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 C. John Chapman Keller Cones in Aeroacoustics
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Raymond Goldstein Hairodynamics
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
NPC 2nd March 2017 Romain Tessera A Banachic generalization of Shalom's property H_FD.
NPC 1st March 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: an introduction
OAS 28th February 2017 Evgenios Kakariadis Semigroup actions on operator algebras
HTL 23rd February 2017 Cristina Ana-Maria Anghel Towards a homological model for the Colored Jones
OAS 23rd February 2017 Ivan Todorov Herz-Schur multipliers of dynamical systems
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