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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-09-02
E.g., 2015-09-02
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Kurucz Many-dimensional Modal Logics
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Cevik A variant of $\Pi^0_1$ class
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 S Uckelman Where are the women in medieval logic?
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Brooke-Taylor AEC tameness from large cardinals via category theory
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 E Rivello Self-determined sets of sentences
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 A Blass Weak Partition Relations and Conservative Elementary Extensions
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 J Hedges Applying constructive analysis and topology in game theory
HIFW04 2nd September 2015 E Garcia Ramirez An application of Model Theory to Real Algebraic Geometry
HIFW04 1st September 2015 D Siniora Generic Automorphisms of a Hrushovski construction
HIFW04 1st September 2015 E Dihoum Models of Intuitionistic Zermelo-Frankel Set Theory based on Scott's $D_{\infty}$
HIFW04 1st September 2015 O Akcelik In Pursuit of the Missing Premise in First Order Logic
HIF 1st September 2015 HIFW04
HIFW04 1st September 2015 R Bello Aguirre A look into generalised stability
CGP 1st September 2015 M Winter Existence and Stability of Spike Clusters for Reaction-Diffusion Systems
HIFW01 28th August 2015 V Gitman Indestructible remarkable cardinals
HIFW01 28th August 2015 Y Zhu The higher sharp
HIFW01 28th August 2015 Z Vidnyánszky The size of conjugacy classes of automorphism groups
HIFW01 28th August 2015 M Staniszewski On ideal equal convergence
HIFW01 28th August 2015 L Zdomskyy Delta_1-definability of the non-stationary ideal
HIFW01 28th August 2015 M Goldstern Ultrafilters without p-point quotients
HIFW01 28th August 2015 NL Dobrinen Infinite dimensional Ellentuck spaces
HIFW01 27th August 2015 JWR Cummings A super-Dowker filter
HIFW01 27th August 2015 G Fuchs Prikry type sequences: a composition of interconnected results
HIFW01 27th August 2015 PM Lücke Chain conditions, layered partial orders and weak compactness
HIFW01 27th August 2015 A Pauly Connecting topological dimension theory and recursion theory
HIFW01 27th August 2015 A Kwela Selective properties of ideals
HIFW01 27th August 2015 L J Halbeisen Happy Families and Their Relatives
CGP 27th August 2015 M Zaman Lonely in a group: Single and collective cell behaviour in 3D environments
HIFW01 27th August 2015 C Delhomme The relation of attack
HIFW01 27th August 2015 A Kanamori Mathias and Set Theory
HIFW01 26th August 2015 YM Kimchi Partition Relation Equiconsistent with $\exists \kappa(o(\kappa) = \kappa^+)$
HIFW01 26th August 2015 M Korch On the class of perfectly null sets and its transitive version
HIFW01 26th August 2015 D Ikegami Universally Baire subsets of $2^{\kappa}$
HIFW01 26th August 2015 Y Khomskii Cofinalities of Marczewski Ideals
HIFW01 26th August 2015 D Sinapova The tree property (session 3)
CGP 26th August 2015 N Gov Theoretical model for persistent and oscillatory cell motility
HIFW01 26th August 2015 Hausdorff Medal Lecture
HIFW01 26th August 2015 Hausdorff Medal Award
HIFW01 25th August 2015 P Holy Failures of the Forcing Theorem
HIFW01 25th August 2015 M A Mota Gaytán Symmetries
HIFW01 25th August 2015 H Horowitz Forcing, regularity properties and the axiom of choice
HIFW01 25th August 2015 S Friedman Forcing failures of covering in HOD
HIFW01 25th August 2015 V Dimonte Generic I0 at $\aleph_\omega$
HIFW01 25th August 2015 D Sinapova The tree property (session 2)
CGP 25th August 2015 L Pismen Patterns in Polarisable Elastic Active Layers
HIFW01 25th August 2015 C A Di Prisco Local Ramsey Theory in abstract spaces
HIFW01 25th August 2015 P Koellner The Search for Deep Inconsistency
HIFW01 24th August 2015 P Schlicht The Hurewicz dichotomy for generalized Baire spaces
HIFW01 24th August 2015 A D Törnquist Around the definability of mad families
HIFW01 24th August 2015 A Blaszczyk Topological representation of lattice homomorphisms
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