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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-10-17
E.g., 2017-10-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SIP 17th October 2017 David Schroeder Inter-annual variability and predictability of Arctic summer sea ice - review of previous years with focus on summer 2017
GFS 12th October 2017 Christophe Eloy How competition for light and wind resistance shape tree forms
VMV 12th October 2017 Lena Frerking Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction for Dynamic X-ray Tomography
GFS 10th October 2017 Alain Goriely Rothschild Lecture: On Growth and Form and Mathematics: Reading d'Arcy Thompson 100 Years On
VMV 6th October 2017 Ron Kimmel Learning Invariants and Representation Spaces of Shapes and Forms
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Usama Kadri On acoustic-gravity waves in arctic zones with elastic ice-sheets
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Johannes E. M. Mosig Degrees of freedom in the marginal ice zone's wave--ice system
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Ying Gou Experimental study on dead water resistance of ice floe in a two-layer fluid
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Henrik Kalisch Fully dispersive nonlinear model equations for hydroelastic waves
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Manish Tiwari Impact of supercooled droplets on nanoengineered surfaces
SIPW02 6th October 2017 Frank Thomas Smith Shear flow over patches of flexible surface and related near-surface interactions
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Jorma Kämäräinen Ship-ice-fluid interaction studies on ice resistance of ships
GFS 5th October 2017 Jay Tang Dynamic pattern evolution in growing bacterial colonies
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Alena Malyarenko Interactions between phase change and boundary layer structure
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Stephen Ackley Antarctic Coastal Polynyas: Do Measurements of Winter Processes give clues to modeling Improvements and better model fidelity?
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Tatiana Khabakhpasheva Waves and moving loads along frozen channels
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Thomas Folegot Underwater noise under ice conditions: from the ice chorus to the environmental challenge
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Mark Groves Variational existence and stability theory for hydroelastic solitary waves
SIPW02 5th October 2017 Pietro Baldi Time quasi-periodic gravity water waves in finite depth
SIP 4th October 2017 Gerard Iooss Existence of quasipatterns, solutions of the Bénard-Rayleigh convection
SIPW02 4th October 2017 Yevgeny Aksenov Impacts of ocean waves on the Polar Sea Ice and Oceans
SIPW02 4th October 2017 Timothy Williams A sea ice model with wave-ice interactions on a moving mesh
SIPW02 4th October 2017 Mariana Haragus Stability criteria for nonlinear waves in Hamiltonian and reversible systems
SIPW02 4th October 2017 Pavel Plotnikov Conformal geometry and hydroelastic waves
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Andrej Il’ichev Wave patterns beneath an ice cover
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck Asymmetric nonlinear flexural waves
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Hayley Shen Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic Materials over Water
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Pat Langhorne In situ detection of fluid movement in Antarctic land-fast sea ice
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Philippe Guyenne Numerical study of solitary wave attenuation in a fragmented ice sheet
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Olga Trichtchenko Computing Flexural-Gravity Waves
GFS 3rd October 2017 title and abstract tba
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Emilian I Parau Nonlinear hydroelastic waves and related flows
SIPW02 3rd October 2017 Luke Bennetts Modelling water wave overwash of ice floes
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Aleksey Marchenko Damping of surface wave in MIZ of the Barents Sea: field observations and modeling
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Elizabeth Hunke Where ice is not: The liquid phase in the sea ice model CICE
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 John Grue Dead water effect on drift of icebergs
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Vernon Squire A different perspective on wave-ice interaction research
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Stefanie Rynders Modelling dynamics of the marginal ice zone, including combined collisional and EVP rheology
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Mike Meylan Mathematical Challenges in Modelling Wave Scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone
GFS 2nd October 2017 Michael Brenner The Shape and Function of the Nasal Cavity
SIPW02 2nd October 2017 Hung Tao Shen River Ice – Process, Theory, and Mathematical Modeling
SIP 29th September 2017 Eugen Varvaruca Bifurcation theory in the context of nonlinear steady water waves
VMV 28th September 2017 Joachim Weickert Rothschild Lecture: Image Compression with Differential Equations
VMV 27th September 2017 Andrew Fitzgibbon Discrete images, continuous world: A better basis for discussion?
VMV 26th September 2017 Kewei Zhang On the existence of weak solutions of the Perona-Malik equation
SIP 26th September 2017 Nico Gray Recent advances in granular rheology and possible applications to large scale sea ice dynamics
GFS 26th September 2017 Neil Ribe Forms and Patterns of Viscous and Elastic Threads
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Daniel Feltham Panel Discussion and Wrap-Up
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Questions and Discussion
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Elizabeth Hunke Modelling Approaches to Address Sea Ice Complexity
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