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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-08-20
E.g., 2017-08-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SYGW05 18th August 2017 Ivan Smith Symplectic topology of K3 surfaces via mirror symmetry
SYGW05 18th August 2017 Thomas Walpuski On the ADHM Seiberg–Witten equations
SYGW05 18th August 2017 Frances Kirwan Graded linearisations for linear algebraic group actions
SYGW05 18th August 2017 Katrin Wehrheim A polyfold lab report
SYGW05 17th August 2017 John Pardon Existence of Lefschetz fibrations on Stein/Weinstein domains
SYGW05 17th August 2017 Dusa McDuff Constructing the virtual fundamental cycle
SYGW05 17th August 2017 Song Sun Singularities of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections and the Harder-Narasimhan-Seshadri filtration
SYGW05 17th August 2017 Emmy Murphy Graph Legendrians and SL2 local systems
SYGW05 17th August 2017 Peter Kronheimer An SU(3) variant of instanton homology for webs
NWW 16th August 2017 M. Hadzic Expanding large global solutions of the compressible Euler equations
NWW 16th August 2017 George Haller Coherent Lagrangian Vortices in Turbulence
NWW 16th August 2017 Helge Holden On traffic modeling and the Braess paradox
SYGW05 16th August 2017 Tomasz Mrowka An approach to the four colour theorem via Donaldson- Floer theory
SYGW05 16th August 2017 Michael Atiyah From Euler to Poincare
SYGW05 16th August 2017 Nigel Hitchin Remarks on Nahm's equations
SYGW05 15th August 2017 Mina Aganagic Mathematical applications of little string theory
SYGW05 15th August 2017 Peter Ozsvath Computing knot Floer homology
SYGW05 15th August 2017 Mikhail Gromov 100 Problems around Scalar Curvature
SYGW05 15th August 2017 Denis Auroux Speculations about homological mirror symmetry for affine hypersurfaces
SYGW05 14th August 2017 Zoltan Szabo Knot Floer homology and algebraic methods
SYGW05 14th August 2017 Eleny Ionel The Gopakumar-Vafa conjecture for symplectic manifolds
SYGW05 14th August 2017 Kenji Fukaya Atiyah Floer conjecture
SYGW05 14th August 2017 Paul Seidel Fields of definition of Fukaya categories of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Anatoly Abrashkin Vortex waves in deep water: Lagrange approach
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Ton van den Bremer Experimental validations of various aspects of the wave-induced mean flow for surface gravity wave groups
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Rossen Ivanov Hamiltonian models for the propagation of irrotational surface gravity waves over a variable bottom
NWWW01 10th August 2017 David Henry Prediction of the free-surface elevation for rotational water waves using the recovery of pressure at the bed
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Walter Strauss Upper bound on the slope of a steady water wave
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Benjamin Harrop-griffiths Long time dynamics of some dispersive models arising from the study of water waves
NWWW01 10th August 2017 Samuel Walsh Stability of traveling water waves with a point vortex
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Michio Yamada Zonal flows and wave resonance. --- Rossby wave case ---
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Amin Chabchoub Rogue and Shock Waves within the Framework of Weakly Nonlinear Evolution Equations - Applicability and Limitations
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Vladimir Kozlov Small-amplitude steady water waves on flows with counter-currents.
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Yoshimasa Matsuno Two-component Camassa-Holm system and its reductions
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Mayumi Shoji Numerical computation of water waves with discontinuous vorticity
NWWW01 9th August 2017 Tatsuo Iguchi Isobe-Kakinuma model for water waves as a higher order shallow water approximation
NWWW01 8th August 2017 Eugen Varvaruca Global bifurcation of steady gravity water waves with constant vorticity
NWWW01 8th August 2017 Michael Stiassnie Harnessing wave-power in open seas
NWWW01 8th August 2017 Vladimir Vladimirov Craik-Leibovich Equation, Distinguished Limits, Drifts, and Pseudo-Diffusion
NWWW01 8th August 2017 Onno Bokhove On linear and nonlinear wave-ship interactions
NWWW01 8th August 2017 Emilian I Parau Numerical study of solitary waves under continuous or fragmented ice plates
NWWW01 8th August 2017 John Grue Nonlinear surface waves at finite depth with and without surface cover
NWWW01 7th August 2017 Andre Nachbin Capturing the flow structure beneath water waves
NWWW01 7th August 2017 Hisashi Okamoto Some thoughts on the role of the convection terms in the fluid mechanical PDEs.
NWWW01 7th August 2017 Alexandru Ionescu On long term regularity of water wave models
NWWW01 7th August 2017 Gareth Thomas Conservation relations for two-dimensional wave-current interactions
NWWW01 7th August 2017 Robin Johnson Physical oceanography: an applied mathematician's approach
BPR 3rd August 2017 Vladimir Voevodsky Cubical and simplicial 2 - the coherent nerve of a cubical category (joint work with K Kapulkin)
BPR 28th July 2017 William Timothy Gowers How do human mathematicians avoid big searches?
BPR 28th July 2017 Georges Gonthier A MathComp Library tour
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