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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-12-02
E.g., 2015-12-02
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
2nd December 2015 D McDowell & R Lipton & L Harris Open Panel Discussion: Predictive Materials Modelling in the Aerospace and High Value Manufacturing Sectors
2nd December 2015 D McDowell Predictive Multiscale Modeling for Decision Support in Design of Hierarchical Alloy Systems
2nd December 2015 R Lipton Propagation of Complex Fracture
2nd December 2015 P Koumoutsakos Joys and Trials in Multiscale Simulations using Particles
2nd December 2015 MS Schell Coarse-Graining with the Relative Entropy: Recent Theory and Algorithms
2nd December 2015 S Mallat Wavelet Scattering Regression of Quantum Chemical Energies
2nd December 2015 K Matous Virtual Materials Testing
2nd December 2015 S Torquato Disordered Hyperuniform Point Patterns in Physics, Mathematics and Biology
1st December 2015 D Vlachos & D Frenkel & V Sokhan Open Panel Discussion: Predictive Materials Modelling in the Energy Sector
1st December 2015 A Szepessy Canonical Quantum Observables Approximated by Molecular Dynamics for Matrix Valued Potentials.
1st December 2015 PS Koutsourelakis Predictive Coarse-Graining
HIF 1st December 2015 M Viale Forcing the truth of a weak form of Schanuel's conjecture
1st December 2015 R Ghanem Building Probalistic Models One Constrain at a Time
1st December 2015 L Graham-Brady Stochastic Simulation as a Basis for Optimizing Microstructural Characterization Protocols
1st December 2015 B Peters Rare Events Methods, Reaction Coordinates, and Useful Rate Theories
1st December 2015 M Tuckerman Enhanced Free Energy Based Structure Prediction in Materials Science
CGP 1st December 2015 C Le Clainche Regulation of actin assembly and mechanotransduction in cell-matrix adhesion complexes: a biochemical study of the talin-vinculin complex
1st December 2015 B Leimkuhler Adaptive Langevin Algorithms for Canonical Sampling with Noisy Forces in Scale-bridging Molecular Dynamics
1st December 2015 T Minka Inference algorithms for probabilistic graphical models
1st December 2015 A Kontogeorgos EPSRC: Funding Opportunities and Challenges
1st December 2015 J Toland & J Leeks & N Stocks & N Zabaras Welcome & Introduction
CGP 26th November 2015 E Campillo-Funollet A Bayesian approach to parameter identification in Turing systems
CGP 24th November 2015 T Sanchez Rua Discrete and continuous modelling of cell mechanics: from adhesion to migration
CGP 19th November 2015 S Etienne-Manneville Keeping in contact during collective cell migration
HIF 19th November 2015 J H Conway The surreal numbers
CGP 19th November 2015 C Quilliet Contortion of a beach ball
HIF 17th November 2015 S Fuchino Reflection numbers of some combinatorial and topological properties
CGP 17th November 2015 S Angélique A hybrid model to test mechanical cues driving cell migration in angiogenesis
16th November 2015 J H Conway & S Roberts Genius at Play: Reading, Talk, Q&A with John Horton Conway and Siobhan Roberts
CGP 12th November 2015 S Aland Modelling and simulation of elastic cells in flow
HIF 10th November 2015 G Plebanek On two problems on Boolean algebras and finitely additive measures
CGP 10th November 2015 V Styles Mathematical modelling of a cereal killer: Modelling plant cell invasion by the rice blast fungus
CGP 3rd November 2015 F Vermolen Cell-based modelling for wound contraction and angiogenesis
CGP 3rd November 2015 A Gefen The mechanobiology of adipocytes
HIF 29th October 2015 C Brech Consecutively large families below the first inaccessible cardinal
HIF 29th October 2015 J Lopez-Abad Approximate Ramsey properties of matrices and finite dimensional normed spaces
CGP 29th October 2015 J Gallop Formation and regulation of filopodia
HIF 28th October 2015 N de Rancourt Ramsey Determinacy of adversarial Gowers games
HIF 27th October 2015 M Elekes Order types of chains of Borel sets and Baire functions
HIF 27th October 2015 S Todorcevic Dual Ramsey theory on trees
CGP 27th October 2015 W Marth Hydrodynamic diffuse interface models for Helfrich and mean curvature flow and their application to cells in fluid environment
HIF 22nd October 2015 J Steprans Universal graphs and their variations
CGP 22nd October 2015 K Landman Our "second brain": modelling its development and disease
CGP 20th October 2015 T Pryer Finite element methods in geometric integration
CGP 15th October 2015 M Korabel Anomalous diffusion is everywhere but where?
CGP 13th October 2015 P Padilla Morphogenetic models: from genetic regulatory networks to phenotypes
HIF 10th October 2015 P Kleppmann Free groups and the Axiom of Choice
HIF 10th October 2015 J Hilton Topological Ramsey theory of countable ordinals
HIF 10th October 2015 L Galeotti Weihrauch degrees for generalized Baire space
HIF 9th October 2015 L Agarwal Uncountably many maximal-closed subgroups of Sym(N) via reducts of Henson digraphs
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