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E.g., 2020-10-20
E.g., 2020-10-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
IDPW06 11th September 2020 Ted Cohen Controlling epidemics of respiratory diseases: lessons from tuberculosis
IDPW06 11th September 2020 Salim S. Abdool Karim Intervention choices, what are the issues
IDPW06 11th September 2020 Theme 2: Tackling New Diseases - Chair Valerie Isham(UCL)
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Andrew Dobson Spotting the next pandemic: prospecting or preparedness?
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Theme 1: The Emergence of New Diseases Chair: Christl Donelly (University of Oxford, Imperial College London)
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Peter Challenor, Paula Harrison, Felix Eigenbrod, Viktoria Spaiser Panel discussion – Key steps towards interdisciplinary integration across the social, mathematical and environmental sciences to improve the scientific evidence base supporting landscape decision-making.
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Viktoria Spaiser Summary of workshop aims
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Reporting back from breakout groups on gaps and priorities for future research
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Mark Woolhouse What will cause the next pandemic?
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Formation of breakout groups & initial discussions
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Session 6: Integrating social, mathematical and enviro-ecological modelling - Group Discussions
EBDW03 10th September 2020 Paula Harrison, Felix Eigenbrod Introduction
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Eddie Holmes Spotting the next pandemic: prospecting or preparedness?
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Theme 1: The Emergence of New Diseases Chair: Deirdre Hollingsworth (Big Data Institute)
IDPW06 10th September 2020 Welcome from David Abrahams (INI Director)
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Jakub Bijak The tale of the three landscapes: Connecting the layers through modelling
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Milena Tsvetkova Studying complex social systems with online games
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Suzy Moat Quantifying beautiful places and their link to health and happiness
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Session 4b: State-of-the-art in quantitative social modelling - CHAIR Felix Eigenbrod
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Alexis Comber Key Considerations for integrating Quantitative Social Science within Landscape Decisions
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Marc Keuschnigg Analytical Sociology and Computational Social Science
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Session 4a: State-of-the-art in quantitative social modelling - CHAIR Viktoria Spaiser
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Gary Polhill Social simulation modelling within landscape systems
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Brett Day Simulation of UK land-use policy using integrated environment-economy models
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Session 5: State-of-the-art Environmental modelling - CHAIR Paula Harrison
EBDW03 9th September 2020 Mark Rounsevell An overview of land system modelling
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Workshop Quiz
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Eleni Matechou Integrating new statistical frameworks into eDNA survey and analysis at the landscape scale
EBDW03 8th September 2020 David Large Developing a statistical methodology for the assessment and management of peatlands
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Richard Everitt Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) and particle MCMC for calibrating computer models
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Mark Brewer Drought risk analysis for forested landscapes: Project PRAFOR
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Heiko Balzter 'Building back better landscapes' - UK landscape decision making after Covid-19
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Sue Pritchard In the big debates about land use, whose voices count?
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Pam Berry, Daniel McGonigle Stakeholder talk
EBDW03 8th September 2020 Session 2: Stakeholder Perspectives - CHAIR Paula Harrison
EBDW03 8th September 2020 James Skates Stakeholder talk
EBDW03 7th September 2020 Paula Harrison Coupling models to represent interactions within landscape systems
EBDW03 7th September 2020 Felix Eigenbrod Spatial/temporal scaling
EBDW03 7th September 2020 Peter Challenor Decision Making under Uncertainty
EBDW03 7th September 2020 Welcome and Introduction from David Abrahams (INI Director) and Jane Leeks (Newton Gateway to Mathematics)
IDP 4th September 2020 Data Requirements
IDP 3rd September 2020 Data Requirements
IDP 1st September 2020 Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths Reopening of Schools
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