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E.g., 2020-02-18
E.g., 2020-02-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GRA 18th February 2020 Lucas Ruhstorfer Jordan decomposition for the Alperin-McKay conjecture
KAH 17th February 2020 Veronika Ertl A rigid analytic approach to Hyodo-Kato theory
GRA 13th February 2020 Scott Harper 3/2-Generation
KAH 13th February 2020 Nicolas Garrel Mixed graded structures for the K-theory of Azumaya algebras
GRA 11th February 2020 Luke Morgan Graphs with lots of symmetry - a local perspective
KAH 10th February 2020 Paul Balmer Tensor-triangular fields
KAH 6th February 2020 Spencer Bloch Golyshev-Zagier Second Paper
KAH 6th February 2020 Clélia Pech Motivic integration for some varieties with a torus action
GRA 5th February 2020 Csaba Schneider A new look at permutation groups of simple diagonal type
GRA 4th February 2020 Joshua Maglione Isomorphism, derivations, and Lie representations
KAH 3rd February 2020 John Christian Ottem Enriques surface fibrations with non-algebraic integral Hodge classes
GRAW02 31st January 2020 Martin Liebeck Computing with conjugacy classes in classical groups
GRAW02 31st January 2020 Cheryl Praeger Classical groups, and generating small classical subgroups
GRAW02 31st January 2020 Christopher Jefferson Backtrack Search in Permutation Groups
GRAW02 31st January 2020 Jay Taylor Classifying Isomorphism Classes of Algebraic Groups
GRAW02 31st January 2020 Tobias Rossmann Growth of class numbers of unipotent groups
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Mun See Chang Computing normalisers of highly intransitive permutation groups
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Eilidh McKemmie Invariable generation of finite classical groups
KAH 30th January 2020 Masha Vlasenko Study group
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Dane Flannery Classifying finite linear groups in prime degree
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Ulrich Thiel Minimal models of symplectic quotient singularities
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Bettina Eick Conjugacy problems in GL(n,Z)
KAH 30th January 2020 Gabriela Guzman Rational and p-local motivic homotopy theory
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Alexander Hulpke Towards a nonsolvable Quotient Algorithm
GRAW02 30th January 2020 Mohamed Barakat Chevalley’s Theorem on constructible images made constructive
KAH 29th January 2020 Spencer Bloch Rothschild Lecture: Elliptic curves associated to two-loop graphs (Feynman diagrams)
GRAW02 29th January 2020 Willem de Graaf Real forms of complex embeddings of maximal reductive Lie algebras in semisimple Lie algebras
KAH 29th January 2020 Takamichi Sano On the local Tamagawa number conjecture and functional equations of Euler systems
GRAW02 29th January 2020 Allan Steel Constructing Ordinary Representations of Finite Groups via Extension
GRAW02 29th January 2020 Adam Thomas Computational methods for exceptional groups
GRAW02 28th January 2020 Richard Parker 10 years of meataxe development.
GRAW02 28th January 2020 David Stewart Between the sheets: rigid nilpotent elements in modular Lie algebras
GRAW02 28th January 2020 Klaus Lux The 5-modular Character Table of the Lyons Group
GRAW02 28th January 2020 Madeleine Whybrow An algorithm to construct dihedral axial algebras
GRAW02 28th January 2020 Frank Lübeck Computing Brauer character tables of groups of Lie type in defining characteristic
GRAW02 28th January 2020 Nicolas Thiery Musing on implementing semigroup representation theory and software integration
GRAW02 27th January 2020 Thomas Breuer Connections between Group related Databases in GAP
GRAW02 27th January 2020 Melissa Lee Base sizes of permutation groups: an encore
KAH 27th January 2020 Masha Vlasenko Gamma functions, monodromy and Apéry constants
GRAW02 27th January 2020 Joanna Fawcett Base sizes of permutation groups
GRAW02 27th January 2020 Heiko Dietrich Constructive recognition of matrix groups
GRAW02 27th January 2020 David Craven Constructing subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups
GRAW02 27th January 2020 Meinolf Geck Computing Green functions in small characteristics
GRA 23rd January 2020 Michael Giudici Automorphism orbits of groups and the Monster
KAH 23rd January 2020 Don Zagier Study group on recent work of Golyshev-Zagier on the gamma conjecture in mirror symmetry and of Bloch-Vlasenko on motivic gamma functions. (copy)
KAH 23rd January 2020 Hossein Movasati Variational Hodge conjecture and Hodge loci
GRA 21st January 2020 Lucia Morotti Irreducible restrictions of representations of symmetric and alternating groups
KAH 20th January 2020 Patrick Brosnan Toroidal compactifications and incompressibility of exceptional congruence covers.
KAHW01 17th January 2020 Matthias Flach Zeta - functions of arithmetic schemes - 3
KAHW01 17th January 2020 Anthony Scholl Algebraic Cycles and Hodge Theory III
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