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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-06-28
E.g., 2017-06-28
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OASW03 15th June 2017 Robin Hillier Loop groups and noncommutative geometry
OASW03 15th June 2017 Antony Wassermann Conformal Field Theory, Operator algebras and symmetric Fuchsian equations
NPC 14th June 2017 Vaughan Jones Knots and links from the Thompson groups
OASW03 14th June 2017 Giovanni Landi Line bundles over noncommutative spaces
OASW03 14th June 2017 Pedram Hekmati An application of T-duality to K-theory
OASW03 14th June 2017 Constantin Teleman Kramer-Wannier and electro-magnetic duality in field theory
OASW03 13th June 2017 Kasia Rejner The Quantum Sine-Gordon model in perturbative AQFT
OASW03 13th June 2017 Gandalf Lechner Yang-Baxter representations of the infinite symmetric group
OASW03 13th June 2017 Paul Fendley Baxterising using conserved currents
OASW03 13th June 2017 Hubert Saleur Associative algebras and conformal field theories
NPC 13th June 2017 David Fisher Strong property (T), subexponential growth of derivatives and invariant metrics
OASW03 13th June 2017 Zhengwei Liu Synergy on quon language
OASW03 13th June 2017 Dietmar Bisch Subfactors with infinite representation theory
OASW03 12th June 2017 Stefaan Vaes Rothschild Lecture: Classification of von Neumann algebras
OASW03 12th June 2017 Roberto Longo Discussion about the Landauer principle (and bound)
OASW03 12th June 2017 Yasu Kawahigashi The relative Drinfeld commutant and alpha-induction
OASW03 12th June 2017 Arthur Jaffe On Picture Language
OASW03 12th June 2017 Vaughan Jones Phase transitions in the semicontinuous limit of a quantum spin chain
HTL 9th June 2017 Adam Levine Khovanov homology and knot Floer homology for pointed links
HTL 8th June 2017 Joan Licata Morse Structures on Open Books
OAS 8th June 2017 Marius Dadarlat Introduction to continuous fields of C*-algebras and their topological invariants (Part 3)
OAS 8th June 2017 Emmanuel Germain Pimsner legacy
OAS 6th June 2017 Marius Dadarlat Introduction to continuous fields of C*-algebras and their topological invariants (Part 2)
OAS 6th June 2017 Joachim Zacharias Bivariant and Dynamical Versions of the Cuntz Semigroup
OAS 2nd June 2017 Marius Dadarlat Introduction to continuous fields of C*-algebras and their topological invariants (Part 1)
HTL 1st June 2017 Matthew Hogancamp How to compute torus link homology
NPC 30th May 2017 Viktor Schroeder Moebius Geometry of Boundaries''
NPC 30th May 2017 Ruth Charney Are geodesic metric spaces determined by their Morse boundaries?
NPC 30th May 2017 Alina Vdovina Buildings, surfaces and quaternions
NPC 26th May 2017 Richard Schwartz PETs, pseudogroup actions, and renormalisation
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Joan Lasenby Dimensionality Reduction Techniques in Medical Data Analysis
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Matthew Thorpe Large Data Limits for Graphical Models
HTL 25th May 2017 Andrew Lobb Something about the Khovanov space
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Tengyao Wang High Dimensional Changepoint Estimation via Sparse Projection
OAS 25th May 2017 Jonathan Rosenberg H^3 and twisted K-theory for compact Lie groups
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Mauro Maggioni Geometric Methods for the Approximation of High-Dimensional Data Sets and High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Edward Ayers Your Browser Can Prove Your Lemmas
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Andrew Celsus Novel Uses of Shipping Data in Commodity Markets
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Sven Wang Nonparametric Estimation of Diffusions in the Low-Frequency Setting
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Robert Tovey Reconstruction Methods in Transmission Electron Tomography
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Ferdia Sherry Learning a Sampling Pattern for MRI
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Sam Power Approaches to Sampling and Inference for Bayesian Nonparametrics
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Erlend Riis Photoacoustic Tomography with Total Variation Regularisation
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Eric Hanson Quantum Entropies Through Convex Optimisation
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Milana Gataric Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Random Projections
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Introduction to Elevator Pitches
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Simon Masnou Surface Approximations and Geometric Energies
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Chris Longworth Using Novel Data Sources to Model Commodity Markets
TGMW46 25th May 2017 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction, Update from CCIMI
NPC 24th May 2017 Richard Schwartz The pentagram map and discrete integrable systems
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