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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-08-21
E.g., 2017-08-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
BPR 27th July 2017 Benedikt Ahrens Categorical structures for type theory in univalent foundations"
BPR 27th July 2017 Vladimir Voevodsky Simplicial and cubical sets - how they relate to each other (joint work with Chris Kapulkin)
BPR 27th July 2017 Konstantin Korovin Automated theorem proving in first-order logic: from superposition to instantiation
BPR 27th July 2017 Deepak Kapur Parametric Groebner basis computations and elimination
BPR 26th July 2017 Social Proof Seminar (coordinated by Fenner Tanswell)
BPR 26th July 2017 Joe Corneli Modelling the way mathematics is actually done
BPR 26th July 2017 Thomas Hales An overview of the Flyspeck project
BPR 26th July 2017 Arnold Neumaier Concise - a synthesis of types, grammars, semantics
BPR 25th July 2017 Josef Urban, Mario Carneiro, Bohua Zhan Systems Based on Set Theory
BPR 25th July 2017 Yves Bertot Building blocks towards modeling the physical world: analysis, geometry, computer arithmetics
BPR 24th July 2017 Jeremy Avigad Big Proof & Education
BPR 24th July 2017 Natarajan Shankar, Leonardo de Moura, Arnold Neumaier, Cesare Tinelli Language and automation in mathematics
BPR 21st July 2017 Chris Sangwin Reasoning by equivalence: the start of proof in elementary education
BPR 21st July 2017 James Davenport Computer Algebra and Formal Proof
BPR 18th July 2017 Ursula Martin Social proof: social session on the POPL experience
BPR 18th July 2017 Lorenzo Lane Socialising proof
SIN 18th July 2017 Andrew Duncan Measuring Sample Discrepancy with Diffusions
BPR 18th July 2017 Fenner Tanswell Go forth and multiply! Imperatives in mathematical proofs
SIN 18th July 2017 Anthony Maggs Multi-scale algorithms for simple fluids
BPR 18th July 2017 Josef Urban Combining Machine Learning and Automated Reasoning: Some Training Examples
SIN 18th July 2017 Michela Ottobre Sampling with non-reversible dynamics
SIN 18th July 2017 Michel Manon Event-chain algorithms: taming randomness in Monte Carlo methods through irreversibility, factorization and lifting
BPR 18th July 2017 Paulo Oliva Mining Human Proofs from Machine Proofs
SIN 18th July 2017 Robert Jack How does breaking detailed balance accelerate convergence to equilibrium?
SIN 18th July 2017 Joris Bierkens Piecewise deterministic Markov processes and efficiency gains through exact subsampling for MCMC
BPR 17th July 2017 Edward Ayers A simple prover in the browser
BPR 17th July 2017 Bohua Zhan Auto2 prover in Isabelle
BPR 17th July 2017 Wenda Li Evaluating winding numbers through Cauchy indices in Isabelle/HOL
BPR 17th July 2017 Cesare Tinelli SMTCoq, a plug-in for the trustworthy integration of SAT/SMT solvers into Coq
BPR 17th July 2017 Maria Paola Bonacina CDSAT: conflict-driven theory combination
BPRW01 14th July 2017 William Timothy Gowers, Natarajan Shankar, Patrick Ion Panel on future directions for Big Proof
BPRW01 14th July 2017 William Timothy Gowers, Natarajan Shankar, Patrick Ion Panel on future directions for Big Proof
BPRW01 14th July 2017 Stephanie Dick After Math: Reasoning, Computing, and Proof in the Postwar United States (via Skype)
BPRW01 14th July 2017 Jacques Fleuriot Proof Archeology: Historical Mathematics from an Interactive Theorem Proving Standpoint
BPRW01 14th July 2017 Michael Kohlhase Lightweight and Heavyweight Methods for Integrating Mathematical Libraries
BPRW01 14th July 2017 Alison Pease The role of explanation in mathematical research
BPRW01 13th July 2017 Katya Komendenskaya Machine Learning for Interactive Theorem Proving: Revisit, Reuse and Recycle your Proofs
BPRW01 13th July 2017 Mateja Jamnik Accessible Reasoning with Diagrams: Ontology Debugging
BPRW01 13th July 2017 Grant Passmore Formal Verification of Financial Algorithms, Progress and Prospects
BPRW01 13th July 2017 Tobias Nipkow Mining the Archive of Formal Proofs
BPRW01 13th July 2017 Georges Gonthier Scaffolds and frames: the MathComp algebra formal library
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