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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-09-22
E.g., 2017-09-22
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TSEW01 28th November 1998 C Bostock Titration curves and incubation periods for the estimation of infectious dose
TSEW01 28th November 1998 C Donnelly & OR & A Ghani Did the BSE incubation period change: implications for dose response?
TSEW01 28th November 1998 J Kent Under-reporting - evidence \& estimates
TSEW01 28th November 1998 C Donnelly BSE backcalculation estimates as a basis for vCJD risk assessment
TSEW01 28th November 1998 P Lachmann TBA
23rd November 1998 P Flandrin Time-frequency/time-scale reassignment
16th November 1998 J Kingman Mathematics of genetic diversity, before and after DNA (in association with the Biomolecular Function \& Evolution in the
9th November 1998 S Popescu Quantum mechanics and non-locality or Why does God play dice?
6th November 1998 RE Borcherds What is moonshine?
6th November 1998 WT Gowers Fourier analysis and Szemer\'edi's theorem
2nd November 1998 R Smith Problems and challenges in environmental statistics
26th October 1998 D Siegmund Two problems of multiple comparisons in molecular genetics
19th October 1998 W Fitch Predicting the future evolution of the human influenza virus
5th October 1998 Soft Condensed Matter Meeting
3rd October 1998 Closing Remarks
3rd October 1998 S Srivastava Value-at-risk analysis of a leveraged swap
3rd October 1998 W Perraudin Back testing credit risk models
3rd October 1998 E Picoult Issues in the quantification of risks of trading
3rd October 1998 R Smith Extreme values in insurance and finance
2nd October 1998 P Kupiec Stress testing in a value-at-risk framework
2nd October 1998 M Dempster Dynamic risk management of optioned portfolios
2nd October 1998 P Embrechts Measuring well beyond VaR
2nd October 1998 RN Gommo Financial engineering: The architecture and pricing of structured derivative products
26th September 1998 W Fitch Getting the flu that gets you: predicting future evolution
18th May 1998 C Soule The arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem
11th May 1998 WT Gowers Arithmetic progressions of length four
4th May 1998 J Heyvaerts Magnetic field interaction with a turbulent accretion disc
20th April 1998 VI Arnold Polymathematics: symplectization, complexification, mathematical trinities and all that: is mathematics one science or several arts?
20th April 1998 Soft Condensed Matter Termly Meetings
17th April 1998 JH Conway The fifteen theorem for quadratic forms
17th April 1998 L Kauffman Conway's knots and their ramifications
17th April 1998 SP Norton & RA Wilson Atlas double bill
17th April 1998 RE Borcherds Hyperbolic reflection groups (after Conway and Allcock)
17th April 1998 B Fischer Remarks on sporadic simple groups
16th April 1998 S Kochen Geometry, logic and quantum theory
16th April 1998 E Berlekamp Sums of Nx2 amazons positions
16th April 1998 J-P Serre Zeroes of characters
16th April 1998 NJA Sloane Recent results on packing spheres in n-dimensional space
21st March 1998 HK Moffatt Syrup rings and traffic jams
2nd March 1998 C Deninger Analogies between number theory and dynamical systems on foliated spaces
2nd February 1998 S Balbus Turbulence in accretion disks: progress and problems
19th January 1998 A Newell Semiconductor lasers and kolmogorov spectra
12th January 1998 Soft Condensed Matter Termly Meetings
1st December 1997 D Thouless Topological quantum numbers and precision measurements
27th November 1997 W Walster The application of interval arithmetic to floating point calculations
24th November 1997 J Keating Cat maps - classical, quantum, and semiclassical
10th November 1997 L Kauffman Virtual knot theory
3rd November 1997 CM Bishop Neural networks: a probabilistic perspective
27th October 1997 J Moser Stability in dynamics, invariant sets and the Burgers equation
22nd October 1997 EBI Meeting
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