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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-01-23
E.g., 2018-01-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MUCW01 24th July 2001 E Medova Case study 1 - Application of extreme value analysis to capital allocation
MUCW01 24th July 2001 P Embrechts Rethinking the basics of integrated risk management:thoughts on the value-at-risk and linear correlation
MUCW01 24th July 2001 R Hinkley Unknown
MUC 23rd July 2001 L Grainger Introduction to the Newton Institute and Induction
MUC 23rd July 2001 K Moffatt & D Goodman & R Smith MUC Participants Opening Meeting
12th July 2001 Staff Meeting
20th June 2001 H.K Moffatt Relaxation under topological constraints
18th June 2001 L Nirenberg Elliptic equations for composite materials
18th June 2001 Management Committee Meeting and Lunch
13th June 2001 Looking to the Future of the INI: The Graduate Perspective
14th May 2001 J Kingman Some unsolved analytic problems in random process theory
11th May 2001 I Macdonald Gonvile \& Caius lecture
4th May 2001 I Macdonald Gonvile \& Caius lecture
30th April 2001 J Palis A global view of dynamics and recent related results
23rd April 2001 V Yudovich Eleven great problems of mathematical fluid dynamics
24th March 2001 HK Moffatt Underground Posters
010W01 21st March 2001 Tea \& Depart
010W01 21st March 2001 P-M Agapow Macroevolutionary simulation and biodiversity
010W01 21st March 2001 E Bornberg-Bauer The neutral evolution of biopolymers
010W01 21st March 2001 M Anisimova Accuracy and power of the likelihood ratio test to detect adaptive molecular evolution
010W01 21st March 2001 D Husmeier Statistical methods for detecting sporadic recombination in DNA sequence alignments
010W01 21st March 2001 R Fleissner Mind the gap
010W01 21st March 2001 M Rattray Bayesian inference of phylogenetic trees using RNA evolution models
010W01 21st March 2001 D Janies Parallel processing in phylogenetics
010W01 21st March 2001 B Prum On the use of hidden markov models in the annotation of genomes
010W01 21st March 2001 I Meyer Comparative ab initio gene prediction in mouse and human
010W01 21st March 2001 P Lio Wavelet variance and correlation analysis of sequences: applications to protein structure and genomics
010W01 20th March 2001 K Ayres Estimating human mutation and recombination rates via the coale scent
010W01 20th March 2001 P Fearnhead Estimating recombination rates from population data
010W01 20th March 2001 L Simoni Reconstructing large haplotypes from multilocus genotypes
010W01 20th March 2001 M Stephens A new statistical method for haplotype reconstruction
010W01 20th March 2001 P Joyce Assessing allelic dropout and genotype reliability using maximum likelihood
010W01 20th March 2001 L Davies Probablistic methods of database searching
010W01 20th March 2001 M Krawczak Structural consequences of pathological missense mutations
010W01 20th March 2001 Welcome Unknown
010W01 20th March 2001 Registration \& Coffee
12th March 2001 G Huisken New results on inverse mean curvature flow and the Penrose inequality
5th March 2001 G Falkovich Smog and rain on a windy day
26th February 2001 A Ram Combinatorics and polynomials arising from geometric symmetries
19th February 2001 N Weiss Solar activity and climate change
22nd January 2001 L Caffarelli Plane-like minimal surfaces in periodic media
4th December 2000 E Spiegel From molecular chaos to deterministic chaos by dimensional reduction
3rd December 2000 Re-thinking Cancer Research: `Blue-Skying' the Future
2nd December 2000 Re-thinking Cancer Research: `Blue-Skying' the Future
1st December 2000 Re-thinking Cancer Research: `Blue-Skying' the Future
27th November 2000 J Damon Scale-based geometry for problems in computer imaging
GTFW04 20th November 2000 D Holm Modeling and analyzing fluid dynamics in the Euler-Poincar\'{e} framework
14th November 2000 P Holmes Mechanical models for insect locomotion
6th November 2000 P Boyland Applications of dynamical stability: Hamiltonian dynamics and fluid stirring
16th October 2000 RH Dijkgraaf The mathematics of M-Theory
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